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In Business Operations and HR Management Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Put workforce management concepts like employee engagement, employee retention, employee experience, positive work environment, and employee productivity to actual use by using these best employee experience platforms today!

If you’re serious about your business and looking for long-term existence in the market, you must hire dedicated employees, contractors, and freelancers. Hiring top talent and keeping them aligned with your business’s growth strategy costs a lot of investment. 

There are always elements that can deteriorate the workplace environment, employee experience, employee satisfaction, and so on. So, investing in the workforce is a risky affair unless you’ve set up an employee experience management strategy that works.    

However, employee experience platforms are here to save the day. Here’s a quick list of the best ones with a more detailed take in the article below. Read on👀to build an enviable workplace!

ProductNotable Features
WorkTangoAwards, recognition, surveys, analytics for engagement.
MotivosityCelebrates employee milestones, rewards, and surveys for top talents.
LeapsomeAll-in-one performance, engagement, and learning platform.
SalesforceMobile-web combo for HR-IT processes, self-service AI.
Culture AmpTools for engagement, performance, and development insights.
BlinkMobile-centric platform, clear goals, communication hub.
WorkdayScientific modules, analytics for holistic employee exp.
Qualtrics XMAutomated feedback, analytics, cross-experience analysis.
RaydiantEmployee motivation, healthy competition, rewards.
CooleafPulse surveys, engaging programs, and recognition incentives.

What is Employee Experience?

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Employee experience is a concept of human resources (HR) and organizational management. Business leaders and human resources managers rely on this concept to make the workplace enjoyable for employees and contractors.

Enjoyable in a way that the employee feels happy to come to work on time; they dedicate their skills to do better for the business and feel an essential part of it.

The last time your business sponsored a birthday cake🎂 for an employee’s birthday or distributed cool gifts to high performers, for better employee recognition experience and engagement.

Existing staff being friendly to new joiners, HR showing you around the office on the induction day, etc., are also part of the employee experience.     

What Is an Employee Experience Platform?

An employee experience platform is a digital tool that replaces the need for a whole HR team to just take care of employee experience and engagement activities, budgets, policies, strategies, etc. It also enables managing the same for remote employees who rarely come to the workplace but need to feel included too!

A standard employee experience application would offer technologies and communications mediums like the following to increase engagement between the business and its people:

  • Surveys, polls, feedback, etc.
  • Anniversary calendar to post birthdays, achievements, anniversaries, etc.
  • A social wall for the business and employees to speak to each other through announcements and comments.
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Employee well-being management functionalities.
  • New hire onboarding tools.
  • Office supplies ordering and approval systems, and so on.

Such a digital platform helps you by automating and streamlining most of the employee experience and engagement management tasks. You will no longer see HR executives pausing important human resources meetings and running around the office supervising employee experience.

Everything about employee experience management will be possible with the click of a button, approving budgets digitally and auditing activities remotely. Not to mention, such tools also offer data analytics and insights so you can improve your employee engagement strategies continuously.     

Benefits of Employee Experience Management

Here’s how an efficient employee experience management system helps you:

  • Your employees and contractors become satisfied with your policies and behavior.
  • Businesses can easily retain top and seasoned talents by overcoming the market competition for talent sabotaging by offering pay hikes, better benefits, equities, etc.
  • Your workforce feels happy to come to work, work productively throughout the day, and make the workplace inclusive for all.
  • New hires don’t feel isolated.   
  • It becomes affordable and easy to arrange rewards and recognition events without wasting productivity hours.

Interestingly, most successful businesses find their next CEOs through internal career growth.  

Must-Have Features of an Employee Experience Platform

Self-Service and AI

#1. A Ticketing Tool 

It brings together diverse communication channels into a unified platform, streamlining ticket management. This empowers employees to monitor and address incoming requests effortlessly. Accommodating preferred communication methods enhances the employee experience. Automation for ticket routing and agent assignment is often available.

#2. Self-Service and AI 

This feature employs machine learning and natural language processing. AI tools tackle employee queries, with chatbots engaging in human-like conversations, providing answers, or guiding employees to relevant knowledge base articles. Available 24/7, AI self-service reduces staffing needs and evolves through interactions for heightened effectiveness.

#3. Automated Workflows

Workflows on employee experience platforms simplify intricate processes and eliminate redundancy, facilitating smooth employee experience journey management. Centralized hubs grant quick access to information, amplified by instant messaging and shared calendars. Automations ensure uniformity in tasks like PTO requests and performance evaluations.

#4. Reporting and Analytics 

Data analysis and visualization offer businesses insightful, data-derived comprehension. These insights encompass performance, employee goal progress, engagement via surveys and feedback, and sentiment analysis. Reports support informed decision-making.

#5. Apps and Integrations 

Integrations streamline operations by harmonizing systems. Platforms integrate with apps such as survey software and performance tools, boosting functionality.

Now, find below the best employee experience software apps you can use to streamline the process: 


With the rise of remote and hybrid teams, it can become challenging to keep the teams inspired and motivated. WorkTango is a holistic employee experience platform that helps you retain your employees by keeping them engaged and inspiring them through awards and recognitions.

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It offers you a range of useful features, including:

  • Easy-to-use platform with all employee experience improvement facilities
  • Public and private recognition for worthy employees
  • Global rewards engine with giveaways like gift cards, merchandise, and donations
  • Automated milestone celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Customizable surveys for the entire employee lifecycle
  • Predictive analytics  for leaders with recommended actions
  • Real-time sentiment and themes from employee comments
  • 1:1 employee discussion, feedback, and goal setting 

You can also use the API of this software or integrate it with collaboration tools like Outlook, MS Teams, Slack, etc. Furthermore, tap into the potential of WorkTango employee surveys for authentic feedback.


When it comes to retaining the top talents in your team through the best employee experience, Motivosity is your go-to option. It helps you make the important moments of your employees unforgettable in all stages of their careers.

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These are the top features of this solution:

  • Building a healthy community that stays connected inside and outside the office
  • Allowing managers to create the right habits to improve the employee experience
  • Offering rewards to your employees to recognize their contribution to the business
  • Facilitates surveys to gather insights into employee sentiment and experience
  • Personality tests to avoid miscommunication and enhance collaboration

Motivosity also helps you identify your employees’ priorities and better guide them when they perform high-impact activities.


Leapsome helps in improving your employee engagement with its intelligent people enablement solution. As it keeps your team productive and engaged, you will be able to build a high-performance organization.

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The top features of this platform are:

  • All-in-one platform to manage performance, employee engagement, OKRs, and learning
  • Support for your team’s well-being for boosted engagement and creating a sense of belonging
  • Offers necessary tools to the managers for efficiently leading the team
  • Employee engagement surveys to gather powerful insights on the company pulse
  • Instant and valuable employee feedback for better growth and performance
  • Performance, agile project, anonymous, and 360° reviews 
  • Optimized processes for compensation, promotion, and rewards
  • Integration support for HRIS, Slack, Teams, Calendar, Jira, and other existing tools

There are also built-in templates and dashboards available on Leapsome that make measuring employee experience easier.


Salesforce‘s employee experience gives you a mobile app and web app combo for employee service and productivity. The solution helps you to make HR and IT processes for new and existing employees easier than ever.

Best Employee Experience Platforms Salesforce
Image credit: Salesforce Employee Experience

Other prominent features you can expect are as below: 

  • Develop and assign employee workspaces and dashboards so they feel they are in control of their professional journeys
  • Use low-code tools to customize the workspaces and dashboards with your brand assets
  • AI-powered self-service chats answer all common questions and also offer suggestions
  • Organized and streamlined service requests and tickets
  • HRs and managers can resolve tickets faster with AI assistance
  • Salesforce employee experience platform automates HR workflows, HR ticket management, etc.
  • The tool integrates with most IT and HR solutions

Not to mention, you can put all the answers to common employee questions at their fingertips through mobile and web apps.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp provides organizations with all the essential tools for employee engagement, performance, and development in one place. You will also get insights here needed to develop a category-defining culture with world-class employee experience.

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Major features of this platform are:

  • Helps you hear and understand your employees for better decisions and necessary organizational changes
  • Anytime feedback, development-focused reviews, and goal tracking to build high-performing teams
  • Trackable growth goals for continuous development and employee retention

Using Culture Amp, organizations can collect feedback from multiple sources (self, peer, manager) to get the exact view of an employee.

Blink is a mobile-centric employee engagement and experience platform for businesses of any size and industry.

Employee Experience Platforms Blink

Find below its notable features in a compact list:

  • It helps you to define clear and achievable SMART goals
  • Also, Blink removes the bottlenecks and barriers between employee and employer communications
  • You can put an office supplies list on the Blink app so employees can easily find what they need to work better
  • A company announcement page for meetings, policy updates, etc.
  • Employees can create their own channels and chat groups for better communication

Being mobile, the tool enables you to implement a common and affordable people experience strategy for frontline, field, on-site, and remote employees, contractors, and freelancers.


Workday’s people experience management system makes employees feel responsible for their duties personally and becomes more productive to serve a common company growth strategy.

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The whole system has three scientifically divided modules, like Listen, Act, and Analyze. These modules in turn, have other tools to offer an overarching employee experience solution, and these are:

  • Workday Peakon Employee Voice as part of the Listen tool
  • Tools where you and your employees can interact and act: Workday Home, Workday Help, and Workday Journeys
  • Data analytics tools to analyze the collected data using HCM, skills foundation, people analytics tools, help and journeys analytics, etc.

Therefore, it’s one of the most scientific, elaborate, and successful employee experience platforms that you can ever get.

Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics XM for People Teams helps you to set up the right strategy to create, improvise, and deliver employee experiences at different scales. 

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Using its data collection and analysis automation and AI, it helps you to listen to your every employee via different channels like surveys, polls, and comments. Thus, you stay in the know if any negative sentiment is brewing among the workforce and tackle it immediately. Other major features the platform offers are:

  • Candidate experience management
  • Course evaluation
  • Onboarding experience management
  • Analyzing customer experience and employee experience side by side

There’s also a manager’s dashboard that gives a bird’s eye view of numeric data on engagement, inclusion, intent to stay, expectations, and well-being.  


Raydiant helps you to motivate and engage with your employees so they tackle your customers and clients effectively. This employee engagement tool enables you to roll out healthy competition among the employees and rewards for top performers.

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Some of its other features that are worth mentioning are:

  • Maintain timely, open, and clear communication with your frontline and back-end employees with office signage
  • Provide frequent updates via mobile apps and websites about upcoming competition for the best sales agents, the best customer service agents, and health and safety alerts
  • It gamifies internal competitions and contests and makes things transparent to avoid bias
  • An online marketplace app where employees can spend recognition points for rewards

With Raydiant, your employees feel the zeal inside them to flaunt their best performance and be the best employee of the week, month, and so on. 


Cooleaf benefits your business by making the employees heard and recognizing their contributions. This solution can bring out the best in your team and make them happy with engaging programs and intuitive recognition technology.

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The highlighted features of the software include:

  • Pulse surveys to collect instant employee feedback
  • Funny and engaging employee programs to target employee learning and DEI
  • Team recognition program to celebrate life events, work anniversaries, team achievements, etc.
  • Employee performance incentives like gift cards and branded merch for achieving significant work goals
  • Dashboard and reporting tool to measure sentiment and engagement statistics

You can also integrate Cooleaf with other tools that your company uses, such as Slack, MS Teams, Zapier, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc., to centralize your employee experience.


In the digital age, there’s rarely any alternative to the best employee experience software to manage employee and contractor engagement.

If you think your workforce can do better if you can make a positive work environment, try any of the tools mentioned in this article.

Next up, check out these best HR chatbots for improved employee engagement.

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