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In Digital Marketing Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Email marketing is evergreen. Even in the age of social media, this one of the earliest forms of marketing channels continues to reign.

More than 4 billion people use emails at present, so it’s definitely not obsolete; instead, it’s growing and becoming more advanced and stronger than ever.

Sending emails not only looks professional but also plays an instrumental role in generating leads, driving sales, and building solid relationships with your customers and subscribers.

And with the advancing technologies, emails have become sophisticated. You have email marketing software with amazing features and capabilities to make email marketing easier and more fun.

This article will discuss a few things about email marketing, how it can help your business, and check out some of the best email marketing software.

Let’s start!

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing technique that uses emails to promote a brand’s products or services. It aims to inform and educate your target audience about your brand, promote your products and services, build a strong community, and drive sales for your brand. Email marketing software helps you send, schedule, reply, follow up, and track marketing emails.

It is an efficient way to build and nurture relationships with your subscribers, who can become your loyal customers. In addition to providing informative content, it also helps the readers become aware of the latest offerings from your brand, promotions and discounts, special offers, and so on.

Email marketing, when done well, can play a pivotal role in lead generation, better conversion rates, maintaining strong relationships, creating brand awareness, and keeping the customers engaged in boosting brand loyalty. It’s two types:

  • Informational email marketing involves sending emails to your customers or subscribers to inform or educate them about your brand, new offerings, the latest news, etc. It can be through newsletters sent weekly, monthly, or twice a month or through announcements regarding new releases, important changes, etc.
  • Promotional email marketing involves sending emails in days or weeks to promote your product, service, special offers, webinars, or eBook launches. It has a clear call to action that you expect the readers to do, like attending a session, purchasing something, visiting a webpage, etc.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is still evident in the age of social media, paid campaigns, and other digital marketing channels. In fact, it has become more advanced today, involving technologies like email marketing software, automation, integration with other tools, etc., that help streamline and ease the process.

Let’s find different benefits of email marketing.

Brand Awareness

Nothing looks more professional while sending your message through emails than other channels like social media, texts, etc. You have their email means they might have interacted with you previously or are already your customer. And when you send them an email with value in it for them, they are likely to appreciate it.

You can stay longer in their minds, and when they need similar services and products, you will be the first one to come to their minds. It creates awareness for your brand among your targeted audience that you exist and is happy to help them solve their problem.

Increased Conversion Rates

The average click-through rate is approximately 3% for emails, greater than some other digital channels like tweets. And with the increasing usage of mobile phones, it has become even easier for users to read emails. It has boosted the open rates and click-through rates.

Since the end goal of any marketing channel is conversion, emails are a powerful way to do it. You can keep your audience and customers informed of your products and services and engaged with your brand through emails. It helps increase the number of leads and your conversion rates.

Customer Retention

When you convey a powerful message to your previous customers, you continue to be on their radar. You can distribute helpful, informative content via your emails to your customers so they continue taking your products and services.

You can also give them personalized loyalty bonuses, coupons, discounts, and other offers so they can regularly be with your brand. It helps you build relationships with them and retain those customers who already trusted you once. Now, it’s time you maintain that trust using emails.

Higher ROI

If you compare the cost of email marketing to the returns you get from it, the latter will be higher if you do it right. The average return on investment (ROI) for the email market is $38 for every dollar spent.

You just have to spend on getting email marketing software and a workforce to craft a powerful message on behalf of your brand, and you can delight your customers with personalized, value-added emails that can build relationships and drive sales.

Features to Look for in An Email Marketing Tool

Look for these pointers when you choose an email marketing tool:

  • Ensure you get an excellent deliverability rate for your emails to ensure they reach your customers without failures. Compare different tools and choose the best one.
  • Enquire about email automation so you can send automated email sequences when users sign up and messages and notifications according to their activities.
  • Always check out how many and how good their pre-made email templates and layouts are. It must complement your business and industry and help you customize them easily.
  • The tool must offer analytics and reporting options to track key metrics such as clicks, opens, sales, bounces, etc.
  • It must allow you to segment subscribers according to their interests, behavior, and other aspects.
  • The tool must offer opt-in forms to embed on your site and capture more email addresses.
  • Check for other features such as eCommerce options, multi-inbox previews, landing page builders, multiple messaging channels via social media, text, etc.

So, are you ready to start your email marketing campaign?

These email marketing tools can help you.


Reach your customers where they are, on the channel they prefer, with Omnisend’s eCommerce-focused email & SMS marketing platform. Omnisend offers a slew of intuitive, easy-to-use features to improve your eCommerce marketing.

Start off with the automatic Brand Asset feature, which automatically imports your brand logo, colors, and fonts into their large email template library. Their drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to create your emails, even from scratch, and allows you to import your products into your emails without having to leave the builder. 

Even better, you can use their powerful and flexible workflow editor to set up automated emails that go out based on a set trigger. This includes the welcome email, abandoned cart, order confirmation, and much, much more. You can also use their advanced segmentation features to hyper-target your customers so you can send more relevant messages.

Because of its omnichannel focus, Omnisend allows you to use not just emails but also SMS and push notifications in your workflows and campaigns so that you can reach your customers in a variety of ways.

Its in-depth reporting will help you track your sales, see the success of your campaigns and automation, understand where customers are in their journey, and so much more.

You can get unlimited features, including free SMS credits, for FREE for up to 250 contacts each month. Paid plans start at $16/month, and include a dedicated Customer Success Manager, live support, and more.

HubSpot Email

HubSpot Email is a reliable platform for email marketing that does not need you to depend on an IT or a designer team. You can take help from this platform to independently create emails that are automatically tailored for each recipient.


There are so many things you can do for your email campaigns with this solution, including:

  • Create responsive emails that look great on any device
  • Goal-based templates and free templates with high conversion rate
  • Drag-and-drop editor for branding and layout customization
  • Facility for A/B testing and using analytics data for better results

Using HubSpot Email, you can have higher email open and clickthrough rates. It also derives customer data from the HubSpot CRM platform to make things easier for you to manage.


Salesforce Email Studio is a proficient email marketing platform equally efficient in marketing campaigns and one-to-one communication. It helps you create emails that are beautiful and engaging at the same time. Companies can choose from its collection of best-in-class templates and customize the content section using maximum creativity. 

The software interface comes with an advanced drag-and-drop feature. It also has some interactive elements like carousels and weather reports that will surely surprise you in real-time. Emails generated by this platform are responsive — your audience will view the email in optimum size regardless of their device. 

YouTube video

Salesforce Email Studio is powered by AI technology that lets you personalize every email content based on user behavior, which increases the chance of lead generation. Previewing and testing the email is also available on this platform so that you can confidently send your emails. 

With the help of this email marketing platform, you can automate your campaigns and cut down the manual labor. You can schedule the email delivery for the best customer experience. Also, you can refine your email content by reviewing asset-level metrics. Thus, you can deliver interactive and dimensional experiences to your subscribers.


Grow your business by connecting with your customers using ConvertKit’s email marketing software. It will save your marketing time so that you can spend more time creating new things. Its email designer can help you skip through the editing part and focus on writing the email content, which is the most crucial part.

You get many templates that you can choose and set one as default. In addition, use inline styling options to add videos, images, and buttons to your email and get a great writing experience via its simplified interface. It also has a delivery rate of 98% which means your emails landed in the right inbox and not in the spam folder.

Automate your emails by setting up your subscriber’s path and writing content to add to the series. You can receive customer details with a sign-up form or landing page and share your creativity within minutes. Plus, organize all the subscribers from a single list with segments and tags so that you can send targeted emails based on your customer’s interests.

Check your subscribers’ stats and graphs to understand how your customers interact with the emails and make proper decisions to perform best. Your customers deserve better, and ConvertKit helps you provide an outstanding experience so that they are delighted and your business grows.

ConvertKit offers a FREE subscription for new creators with limited features and benefits. Start your paid subscription according to your needs at just $9/month.


Keep your audiences engaged and grow your business with Mailchimp to create engaging emails, enhance your sales, and grow your brand. Start with a variety of templates or code your design in Mailchimps’s email builder. Its Creative Assistant can create designs for you complementing your brand.

Use the attractive subject line with the Subject Line Helper to draw more customers in. Try various versions of email content with A/B testing and make your emails relevant with the automated journeys through Customer Journey Builder.

You can send emails based on the customers’ interactions and behavior by driving higher engagement and delivering better experiences. Mailchimp will take care of all the technical stuff to have the time to focus on building good relationships.

Track your sales to see what is working in your campaigns with the reports, turn insights into real-time results, and boost email results by integrating with other tools.

You will get all the tools you need for FREE for up to 2000 contacts.


Use Sendinblue’s beautifully designed email templates to promote your brand and grow the business. Create a superb and professional-looking email within a minute and select your preferable template from the library or build a new one from scratch.

Use the drag-and-drop tool to add the style and blocks that perfectly match your business. Add text dynamically, such as the contact’s name using the personalization tool, and grow better with the other email personalization options.

Sendinblue’s features give you a pro-level experience. You can group your contacts to make a good marketing strategy by choosing smaller segments according to purchase history, geographic location, gender, and more. Finish typing your email and allow Sensinblue to handle the rest. Moreover, with the machine learning-powered send time optimization tool, you can send your email content at a perfect time.

You will find unlimited contact storage in every plan, whether a FREE plan for up to 300 emails per day or the premium plan for 20,000 emails per month.


Mailmodo makes emails a delight with its interactive elements, ensuring your marketing campaigns don’t fail.

The emails you send with Mailmodo can do so much more than traditional messaging.

Precisely, you can:

  • Collect Feedback,
  • Conduct Quizzes & Surveys,
  • Book Demo and Take Registrations,
  • Recover Abandoned Carts, etc.

And all this happens without writing a single line of code for creating HTML and AMP-supported emails.

Besides, you can easily import and manage contact lists with the option of bulk and triggered sending supporting automated workflows.

And the best thing is you can easily integrate Mailmodo with your existing marketing stack.

Finally, you can avail of Mailmodo’s startup-friendly plan with a free forever subscription comprising 10k emails per month.


GetResponse gives you powerful and simplified tools to create pages, send emails, and automate your marketing. You will get every marketing solutions you need to do for growing your business. Use it to build your contact list with the lead generation tool to convert your audience into loyal fans.

Engage with your potential clients and customers through online communication to give them a better experience. It also lets you market your business well to convert your visitors into loyal and returning customers. Enjoy professional email templates, proven deliverability, and accessible design tools, and stay on top of your creativity.

Send a single email broadcast with special offers and updates and create email sequences to automate the flow so that you can follow up and engage with your subscribers. In addition, design automated emails to sell more and faster.

Use Time Travel and Perfect Timing delivery tools to deliver emails to your customers at the right time. Additionally, design beautiful emails using layouts, sections, one easy view, mobile devices, and enhance every design with GIFs and free photos.

Try GetResponse software for FREE for up to 30-days and choose a perfect plan starting from $12.30/month.


Serve the right email to the right people in no time with ActiveCampaign’s email marketing tool and grow your business faster. It helps you create campaigns, build email newsletters, send eye-catching emails to your customers, and show them attractive offers.

Check what is working better through the reports or use simple A/B testing to determine which email has more clicks, opens, or buys and which one is lacking. ActiveCampaign integrates with many tools to make your work easier and take proper decisions using the insights to grow more.

Let’s see how many types of emails you can send:

  • Broadcast emails: Send it when you come up with offers or newly launched products you want to share with every subscriber. Go ahead and send broadcast emails, which means you will send a single email, but all subscribers will receive it in their emails.
  • Triggered emails: Automate some emails so that when a customer visits and makes a purchase from your eCommerce store or makes a payment, they will get a notification email. Fast service leads to happy clients, which leads to your growth.
  • Targeted emails: Based on any factor, segment your contacts, group them to send the right email to the right people.
  • Email autoresponders: Send welcome emails, deliver lead magnets, or start a welcome series automatically according to your customer’s actions.
  • Email funnels: Automation emails help you to turn interested audiences into paying customers.
  • Schedules emails: Schedule your emails for a specific time and date, which is perfect for holidays, sales, birthdays, and events.

ActiveCampaign provides some tools for you such as multi-user editing, revision history, managed deliverability, integrations, conditional content, mobile-optimized, link actions, custom data, geo-tracking, and more.

It offers simple pricing with no setup fees. Get 500 contacts on your list at just $6.75/month.

Elastic Email

Use the power of smart solutions and modern tools to scale your business and build a good relationship with customers using Elastic Email. It offers email designers, campaign creators, and autoresponders so that you can bring your creativity, manage recipients efficiently, and send emails without lifting a finger.

Create unlimited web forms and get more contacts in a reliable way to grow your business. Modern landing pages help you build connections faster, and you can also choose from various templates or develop your own idea. Get the right tools from Elastic Emails, such as custom fields, segmentation, and subaccounts.

Engage more with a customer with the personalized email flow option, send emails from the available options, and automate the flow to attract more audiences. You can also use the power of A/X testing to find which email is working and convert leads to customers. Plus, review various versions of templates, content, etc., and make a proper decision. It also helps improve your creation by taking smarter steps with real-time results.

Try Elastic Email for FREE or get an unlimited plan at just $15/month for up to 5000 contacts.


Take your email marketing strategy beyond the inbox with your creativity by using advanced tools by MailerLite that provides you with all the features you need to succeed in email marketing. It offers pre-defined templates, rich-text, custom HTML, drag and drop tools and lets you create professional and good-looking campaigns that deliver the proper messages to your customers.

Attract new visitors via your website, embedded forms, pop-ups, and landing pages. Use broader creativity to receive a healthy flow of customers and growth of your business. You can also optimize your content by knowing what subscribers really want, test campaigning, and more.

The features like segmentation, surveys, and A/B testing can make your next campaign more effective. You can also boost engagement and build trust through email automation that results in personalized and targeted emails.

Get 12000 emails every month for FREE for up to 1000 subscribers. Go for a paid version to avail unlimited emails at $10/month.


AWeber offers you a platform where you can engage with your customers easily via emails. You get email marketing, landing page templates, email automation, eCommerce pages, and web push notifications. Use as many solutions as you want for faster success and reach your goals quickly.

Start creating email content with pre-built templates and a drag-drop editor. The tool helps you capture more leads with sign-up forms and grow a strong customer base. Send web push notifications and emails based on your customer’s interests to build trust and loyalty.

AWeber controls the end-to-end processes to ensure your emails never be in the junk folder. It lets you automate some workflows to get more sales and higher open rates through newsletters and email campaigns. You can also connect your business with more than 100 integrations to get more benefits and time-saving tools.

The pricing starts as low as $16.15/month.


Email marketing is now easy with EmailOctopus that offers simple and powerful tools to engage with your customers and master yourself in growing your business through emails.

Delight your customers with the customized templates and drag-drop editor, use insights and data to segment the list and personalize your emails to boost conversion. Keep growing with the customizable forms and import existing subscribers or create landing pages to capture leads.

Send welcome emails automatically to engage them from the time they join. Start with the pre-designed templates and customize them with the email editor or build your own from scratch. You can also import HTML templates for complete creative control. In addition, keep track of open, bounce, and click rates with campaign reporting and check what’s working to enhance the flow.

EmailOctopus is entirely FREE for up to 2500 subscribers and 10000 emails per month, or you can pay $24/month to get 50000 emails.

Constant Contact

Email marketing and other works are now easy with Constant Contact. It will do all the great things for your business so that you can relax and see the difference. Grow your brand by sending emails to your customers regarding new product launches, offers, confirmation of the order, and a lot more, which helps your brand stand in the front row and grow your business.

Promote your sale with the easy-to-use Email Template Builder. You can search for various mobile-optimized templates to fulfill your purposes. In addition, you get editing tools to perform changes according to your business requirements.

Furthermore, track your success with robust analysis and real-time reporting. Better communication will lead to better growth, and automation will help drive sales faster by keeping your customers engaged. Plus, you can automate the emails to save time and build good relations with your customers, such as welcome email, email series, contact segmentation, resend emails, and more.

You can try new ways like live events, coupons, donations, online surveys, and more. Get the perfect email marketing plan based on your needs and start your FREE trial.

Some Quick Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Consider some best practices for email marketing to make the most out of it.

  • Personalization is key in this modern world. Customers appreciate it if you address them by their names instead of writing generic salutations.
  • Make the content personal and write the email based on their needs and preferences. It must also have a catchy subject line to draw attention and then deliver a strong message.
  • Decide the proper length of the emails and format them professionally. Ensure your fonts, images, and content complement each other and highlight your logo and brand to stand out.
  • Send the right message at the right time so your customers and you both can take its benefits. Also, optimize your email deliverability and how it looks on different devices to offer a consistent experience to users.
  • Refrain from buying email lists, as it can lead you to penalties and reputational damage.

Conclusion 👩‍💻

Email marketing is still reigning, and if you do it right, it can help you build strong relationships with your audience, convert them into paying customers, boost sales and revenue, and create brand loyalty. So, use the email marketing software we just discussed and see its benefits for your business.

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