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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 30, 2023
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There is a strong correlation between the user’s experience and mobile app growth.

It is estimated that 77% of mobile applications are abandoned within three days of installation.

Thus, the onboarding experience of a user is very critical. A great user onboarding process should simplify complexity, limit steps, and ensure speed at all times.

Furthermore, onboarding mobile apps successfully require deep links.

Deep linking is one of the marketing terms you should be familiar with in the mobile marketing industry. Users and marketers can both benefit from deep linking.

Moreover, it simplifies the user journey by eliminating friction. This will lead to an increase in conversion rates and user retention. It’s a win-win!

Mobile apps with deep links are easier to navigate, and brands see lower ROI. A deep link allows users to move between campaigns and apps quickly and receive a targeted, personalized experience. Deep links can also assist marketers in directing users to the right content based on the intent of their visit.

This article explains mobile deep linking and what deep linking tools work best.

What is Deep Linking?

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Deep linking makes apps work like websites. It means people can click a link on the web, in an email or SMS, or in another app and go straight to its features. It helps mobile marketers create custom customer journeys, app onboarding experiences, and mobile commerce conversions.

The deep link starts with the app’s name instead of “https://” like a regular URL. It gives users access to a predetermined page within an app, like a mobile marketing page, where regular URLs don’t work.

The ultimate goal of deep linking is conversion, so make sure you direct users to the in-app event you want them to attend. Let’s say you want them to purchase a product from the product page. You will encourage conversions by controlling the user journey and minimizing drop-off points.

  • Boost your lifetime value – Deep linking leads users to the right content, which increases revenue, loyalty, and lifetime value (LTV).
  • Boost your acquisitions – Deep links invite users to their favorite apps or offer special deals. You can also reach more people using multiple channels, so your chances of converting them are better.
  • Streamline the user experience – Deep links make it easier for users to find content without navigating. Moreover, they let users go straight from social media, a mobile website, etc., to your app.
  • Re-engage your users – You can use deep linking to direct users to specific content after they haven’t been active. You can re-engage users by sending them a push notification with links to updated features, exclusive deals, or other stuff that’ll make them want to check in.

How Does Deep Linking Work?

Deep links map out each screen in an app like a website. By doing this, each webpage you visit on the web browser has a screen in the app, so customers can seamlessly go from web browsing to app browsing.

When a user searches for a product on a mobile search engine and already has the app installed, clicking a deep link will take them straight. Deep linking improves conversion rates by removing a step from the transaction process.

You can use deep links on mobile websites, push notifications, and email marketing campaigns. This way, the notification becomes more valuable by providing relevant information and increasing conversions.

Let’s check out deep link creation or testing tools to improve conversions.

URL Genius

URL Genius deep-link generator is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Brian Klais founded it in 2015. This app link generator was designed to make it easy to create app links for any app without coding or technical skills.


It’s easy to use, and you can redirect traffic by copying and pasting URLs. It’s a non-PII (no personal info collected!) and QR code platform that lets marketers open applications from anywhere. This could be a social profile or a product page.

Features of URL Genius

  • App links don’t require SDK
  • Instantly deploy your app links
  • Every app link has a dynamic QR code
  • Smart insights with URL Genius
  • A customized budgeting process

This tool for creating deep links is also more user-friendly because SDKs and other technical resources are optional.


Branch is a cross-platform attribution and linking tool that helps businesses assess and improve mobile user experiences. Users can increase conversion rates, engagement, and retention using deep linking, mobile banners, and attribution.


It helps you create and launch your entire deep-linking campaign. You can store contextual info about users, where they want to go, and where they came from. You’ll generate better results and improve how users interact with your content.

Features of Branch

  • A cross-platform persona ID
  • A Universal Ad
  • The best campaign support
  • Cohort analysis
  • Analyze, optimize, and integrate Branch data.

Mobile divides businesses today, leading to inaccurate attributions and broken links, wasting marketing dollars, and ruining customer experiences.

Branch can fix this by looking at all user touchpoints and ensuring links lead to the right place on a website or app.


JotURL is a unified digital marketing optimization tool for marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, and online marketers. They will use this to manage, optimize, compare, and monitor their marketing links.

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JotURL makes it easy for users to leverage cross-channel touchpoints, optimize budgets, improve campaign implementation and performance, and improve conversions.

Features of JotURL

  • Custom logo QR code
  • Domain customization
  • CTAs with custom CSS
  • Health Monitor
  • A customizable CTA template

Managing and executing traditional online campaigns involves many costs, such as CTAs, conversion tracking, branded links, etc. With JotURL, you can manage all your marketing efforts in one location.


Kochava’s unified audience platform combines mobile attribution, analytics, and data management features.

The system sends notifications when key metrics change, conversion rates increase, revenue decreases, or install volumes change. The notifications are sent via email, Slack, SMS, or PagerDuty.

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Features of Kochava

  • Segment integration
  • Bot integration
  • Urban airship integration
  • Get notifications set up
  • Track client apps with a third-party tracking

This is the only mobile attribution tool capable of attributing installs without embedding an SDK in the app. Thus, it is possible to attribute apps via cloud integration rather than within the application itself.

The Geniuslink URL shortener software lets content creators, writers, marketers, and retailers automatically route links to different web pages based on their customers’ locations.

Publishers can direct customers to specific pages across regional Amazon storefronts using product-matching algorithms.

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The platform lets YouTubers make landing pages with product images, CTA buttons, and custom logos. Geniuslink lets managers test multiple web pages with A/B testing. Also, they track pixels in hyperlinks, retarget visitors, and analyze clicks across various web pages.

The Geniuslink tagging feature lets administrators add UTM tags to links so users can compare campaigns, channels, sources, keywords, etc.

Features of Geniuslink

  • Management of campaigns
  • Custom domains
  • Engaged tracking
  • Ads and marketing
  • Analytical links

Moreover, the reporting engine offers insights into referrals, OS, devices, destinations, click-through rates, conversions, sales, and commissions.


Delivr allows you to shorten links and manage short URLs and QR codes throughout your marketing and media campaigns, all with a single click.


Short URLs and QR codes let you deliver different applications based on your device or operating system.

Also, multiple website pages, parameters, and campaign drivers keep making the links longer, and Delivr keeps them short for social media, email, and text messaging.

Features of Delivr

  • The UTM builder
  • Make your URL shorter
  • Branding a link
  • Keeping track of links

You can easily track the performance of each marketing channel by sharing your links across email, SMS, display, social, and more.


The AppURL solution by Quixey offers you the option of selecting the URL scheme that is most appropriate for your app.


You will receive comprehensive documentation and a how-to guide to make your mobile application web-accessible.

Features of AppURL

  • Deep linking your website
  • App-to-app deep linking
  • Previews of custom links
  • Analyze your access
  • Sending texts via SMS

The AppURL service allows you to point your mobile application to the native versions of Android, Blackberry 10, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Firebase Dynamic Links

Firebase Dynamic Links are deep links intelligently programmed to redirect users to the corresponding App Store if they do not have the app installed on their device.

These links also redirect users to a fallback page if the app is unavailable.

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This will enable the app to analyze the link information that led the user to the app in the first place, thereby providing a customized experience for the user.

Features of Firebase Dynamic Links

  • Turn site visitors into app users
  • Multi-channel integrated campaigns
  • Make your app content shareable
  • Convert desktop visitors to app users
  • Boost your app’s in-person promotion
  • Improve your analytics visibility

Thus, app users enjoy improved user experiences and save time.

Final Words

A deep linking system can help you achieve maximum marketing goals for your mobile app with minimal investment. Furthermore, this approach makes it easier for users to access content, products, and discounts.

You can take full advantage of deep linking by using it strategically as a smart app marketer. Choose your deep linking tools from the above list wisely!

Next, check out the best brand link management tools.

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