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In Collaboration Last updated: September 4, 2023
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One of the challenging areas for any business is strengthening the internal communication process.

Information is the fuel for any organization, and a sloppy communication system can delay the flow of information between employees. As a result, it causes confusion, disrupts the workflow, and reduces workforce productivity.

The pandemic made us realize how essential it is to build communication and engagement between employees in the new world. Thankfully, plenty of employee engagement platforms in the market can efficiently deal with the complexities and challenges that hamper the communication and engagement between the workforce working remotely. Let’s learn some more about them.

Employee Communication Platforms

What is an Employee Communication Platform?

In a remote working environment, using a separate tool to access different types of information can be overwhelming for the employees. Thankfully, we have Employee communication platforms to save the day!

By deploying these platforms, organizations boost communication and help their employees connect, communicate and engage with each other. These platforms improve two-way communication by encouraging interactivity and collaboration, thereby boosting the performance of employees.

Unlike an email or instant messaging tool, a full-fledged Internal communication platform guarantees a steady flow of information in real-time. Users can chat with each other, communicate over a video or audio call, and even exchanges files and documents in a secure manner.

A good employee communication platform consists of several features that simplify the internal communication process to a large extent. Let’s take a look.

What to look for in an employee communication platform?

Below are the factors you should consider before choosing an employee communication platform for your enterprise.

  • Instant Messaging: Chat capabilities help the workforce instantly connect and solve day-to-day problems.
  • Workflow Management: The ability to interact in real-time helps reduce uncertainty in operations boosting productivity.
  • Content sharing: Make company announcements and share documents in news feeds and email newsletters.
  • Third-party integrations: Integration of third-party software such as payroll or cloud storage offers convenience to team members.
  • A trial plan: Check whether the platform offers a trial plan to test the features they claim to offer.

So without wasting time, let’s check out the employee communication platforms you can bank upon to boost communication within your organization.


WorkVivo is a new player in the field of employee communication with a mission to transform the workplace communication experience by bringing the remote teams together and staying informed, engaged, and connected. Offering more than traditional communication tools, it strives to build a natural and meaningful bond between the team members.

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The presence of an intranet, communication tools, and mobile app in one package enables the companies to provide freedom and flexibility to the employees and, at the same time, keep tabs on them. The platform flaunts a familiar social network UX easily adaptable by the users.


Staffbase is a powerful multi-channel employee communication platform that offers everything from the intranet and email newsletter to the newsfeed that facilitates planning, communicating, and maximizing engagement between the internal team members.

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Let’s take a look at the key offerings of Staffbase:

  • App Support for accessible communication
  • Supports adoption and identification
  • Push notifications to boost engagement
  • Targeted news feed for the team
  • Multiple languages and auto-translation
  • Smart chat to support peer-to-peer, group, and team communication
  • Integration with platforms for Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365
  • Tools like calendars, surveys, and in-build employee directory


With over 7 million users worldwide, LumApps is a full-fledged employee experience Platform that connects them to tools, people, and information, thereby improving their productivity and performance.

LumApps pays special attention to the specific needs of every employee and can be accessed in any language or device. The notable features are as follows:
  • Connect and engage all your employees and familiarize them with your company culture.
  • Provide a tailored employee experience to improve productivity and communication regardless of the location.
  • Follow users, projects, and news updates directly from the news feed.
  • Search co-workers by skills, location, and teams and get more involved in social activities.

LumApps is a perfect choice for medium to large enterprises struggling to scale or transform their workforce digitally.


TalkFreely is a flexible and easily deployable employee communication platform that instills a positive work culture in your company.

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TalkFreely helps you with the following:

  • Promote recognition and an appreciative environment.
  • Encourage the employees to engage in company-related discussions using two-way communication tools and feedback channels.
  • Boost innovation and provide a platform to share ideas and insights.
  • Deliver your message in a clear and understandable format to all your workers.

It enables large business enterprises to communicate with employees in large groups and provide tailored content. It is also possible to upload videos, pictures, and other media to boost engagement.


OakEngage is an advanced all-in-one intranet service that helps businesses engage and connect with their employees and co-workers. Most traditional intranets are too complex or deliver a poor user experience. Thankfully, Oak Engage facilitates easy collaboration and content sharing by eliminating the complexities of communicating strategic, tactical, and crisis-related messages to improve productivity.

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Oak Engage helps perform the following functions:

  • Access Controls
  • Grant Permissions
  • Access News Feed
  • Share Blogs
  • Brainstorming
  • Calendar Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Policy Management
  • Project Management
  • Real-Time Chat

This platform is easy to manage and is highly intuitive, and its comprehensive set of tools helps organizations make better and more informed decisions on the go or at the desk.


BeeKeeper is a communication platform built specifically for frontline employees providing all the tools necessary for engagement and communication in one place. It inculcates a sense of involvement in the frontline workforce, thereby boosting engagement, productivity, and business safety.

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BookKeeper offers the following benefits:

  • Quick Surveys and polls for feedback
  • Trigger-based workflows and internal messaging for automating tasks.
  • File sharing features for different file types, including images and documents.
  • Data encryption for secure messaging.

The instant messaging feeds and campaign tools of BeeKeeper enable businesses to bring all employees across every department together.


Powering enterprises to deliver better communication opportunities to achieve better productivity and engagement, Unily is the next platform on this list. Being a cloud-based communication platform, it delivers broad digital experiences by bringing together people and tools.

Quickly deployable, Unily can successfully act as an intranet, communication or collaboration platform, or any other type of portal, delivering applaudable user experiences on all devices.

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Unily offers a content management system with drag and drop widgets, 1:1 translations, device and user segmentation, and more features. This is complemented by coherent social media-specific features like segmented conversations, private channels, and more.


Happeo offers an intranet to improve the quality of internal communication within the company. The software integrates with the G suite and enables the users to access the content management features and employee engagement analytics. After deployment, Happeo offers intranet, collaborative tools, and social networking features in one package.

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It is also possible to customize the look and feel of the platform and choose your preferred language so that it reflects your brand’s identity and aligns with your company culture. Happeo can also be accessed via a mobile app on both; iOS and Android smartphones.


Using the Live EX feature, Simpplr helps enterprises connect, communicate, and bond with their employees in a better way. Moreover, it enables the administration to access meaningful insights about employee alignment and sentiment on a real-time basis.

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The significant features are as follows:

  • Captivating UI/UX design capable of driving user engagement
  • Operable by business users with minimal IT skills
  • Can be integrated with workplace apps
  • Can be deployed rapidly
  • Supports smart search
  • Delivers personalized content and experience
  • Provides access to insights, workflows, and best practices.

Trusted by big brands worldwide, Simpplr is helping its customers gain measurable productivity, increased employee engagement, and accelerated business performance.


Haiilo is a leading employee engagement and advocacy platform that provides insights about the impacts of your enterprise and helps employers reach out, engage and understand their employees.

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  • The employee-centric mobile apps help circulate the important news via the cohen channels.
  • Social Intranet successfully brings all the employees under one trusted digital home.
  • Employee Advocacy solutions ensure that your employees spread the word and elevate your brand value on social media.
  • Smart Engagement Surveys help you gain holistic insights into your team’s needs and aspirations.

This platform consists of four different modules that together work to raise the communication quality and brand value of your organization.


Next, we have PeopleOne, a revolutionary intranet solution that helps organizations add life to their workspace culture in a remote office setup. Developed to work on Microsoft SharePoint, it offers a good level of security while empowering the team members within the organization to communicate, collaborate and connect better.

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PeopleOne allows you to:

  • Effortlessly share information via multiple channels with every employee.
  • Provide a coherent platform for your employees to share their thoughts with others and give your organization a purpose.
  • Offer truly fascinating experiences to your workforce that makes them feel wanted and cherished.
  • Provide a medium for your workforce to find and share information effectively.

PeopleOne can be an excellent choice for organizations looking for a one-stop communication and engagement platform to enable seamless communication, collaboration, and engagement from anywhere.


HubEngage offers an intuitive employee experience platform for organizations to engage and communicate within the organization. The platform is power packed with robust communication features that work in combination with deep segmentation tools and in-depth analytics features.

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HubEngage uses iOS and Android apps, desktop intranets, emails, and digital displays to deploy a multi-channel approach within the organization so that it is possible to reach out to any team member at any moment.

HubEngage is packed with powerful features like Chat / Messaging, Employee Directory, Knowledge Management, Surveys & Feedback, and other tools, making it a complete online Employee Communication system.


SnapComms is the only employee communication platform worldwide that provides end-to-end critical event management features. Built to cater to the needs of workplaces of all sizes, the dynamic and visual tools of the software ensure 100% message readership on desktop, mobile, or any other digital display.

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The software offers customizable features to ensure that the employees working in the office or from a remote setup receive your message at the right time. SnapComms helps boost internal communications by offering several ways to inform and engage employees, reduce email overload, and reduce workplace noise. The high-impact alerts and tickers, powerful screensavers, and interactive surveys keep your employees aware, entertained, and involved.


Communication is the key factor behind the success and growth of an organization, especially in the post-pandemic era. You can deploy any of the reliable employee communication platforms listed above to strengthen communication and engagement between decentralized and remote workers of your organization.

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