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7 Employee Recognition Software to Reward the Best Workers

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The company culture of an organization is the reflection of its practices and values.

One of the most common characteristics of ideal company culture is the shared mission statement. Organizations with powerful company culture often offer exciting and encouraging rewards to their employees. These rewards may include health insurance, extra vacation time, and sometimes even retirement plans.

Although company culture may vary from organization to organization, some give more preference to profits while others, besides profits, also value their employees. And therefore, they invest in employees in the form of different types of rewards. These rewards, in turn, encourage the workforce to be more productive and profitable.

Employee recognition software

Successful organizations know that expressing gratitude to employees and appreciating good work helps the company in the long run. Besides offering medical and more facilities, recognizing hard-working and profitable employees lifts their motivation to another higher level.

Importance of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is also termed social recognition. It is the deed of acknowledging your workforce publicly for who they are and what difference they are making. With such recognition from superiors, employees get to know each other and feel more enthusiastic and inclusive. Employee recognition is amongst the most significant factors impacting productivity, workplace engagement, and employee retention.

Employee recognition software

Employee recognition can help organizations in the following ways:

Encouraging Excellence

Employee recognition is the forming foundation of excellence in the organization. It helps to provide strengths to the relationships and a purpose to achieve desired organizational goals.

Employee Engagement

Workforce engagement is the most important factor in the success of any organization. Employee recognition plays a vital role in achieving employee engagement. According to a survey, employees expecting to be recognized for their efforts are likely to have a 2.5 times more engagement rate.

Employee Retention

The success of any organization is reflected by its employee retention rate. Surveys cite that around 44% of the employees planning to leave their jobs is due to lack of recognition. To retain good employees for longer, it is essential to recognize their efforts from time to time.

Enhanced Productivity

Motivated employees are more likely to put more effort into achieving organizational goals. All your workforce would be interested in being recognized. And if you offer regular recognition to your employees, they will get motivated to work harder. Of course, their hard work will drive more productivity in your organization.

Automated Vs. Manual Employee Recognition

To integrate employee recognition programs into your company, you need a well-planned recognition system in mind. This program includes rewarding employees with incentives, gifts, wishes on birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.

Employee recognition software

There are plenty of employee recognition software and apps available online that help in effectively implementing this program. Though this can be achieved manually, for organizations with good employee strength, it can be time-consuming and difficult. Sometimes, HRs and managers may forget dates and instances when they need to put forward emails and notifications. In such cases, the recognition program does not sound effective.

The process of employee recognition can be automated with a bit of intervention and required modifications. It can also save a lot of time for managers, who can invest that time in teamwork.

So let’s explore effective employee recognition software that can help you reward the best employees.


Nectar is a fantastic employee recognition platform that lets you recognize excellent work and redeem rewards. It helps to keep your team engaged and connected.

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Nectar supports both peers as well as top-down recognition. It offers a strong reward suite letting your employees select from branded swag, amazon items, digital gift cards, and more. With this, you can choose from commonly used awards that it incorporates by default or create your unique ones. This recognition platform lets you add multiple challenges to the system and thus keeps employees motivated.

You can add birthdays, anniversaries, and similar events of your employees so that you never miss to wish them. With this, you can also offer exciting deals and discounts to your employees across the country.


Assembly is an employee recognition software that brings all your team to one place. This incorporates a culture of working together as a team with a better understanding and context. With this software, you can connect the organizational projects, teams, and workflows.

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Assembly lets you add special occasions that matter for every single employee. This way, as an HR or manager, you can never miss celebrating any of your employees. It lets you establish your customized workflow and reflect your goals. Assembly is the perfect single alternative to multiple tools you use separately for distinct functions.


Empuls is an interesting employee engagement platform that helps you carry out employee recognition programs. It establishes constant communication between the employees, teams, and superiors.

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With Empuls, you can create a set of opportunities and measure employee engagement by seeking proactive feedback. It also lets you listen and talk to the employees and fix the causes of disengagement. You can easily recognize decent behaviors and offer visibility to the efforts of every single personnel. Recognize the employees who meet or exceed organizational goals and reward them for excellent performances.

This software also lets you work on maximizing your employees’ savings by extending their incomes in a variety of ways. You can sign up for a free trial of this software.


Guusto lets you shape your company culture by recognizing the best talents. By rewarding them with deserving incentives or rewards, you can make them feel motivated, inspired, and connected. Guusto offers employee recognition programs in 160+ countries with Mastercards.

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Their recognition program includes Anniversary/Milestone/Years-of-Service Awards, Spot Bonuses, Peer-to-Peer shout-outs, wellness programs, goals, birthdays, performance awards, and more. Guusto offers simple execution of your recognition program with flexibility and inclusiveness.

The actionable reports it offers let you work on your workforce strategy to enhance engagement, retention, benefits, and more.


WeGift is a great employee recognition software that lets you offer digital rewards to the best talents. With this, you can recognize the good work and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. It also lets you concentrate on the well-being of the employees.

Employee recognition software

WeGift offers you access to the vast selection of digital gift cards backed up with reliable and lightweight APIs. It comes with a plug-and-play system that you can integrate seamlessly into your organizational system. You can request a demo instantly.


Cooleaf lets you connect with your team and recognize them for their valuable hard work. This is based on an effective employee recognition strategy that helps you retain the best talents of your organization.

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With Cooleaf, you can incorporate a meaningful and timely employee recognition program. The automated recognition with attractive incentives and rewards that it offers can help in motivating the workforce. The data-driven recommendations and activity evaluation help in growing performance.

Cooleaf lets you celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and such special events. You can book your Cooleaf demo by filling out an online booking form.


Kudoboard is a platform that lets your team celebrate each other’s special occasions together and enhance collaboration.

Employee recognition software

With Kudoboard, you can automate the welcome emails to the newly joined team member. You can create shout-out boards and motivate colleagues to boost each other. It also lets you turn gifting on so that managers can add some gift cards to their Kudosboards. These can be ideal for maternity leaves, work anniversaries, etc.


Employee recognition is an integral part of any organization. So, if your organization lacks this, it is time to understand the value of your workforce. A motivated, engaged, and satisfied workforce can make the game, while a dissatisfied and demotivated workforce can break the game. Try any of the above-listed software and incorporate employee recognition in your company.

You may also be interested in exploring performance management software.

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