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Earn With Each Step: 12 Apps That Pay You to Walk

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Walk miles and get paid for it. Sounds good? It is achievable if you know the right apps to earn with each step. Let us give you some names.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic or loathe to walk much, you would love it if you get some reward. Walking is an essential part of our lives and has several health benefits.

It is included in our daily lives, such as running errands, exercising, going to a friend’s house, and even moving from one room to another. The aim is to make you feel healthy and better.

An inactive health lifestyle can increase the risk of chronic diseases and weaken the immune system. Hence, getting your legs moving and walking around as much as possible is essential.

Earning with each step is just a cherry on top of the cake. So, let’s get down with the best apps that pay you to walk.


Get paid for walking to keep yourself healthier with Sweatcoin. It offers new-generation currency as a reward for every step that you take. One can donate the currency to charity, spend on cool products, or convert it to crypto.

The application offers 1000+ branded services and goals, such as anti-gravity yoga classes, Audibles, iPhones, Apple Watches, etc., on which users can redeem rewards. Sweatcoin provides a +20% increase in activity, 100% data privacy, and ensures that users can follow healthier lifestyle choices.

PK Rewards

With the motto of “Get rewards for working out”, PK Rewards is helping users to achieve fitness goals. The application offers gift cards, trips, and apparels reward to the users for brands like Amazon and Starbucks. PK Rewards track any workout for users to measure their efforts.

It works on game-changing technology, measuring any activity, anywhere, and anytime. The personalized effort score that one can convert into coins. One can quickly redeem these coins to trade in brands like Nike, Amazon, Lululemon, and many more.


Stick to your workout schedule, such as gym, walk your dog, run, walk, or do yoga, and FitPotato will pay you for it. The application also allows users to challenge friends and complete sessions to get awards. It offers a weekly prize group to get paid while working out. FitPotato tracks the user’s steps, and GPS for running for the workout duration determines the rewards.


Runtopia allows users to start with a single step and go forward to earn rewards and fabulous prizes. The fitness application tracks the work, whether it is outdoors or indoors, and also offers real-time audio coaching. Users can analyze data to discover fitness data and personal workouts for basics such as steps per minute and burned calories.

Runtopia also makes it possible to start earning through sports coins to track daily steps, work out, and encourage others to thrive on getting rewards in return. The users can swap coins for offers, discounts, and prizes while connecting with the social community.


StepBet allows users to win together and achieve their fitness goals. The aim is to beat personalized steps and connect with a fitness tracker while putting real money on the line. It motivates users to get going and ensures that exercise can become a priority.

The application allows users to set goals, join the pot, get moving with personalized step goals for a week, and then start winning money to get the jackpot. StepBet ensures that steps count, whether walking the dog, choosing stairs over elevators, active lifestyle and building a balanced workout schedule.


If you want to get gift cards, prize offers, and discounts, Lifecoin can be a great place to start. Lifecoin allows users to exchange coins for sporting goods, gift cards, and more, such as Amazon Gift Card, Paypal Gift Card, Apple iPhones, DJI Spark Drone, etc.

The users can turn their daily walking into mining sessions to obtain amazing prizes. It offers the joy of wellness and rewards on joining to earn even more with the ambassador program.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is your first step toward change and a better future that allow users to turn miles into money depending on the distance you cover. It supports world-class charities and partners with sponsors to make a difference aligned with wellness, health, and community.

Charity Miles motivates users to run and walk for fun fundraising or get a group involved. It is a great way to help others and walk the extra mile to reach your goals.

Fit For Bucks

Fit For Bucks allows users to be active and earn rewards while grocery shopping, running an errand, walking, running, and starting a gym. It counts on every activity with the help of the Apple Watch or any other preferred activity tracker. Once the preferred activity tracker is in place, start with dancing, hiking, running, walking the dog, or hitting the gym to get rewards.

Exchange steps with rewards and redeem them in the community. The users can get rewards for several brands such as Willow Spa, Rainbow Acres, etc. Fun For Bucks has made it easier for users to set their priorities and motive people to exercise for lifestyle rewards.


As the name suggests, winwalk allows users to obtain rewards for walking, sweating and winning gift cards. The pedometer, step tracker, and health app can help obtain gift cards from Bitcoin cryptocurrency and top brands.

winwalk works with in-built sensors with no GPS tracking, tracking walking distance, time, and burned calories. The aim is to motivate users to get fit, lose weight, and stay healthy while earning rewards or discounts.


HealthyWage offers prizes up to $10,000 for hitting the customized goal weight and unique challenges. The application motivates the users to reach their goals, enhances weight loss success, and offers rewards to the users. HealthyWage presents cash-based weight-loss challenges that harness the power to avoid losing the wager and end procrastination.


CARROT helps improve users’ lives with each step they take and play smartly. The aim is to lead active lives, meet personal activity goals, and walk while obtaining rewards. This application allows users to have fun without any expensive trackers.

CARROT is an intuitive application allowing users to signup instantly. It engages with others (join challenges, participate in contests, bid on an auction) to get rewards or digital gift cards and work remotely.


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Optimity is a micro-learning application that allows users to lead wealthier, healthier, and longer lives. The application comes with power-packed challenges and activities while offering rewards in return. It helps in improving the quality of life using a personalized, gamified, and rewarding platform.

Consider Optimity as a health coach tailored with micro-targets and activities. It also tests the wellness of the users, offers them tips, and helps them complete fun challenges with family or friends. It will lead to getting rewards for every healthy step to look out for physical health, mental health, and social connectedness.


Keeping yourself fit is essential that requires investing energy and time to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. Walking helps reduce health risks and even aids financially due to a healthy lifestyle that reduces medical bills.

The best thing to do when it comes to earning at every step is to have realistic expectations. These applications aim to keep people motivated and encourage them to walk a few more steps to gain the incentives.

Start your journey and stay motivated to behave a healthy future and earn some rewards as a plus benefit.

Want to specifically focus on earning crypto with each step? Top M2E Crypto Tokens and how to earn them.

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