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Check out this curated list of wallets to choose your preferred gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies.

There are many cases where people have lost their crypto because they did not secure it enough; as you may know, the cryptocurrencies are not even registered under any country’s law. So, you have to be extremely careful when you are choosing a wallet for your digital currency.


Are you a crypto enthusiast?

Try Ledger Nano S, a leading hardware wallet.

Now, if you are thinking about what a hardware wallet is, then here you go. It’s a cryptocurrency wallet that stores users’ private keys in a secure and safe hardware device. Its main aim is to separate your easy-to-hack computer/smartphone from the private keys.

Ledger allows you to sell, buy, manage, and exchange your crypto using just a single app safely through your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It supports over 1500 tokens and 27 coins.

Ledger’s advanced technology for hardware wallets ensures the highest level of security for your crypto assets. Their products combine a proprietary OS and Secure Element that are designed to safeguard your assets. It gives you the power to control and own your private keys.


Searching for a better place to store and manage your virtual coins?

Trezor Hardware Wallet is an excellent option!

It is a reliable solution that features a hardware wallet to help you manage and trade your cryptos instead of online providers that may disappear or get hacked anytime. It secures your assets straightforwardly with transparent security that includes audits by expert security researchers and verification by their track records.

Trezor Wallet is designed to provide ease of mind and confidence by offering a user-friendly, convenient, and intuitive interface. It allows you to manage easily, control, and transfer funds. With offline backup, you can easily access and recover your assets within a few minutes.

When setting up your Trezor wallet, a seed will be generated for you. If you want even stronger security for your seed, then don’t make a digital copy and keep it in a highly safe place. You can always access your wallet using your 12-24 words recovery seed.

This recovery seed utilizes a standard made by them at SatoshiLabs, and it is also compatible with different wallet apps. Trezor wallet supports 1000+ coins and takes many security measures, including encrypted cloud storage, U2F authentication, Bitcoin-only firmware, Encryption via GPG, and more.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet packs excellent functionality with options to buy, send, exchange, and stake crypto with top-notch security.

Besides, this is non-custodial means your private keys never leave the local device for added peace of mind.

Another thing playing out in its favour is anonymity. You don’t need any verification or account to get started. Just download its native application and set up the wallet to get rolling.

Notably, Atomic Wallet doesn’t support crypto-to-fiat transactions just yet. So this might be the perfect option if you don’t mind cashing out via an exchange.

Finally, Atomic Wallet is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.


BlockWallet is a self-custodial browser extension wallet that makes it easy to surf Web3 with ease.

Swap and bridge your tokens directly inside the wallet, and do so with confidence knowing that BlockWallet’s elite privacy and security infrastructure is there to back you up. They’ll protect your digital identity and help you spot scams while you can focus on exploring Web3 with an incredibly smooth experience.

They not only collect zero user data but take it a step further by stopping others from collecting it too. With their exclusive private node infrastructure, BlockWallet sets up privacy proxies that prevent node providers from collecting personal data such as your IP address and location.

BlockWallet supports all EVM-compatible chains (Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, BNB, etc.) and their tokens, with compatibility with all DApps and NFT marketplaces too. For additional security, you have the option to connect your Ledger, Trezor, or Keystone device to your account.

Searching for a software wallet that combines ease of use, privacy, and security for your Web3 adventures?

Give BlockWallet a try – a self-custodial browser extension wallet crafted for an effortless and safe Web3 experience.

DeFi Wallet

DeFi Wallet by is a non-custodial wallet, allowing you to use all the DeFi services under one umbrella. You can have complete control over your keys and cryptos and easily manage over 100 coins such as BTC, ATOM, DOT, LTC, CRO, ETH, and more ERC20 tokens. 

Import your current wallet using a 12, 12, or 24-word phrase for data recovery. You can also send cryptocurrencies at your desired network fee and confirmation speed. With DeFi Wallet, you can earn interest on more than 35 tokens with Compound, Yearn Earn V2, Aave, Cosmos Staking, and Chain Staking. 

It lets you enjoy the benefit of great returns without lock-up terms. Furthermore, you can farm DeFi tokens and swap them directly using the DeFi Wallet. It offers Liquidity Providers the benefit of Bonus Yield and Swap-fee sharing for select pools. 

DeFi Wallet also helps you enhance your yields by 20x. Security is the top priority for them; hence, DeFi Wallet gives you private keys encrypted on your device locally with Secure Enclave, 2-Factor Authentication, and Biometrics. 

So, download the DeFi Wallet Application from Google Playstore or Apple App Store and enjoy your cryptos. also offers an exchange platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Get $10 sign-up bonus.


Managing your crypto becomes effortless with Exodus as it allows you to send, receive, and exchange them using its easy-to-use wallet that works on desktop and mobile.

Exodus hardware wallet integrates with different apps seamlessly to better control your wealth and help you earn more interest easily using these apps. You will get live charts and portfolios, built-in exchange, and 24/7 hours support for making your crypto trading fun.

It supports 100+ cryptocurrency assets. You can better control your virtual assets no matter where you are operating from Android and iOS mobile apps. Sync data with their desktop app, exchange crypto in two clicks and monitor market changes easily.

You can manage your crypto assets securely in Exodus using the Trezor hardware wallet that comes with advanced security. In addition to this, all your assets remain secure offline on the Trezor hardware. Exodus is easy to use even for beginners and allows them to get full support from the team and efficiently use the wallet.

Trust Wallet

Millions of people are using Trust Wallet, one of the most secure and trusted crypto wallets. It is designed for those who want an easy approach to managing their cryptocurrencies and is available for Android, iOS, and desktop devices.

You can buy crypto using a card and exchange them instantly with better privacy and security. You can also buy Bitcoins in a few minutes, earn crypto interest in your wallet, and see your NFTs, art, and collectibles in a single place.

Don’t worry about leaving the application while exchanging your crypto. Also, you can easily track the prices and charts inside the wallet while keeping it safe from scammers and hackers. Get the first $50 worth of Ethereum, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies without requiring any strict documentation to trade your crypto.

They never collect your personal data; all your digital assets are safe and private, and only you can use them without any restrictions. You are free to use your most favorite decentralized applications and find new and interesting ones without going out of the wallet.

Trust Wallet supports 160+ assets and 40 blockchains, providing you with an easy platform to store your tokens and coins in a single wallet.


Manage and exchange crypto with BitPay and have complete control over them. With BitPay, you can generate multiple wallets, transfer funds, have fun with testnet coins, and many more.

Secure your funds with key encryption and multi-sig, and protect shopping by using Payment Protocol. Get emails along with push notifications instantly for each update, like proposals, payments, and transfers.

You can pay your friends across the globe and turn your crypto assets into dollars with their card/purchase gift cards. If your favorite store does not accept crypto, don’t worry; use this BitPay app to buy store credits instantly and spend them at a retailer.

BitPay’s non-custodial and open-source wallet doesn’t let anyone hack your assets; even BitPay can’t take your money. Enhance your security using biometric authentication, PINs, and private key encryption. Use a multi-signature address to divide payment authorization to a maximum of 12 devices or reliable copayers.


Armory is an open-source wallet that has multi-signature support.

This wallet gives users full control over the creation and storage of cryptographic keys. Through the consolidation of powerful security factors and a user-friendly interface, it is developed in such a way to serve individuals and businesses to safeguard and maintain their bitcoin tokens.

Armory wallet has the support for cold storage, and this means that it also allows managing Bitcoin without the Internet connection. It also provides multi-signature options. This wallet is perfect for users who always place more emphasis on security.


GreenAddress is a hierarchical deterministic wallet designed to possess a great balance between private key security and user accessibility.

GreenAddress is a powerful Bitcoin wallet with many features, and some of them are below.

  • Multiple 2-factor authentications choice
  • Offer API to manage Bitcoin programmatically
  • You can set spending limits
  • Multi-platform & device


MyEtherWallet helps you with Ethereum’s needs. It has facilitated Etherueum basics like setting up a paper wallet, sending ether, collecting ether, generating a seed, and even much more.

MyEtherWallet has a connection to Ethereum test networks like Ropsten. It supports the majority of hardware wallets like Trezor, Ledger, etc.


Electrum is developed on Python, and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Electrum is considered one of the reliable wallets available today, and that’s mostly due to the encryption techniques it manages to secure the private keys. It is a lightweight client wallet that allows users to connect to external servers rather than downloading the entire Bitcoin blockchain by running a full node.

Electrum servers are decentralized and redundant, so the wallet is never down.


Edge uses a special feature of client-side encryption to encrypt all the private data to keep it safe.

Edge has ShapeShift integration so that the user can instantly convert between coins and tokens from this. It supports both Android and iOS mobile devices. Some features of Edge include:


Coinbase is one of the world’s largest known cryptocurrency brokers. Users can easily buy bitcoins with a debit card, bank account, SEPA transfer, and many more methods. It also offers an exchange and developer API too. It provides an instant buy unique feature in certain countries, which means that credit and debit card purchases are available instantly to the users.

Did you know Coinbase got a wallet where you can store all digital assets securely in one place?

You can download a Coinbase wallet from Google Play and App Store.


ZenGo puts simplicity at the table. It takes private keys, passwords, and secret phrases out of the picture. Instead, it has facial biometrics as a tool for authentication.

ZenGo has its own security mechanisms in place. They have two secret keys, one stored on the user’s mobile device and the other at ZenGo servers. Both keys are required for transactions. That’s how ZenGo says it eliminated a single point of failure.

There is no hiding in that ZenGo is new to the market. But, head over to their app reviews, and the users are all but praises for them. The user interface is easy and built for the masses.

ZenGo also acts as a saving account to earn interest on staked cryptocurrency. Besides, you can restore your ZenGo wallet with your facemap on any device. And finally, to seal it in their favour, ZenGo charges absolutely nothing as transaction fees.

It’s available for Android and iOS.


If you choose the wrong wallet for your cryptocurrencies, you may give up all of your money. It will be better to spend your time understanding and learn about different Cryptocurrency wallets to protect yourself from scams and fraud that are taking place nowadays.

If you are looking to invest but have no idea, then check out this Cryptocurrency course.

Want to accept Bitcoin and other crypto as payment on your website? Here are some ways to do just that.

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