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A document management system saves your precious time by organizing documents efficiently and enabling easy file search.

Companies with comparatively less workforces often find it difficult to manage numerous documents and business records. If they opt for a robust document management system (DMS), it will become easier for them to keep the documents organized.

Moreover, these tools also increase team efficiency by letting them quickly access the data they need.

What Is Document Management?

Document management means managing, storing, and tracking documents (word documents, PDFs, or any other formats) in digital format. Using this system, companies can store documents securely and centralize the whole process. 

Benefits of Document Management Systems

Better Productivity

Productivity is key to a company’s success. A document management system efficiently and securely organizes the company’s files. As a result, the team can worry less about maintaining documents and focus on tasks that matter most. When you know all your files are stored securely, the peace of mind works as fuel for productivity.

Improved Security

Every company wants to keep its crucial and mission-critical data protected. You can store sensitive documents in a document management system and control access to these files. Thus, document management becomes highly traceable, and its audit trails can be used later if necessary. 

Reduced Storage Space

You don’t have to maintain file cabinets, storage bins, and boxes anymore. With DMS, you can go paperless and manage your documents digitally without occupying any physical space.

Quick Document Retrieval

Document search and file retrieval can be a time-consuming process. Using a document management system, you can quickly locate the file you want and save valuable time. A DMS lets you search files based on name, metadata, and content using high-end technology.

Optimum Team Collaboration

Most document management solutions let you collaborate with your teammates. It can store files collected from various resources, and people can access the files from remote locations. Some tools also allow external users through authorized access.

Read on to know the top document management apps that SMBs can use.


iManage is a document management system that helps you convert data into high-value knowledge by connecting documents. It saves all documents in a single folder and categorizes them according to project or client.

Users can create, search and share data quickly and efficiently on iManage. It also lets you find any document easily and thus, increases productivity.

This tool can be integrated with different productivity tools of Office 365 and Google Workspace for streamlined document management.


Using Box, companies can securely store, manage, and collaborate on content regardless of device type. Its document lifecycle management feature ensures the content management process complies with regulations, data retention policies, and discovery requests.

You can set the appropriate user permissions for each document so only the right people have access. It also helps you audit user activity for complete visibility and control.

Box can also seamlessly integrate with open APIs and enterprise applications. With its attributes like version history, shared links, and commenting, collaboration among team members becomes effortless. Furthermore, it uses customized metadata to categorize and organize documents.


Are you looking for a document management solution that offers you comparatively sustainable storage and management system for digital documents? In that case, go for Folderit. It is a cloud-based document management system that helps you go paperless in a user-friendly manner.

It securely stores the metadata and older versions of a file or document. Users can search for their preferred files using filename, metadata, keyword, and document content. It also supports approval workflow, file linking, automated retention, reminder, document numbering, audit trail, and local backup.

You can seamlessly control access to digital documents with different permissions. You can integrate Office 365 apps and DocuSign with this tool.


OpenKM is a business document management solution that allows you to control digital document production, storage, and distribution. With it, you can have better control over document flow and improve the effectiveness of your team efforts. 

This app offers several administrative tools, such as user role definition, advanced search, access control, document security level, detail use log, automation set up, and user quota. 

Here, you can create content respiratory for quick decision making and knowledge creation. Moreover, using this DMS, you can collect data from any digital source and collaborate with teammates.


eFileCabinet is a powerful document management system that small and medium businesses can utilize for online data organization, no matter how many documents they have.

To store a file, simply upload it on this platform. Users can locate any file using the filename or folder template. Also, eFileCabinet allows you to access the frequently used documents quickly.

While facilitating collaboration among the team members, this tool also lets you add different security levels for controlled access. It also supports integration with third-party tools, like MS Office, DocuSign, and Salesforce.

Some of its other features are automated workflow, two-factor authentication, encrypted file sharing, location or IP-based authentication, and role-based permissions.


DocuWare is a platform where you can digitize your documents and secure them from any device, anytime. Besides, it helps you in invoice processing and employee management. It is particularly useful for companies that rely on remote teams or have a distributed workforce.

DocuWare offers a secure repository for all your critical business documents, such as contracts, employee information, and financial records. After storing a file on this tool, you or your colleagues can directly edit or annotate that document on the same platform. 

Moreover, it has smart productivity tools so that the users can easily search, track, and collaborate. This app also uses index data to organize all your documents neatly.


Alfresco is a platform that offers features like document management, web content management, record and image management, and content repository to streamline organizational workflow.

This open-source tool is compatible with Windows and Unix operating systems. Despite being easily customizable, the new users need some time to learn how to run it.

Final Words 📃

With an efficient document management solution in place, there will be no need to go through countless cabinets for the necessary file. This article discussed some best tools that help you build a document management system for your organization.

These tools have the features to cater to the needs of diverse industries. Similarly, you may learn about digital asset management tools.

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