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In Digital Marketing Last updated: June 30, 2023
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Email verification is a procedure that, as its name suggests, verifies an email address’s validity.

Bots, outdated addresses, and addresses entered erroneously will be flagged and removed, and an Email Verification Tools help you achieve it.

What is the concept behind this? Let me explain. 

Many email marketers, especially amateur ones, think that the size of the email leads is essential and indicates the campaign’s success. Interestingly, the reality is the opposite. Capturing and nurturing quality leads should be the sole purpose of email marketers. 

It’s worthless to have a million people on your mailing list if your message isn’t getting through and they are not converting. Data will be skewed and affected in various ways hurting ROI if invalid or dead email addresses are on the list. 


To avoid nasty email addresses from creeping into your emailing list, go for email verification tools, which in the simplest form, install several checkpoints to validate the data before they get registered in your company’s database. 

For email verification system will then look for warning signs in the DNS records. The system will then perform a final verification and make sure the email address isn’t on any blocklists. This procedure assures the validity of every email address on your bulk send list.

Why is Email Verification Important?


Here are the main reasons why email verification is essential for your business.

It confirms that recipients are authentic.

Ensuring every email on your list is genuine is the primary justification for employing an email validation service.

Your engagement rates tend to increase 

The engagement rates may increase if you ensure that your list has fewer bots and invalid addresses.

Email Verification Reduces Bounce Rates

Your reputation will remain strong, and your bounced email count will remain low by using an email verification service to help you stop hard bounces.

Recognize temporary email addresses.

You have likely made disposable email accounts if you’ve ever signed up for something to take benefit of promotional activities.

Thankfully, many email verification services can recognize these temporary accounts as well. A throwaway email address can be found using various techniques by an email validation service.

Advantages of Verified Email Lists


Having a list of verified emails by your side offers several advantages than one. Here are some of the obvious ones. 

Increase Deliverability Rate

The deliverability rate has primarily influenced an email marketing campaign’s effectiveness. Additionally, you may remove any defective items from your database as soon as you find them by using verified email lists.

Enhances and protects the sender’s reputation

A key component for most big ISPs (Internet Service Providers) is the reputation score or feedback loop. Mailbox providers look at your reputation score if your communications are routed to the Inbox or spam bin. One of the most significant advantages of using email lists is that it enhances and protects the sender’s reputation by increasing its score.

Stop Excessive Costs

Without utilizing the best-verified email list, your email marketing campaign will likely start with more expensive techniques for difficult-to-reach customers.

A verified email list produces positive results right away. It yields better outcomes for the effort, imagination, time, and money you put into your mailing efforts.

Features of a Good Email Verification Tool


Before opting for an email verification tool for your business, ensure that it offers the following features. 


The email verification tool that offers you a better level of accuracy will perform well.

Types of verification performed

When selecting an email verifier, keep in mind your needs. You can choose between quick, real-time, or bulk confirmation.

You will need routine bulk verification if you want to produce leads. In contrast, you would like to confirm with every subscriber if you seek newsletter sign-ups to prevent fake submissions.  

The integrations that were supported

Most firms utilize a variety of solutions for email outreach automation. Because of this, the email verification solution you choose must be simple to integrate with the ones you already have. 

Duration of results delivery

You should never compromise on a tool’s ability to do tasks quickly. When you check emails in mass, it is most important.

Software needs and compatibility

Verify the tool’s compatibility with various devices before purchasing. It is advantageous for you if it works with several devices because it is simpler to utilize.

Now that you are aware of the basics of email verification let’s proceed and go through the list of the most useful email verification tools available in the market, which can ensure that your marketing lists if free of junk and botted emails.


Offering direct integrations with more than thirty email server providers, DeBounce is a seasoned email verification platform that helps integrate the validation engine functionality directly in your CRM, ESP, and Website forms. The platform is fast and delivers accurate results, whether validating the email addresses in bulk or using the API.

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Moreover, its powerful data enrichment engine helps discover the details like the full name and avatar of the bulk email address for the ones coming in as API requests.

DeBounce focuses on minimizing the email bouncing rate, and it achieves this by eliminating the email addresses from disposable mail providers, ones showing syntax errors as well as duplicate entries.


Trusted by big firms like TripAdvisors, AllState, and Comodo, ZeroBounce is a reliable tool for email verification. The tool supports several integrations and efficiently indicates spam traps, hard-bouncing email addresses, and those email addresses that actively mark incoming emails as spam.

ZeroBounce can also be used to detect fake, abusive emails and wrongly spelled email addresses to ensure that your company maintains an accurate mailing list. 

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The key features are as follows: 

  • Email list verification (single and in bulk)
  • Integrate Real-time verification API to check emails before adding them to the email list 
  • Append customer data like your subscriber’s name, gender, geolocation, and more to the emails
  • Allows seamless integration with popular email providers and services
  • Eliminates duplicate emails


Abstract’s email verification and validation API is an excellent way to tidy up your email list. It features real-time MX and SMPT checks, detects typos & syntax errors, and alerts you of disposable and free email addresses.

abastract api

In addition, it also verifies role-based email addresses and indicates if a domain has an active catch-all configuration.

Abstract’s infrastructure boasts excellent uptime and scalability to support mission-critical projects. In addition, you get rich documentation and code samples in popular languages such as cURL, Python, Java, JavaScript, Go, etc.

Every request is secured with HTTPS encryption, and the API is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

This privacy-friendly API is available in GUI as well. And to take the guesswork out, Abstract offers a free plan where you can make 100 requests without any credit card signup.


Having a powerful customer base, Clearout is a robust email verification tool that employs several methods to get rid of duplicate emails, unnecessary email dots, as well as, temporary emails, and sub-accounts from your mailing list.

The tool uses sophisticated checking techniques to find spam traps, hard bounces, blocklisted domains, and other issues that affect the email deliverability rate. 

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Clearout, the useful email verifier tool, includes the following feature set: 

  • Verify more than a million emails in bulk quantity
  • Instant verification to verify single emails quickly 
  • REST APIs for real-time email verification in forms 
  • Creates potential B2B leads for outreach strategies
  • Integrates with a decent number of email marketing platforms


Offering a pay-as-you-go pricing model, MyEmailVerifier will prove to be the best email verification tool if you do not need to email verification services consistently. This bulk email verification tool offers services for removing invalid email addresses, spam traps, abuse, or fake email addresses.

It eliminates any other type of junk email addresses cluttering your email list and delivers an updated and clutter-free email list to increase email deliverability to real people.  

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MyEmailVerifier includes all the necessary features you’ll expect in any email verification tool and offers a real-time API to deliver low turnaround time in role-based email address detection and spam trap detection scenarios.

The extensive feature list of MyEmailVerifier is as follows: 

  • Toxic domain verifier
  • Spam Trap Detection
  • Syntax verifier
  • Domain/MX record checker
  • Catch-all email checker
  • Role account detection
  • Free domain email checker
  • High-performance real-time API
  • Detailed SMTP response
  • Greylisted domain detection


Launched in 2014, NeverBounce is one of the most user-friendly email verification tools you are likely to find. NeverBounce is relied on by thousands of users, including companies like Uber, Dell, and Harvard Business School, which have immense trust in its bulk email list cleaning capabilities that are almost foolproof.

The tool verifies the email address in real-time, which faultlessly identifies the validity of the email address and discards the illegitimate ones.


Just like other tools on the list, you can verify single emails and email lists in bulk form. For this, NeverBounce validates the email servers and also eliminates duplicate email addresses along with any prevailing syntax errors. NeverBounce can also determine whether the email domains are live or if they have been blacklisted.


Made to fulfill the needs of digital marketers, XVerify is designed to improve email deliverability in online marketing scenarios. The tool minimizes fraud, reduces spam complaints, and eliminates hard bounces while ensuring that the username is registered with the domain. 

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XVerify includes EU-based data centers, which are trusted, and reliable, and they offer thorough protection against fraudulent activities.

What’s likable is the fact that it offers hundred email verifications free of cost. However, if you have a huge list of email addresses to verify the batch-processing feature will come to your rescue.

It is possible to drag and drop the emails directly on the platform to verify them or upload them using FTP. You can also include the API directly into the email form to catch invalid email addresses in real-time. 


Verifalia is a cloud-based email testing tool that offers API for the developers to include in the webpages to validate the email address before adding them to the mailing list. The tool can also perform email list verification that can accurately verify the emails without having to send a message.


While Verifalia is not as popular as other email verification tools mentioned in the roundup, it includes an array of popular features like comprehensive syntax validation, domain/MX/DNS check, spam trap detection, catch-all server detection, mailbox availability check, disposable email detection, and more.

Verifilia is banked upon by more than thirty-five thousand customers located worldwide to check any existing mailbox to reduce the bounce rate. The email verification tool complies with the world’s strongest data privacy laws to ensure robust security.  


Let’s check out QuickEmailVerification, one of the most affordable email verification tools here on the list. It offers email verification services to startups, Fortune 50 companies, and thousands of other companies of varying sizes which swear by its exceptional accuracy and fast processing speeds.

Quick Email Verification can catch the culprits from the existing lists of email addresses and can also perform real-time email address verification thanks to its API. 


The tool allows you to upload the email list in CSV format, and you also have the option to import a subscriber list directly from the email service provider.

QuickEmailVerification allows a hundred email verification for free while offering access to features like support for multiple upload formats, anti-greylisting technology, in-depth verification reports, and encrypted storage, after which you need to take up one of its premium subscriptions. 


Formerly known as DataValidation, Emailable is a powerful email verification platform that effortlessly gets rid of all the bad and flawed email addresses to refine your email marketing results. Emailable is favored by large organizations and is easily likable by individual marketers to carry out single and bulk email verification. 


Emailable offers a comprehensive API that can be integrated into your website or app to get real-time email verification results. The tool backs up the email verification details and other data on Google Cloud to ensure high scalability, low latency, and global availability.

Emailable is applaudable for its around-the-clock dedicated customer support to sort out any queries. Moreover, it offers an extensive knowledge base for the customers to help themselves find the right answer to all the questions that pop into their minds. 


Owned by Tamas Szabo, MillionVerifier is an extremely reliable tool to verify email addresses with utmost accuracy without burning a hole in your pocket.

The tool offers email list verification, bulk email verifier, email verifier API & automated email verification in one place. Besides being affordable, the tool is user-friendly and also offers real-time customer service through chat.

MillionVerifier is armed with an extensive range of tools, including an email verifier, bounce code analyzer, image converter, HTML email templates, and blocklist monitor. 

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The services offered by MillionVerifier are as follows:

  • Cleaning Old Email lists
  • Verify New Emails in Real-Time
  • Block Temporary / Disposable Emails
  • Comprehensive Email Checker
  • Email List Verification in CSV format
  • Integration Support
  • Automated Email Verification


Bouncer is considered to lead the email verification market with the simple and powerful email validation and deliverability service it offers to users. It makes bulk email verification and API verification the primary offerings featuring the zero downtime policy. 

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Bouncer strives to achieve its mission of improving human-to-human communication scenarios by establishing email as the most trusted medium.

To expand its services in the SMB segments and improve the email deliverability rate, it provides several premium features, including email toxicity check and deliverability kit.

It also provides a vast library of integrations offering Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and Sales tools. The precision rate of the tool is impressive, so the users do not have to dread losing a potential lead, and its services are reliable and completely secure. 

Some of the advanced features of Bouncer are as follows: 

  • Customized scalable services like parallel processing, higher rate limits, etc
  • Habitual complainer detection
  • Bad domain detection
  • Spam keyword detection
  • Role-based account detection
  • Catch-all account detection
  • Bounce Estimate
  • Toxicity Check


Founded in 2017, Snov has emerged as a one-stop platform offering useful tools for lead generation and email marketing. It works like a charm to offer a fast and reliable way to verify individual email addresses and also the email lists provided by trusted email verifiers.

This comprehensive tool employs advanced techniques of all sorts like syntax matching, catch-all address, gibberish, MX record, domain existence, and freemail checks, as well as SMTP authentication to ensure that your email list is free from any form of the incorrect email address. 

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Available as a web app, API, and as an extension for Chrome, you can use the tool to eliminate bounce emails, spam traps, and low-score emails from your emailing list. 

Apart from offering email list verification tools, it also enables you to export the email lists in CSV, XLSX, or Google Sheets formats and use them to set up free email campaigns right from the platform. 


Before we end, let’s spare a moment to check out Proofy, an outstanding email verification tool that delivers quick and easy email verification services to its customers so that they can improve their conversion rate.

Proofy offers a powerful email verification API for the website, which users can leverage to verify the email addresses from within the mobile app or the web app of the users. 

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The tool accurately finds all the email addresses containing invalid and inactive domains and identifies those addresses that accept emails without marking them as spam.

The tool discards invalid and duplicate email addresses to ensure you get only positive leads in form of emails. Proofy can also be integrated with several third-party apps to deliver real-time services. 

Some of the functions performed by Proofy are as follows: 

  • Email List Management
  • Syntax Check
  • Single Email Verification
  • Mail Server Validation
  • Domain Check
  • DEA-Detection
  • Catch-all Server Detection
  • Bulk Email Verification


Here we reach the end of the roundup of some of the accomplished email verification and validation tools trusted by big companies. Using an email verification tool is pertinent if you want to level up your marketing game, improve ROI for your campaigns and reduce your email bounce rates. 

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