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Employer branding is a strategic process of projecting a positive image and optimizing the employment experience to attract qualified candidates, retain current employees, and maximize overall success.

What Is Employer Branding and Its Importance?

In today’s market, where there is more demand for talent rather than supply of it, branding the employer becomes imperative to every business. Employer branding includes creating a positive image about the company as an employer and communicating competitive advantages that make this place appealing for work, from salaries to benefits to culture.

A good employer brand will bring highly skilled candidates to fill job vacancies, decreasing recruitment costs and putting employees into higher spirits towards greater productivity – every key element for any business that tries for success.

In today’s harsh job marketplace, organizations need a strong employer brand to attract and keep top-quality employees. The perfect employer branding strategy will improve recruitment efforts, drive employee motivation and productivity, form positive customer associations or relations, and help lower costs by reducing your company’s recruiting budget.

An organization’s employer branding plan can build a robust footing that can be employed in pulling well-ordered candidates who share equivalent core principles with your company apart from giving them attractive salary packages and benefits.

A strong employer brand in this competing market is vital for the following reasons:

  • It helps you attract top talent by marketing your brand and culture to job seekers. The goal is to create a positive employer image that will attract potential candidates who fit the company’s values.
  • With a strong employer brand, companies acquire qualified candidates faster, hence saving time and money from recruiting efforts. Companies save on advertising as they utilize their employer’s brand while maintaining their hiring success rate.
  • Boosts employee morale and productivity through pride in their work. Increase engagement to maximize success for the company.
  • Job seekers have become more favorable in the present market, characterized by a surplus of open positions but a lack of qualified candidates. This would translate that applicants could enjoy a much wider freedom of choosing companies and opportunities they deem most fitting for their needs.

Candidates are now savvier than ever before in searching for and responding to jobs. They have all the tools available to them to research companies comprehensively, from employee reviews, social media content, and news articles gifting insight into their working environment before committing time and effort to follow up on an opportunity.

All of these resources help candidates understand if the role is what they expect it to be so sound decisions can be made on where they’ll best fit in creating a successful long-term career path.

A strong employer brand can do wonders for any organization looking forward to success. Establishing and implementing an effective employer branding strategy requires a huge investment upfront but brings in great rewards – it will help draw and retain qualified candidates into your business while taking employee engagement and satisfaction levels a few notches up within workplace premises.

Employer Branding Vs. Corporate Branding

Employer branding and corporate branding are two related but distinct ideas.

The purpose of employer branding is to project a positive image of your company as an employer. It’s about conveying why your company is good for employees in order to attract top talent and retain them.

Corporate branding, however, seeks to create a positive image of your entire company. The aim here is to communicate values, mission, and vision not only to customers but also to partners and all other stakeholders.

The primary difference between employer branding and corporate branding is the audience. Employer branding communicates with potential as well as current employees, whereas corporate branding caters to customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

A difference in terms of concentration is also observed. While employer branding emphasizes the employee experience, corporate branding focuses on the customer experience.

However, employer branding and corporate branding are also interrelated. A robust corporate brand can attract the best people in the market or keep them from joining competitors.

In this regard, if an organization becomes famous for innovating various products and services, then naturally, such a company will attract innovation-oriented individuals who wish to work therein.

How Does Strong Employer Branding Boost Company Culture?

Some of the few major ways in which strong employer branding could lead to significantly boosting company culture include:

Strong employer branding can be termed as something that has tremendous benefits for any organization. It helps create a good image as employees are proud to associate, thus contributing towards increased engagement and possibly higher retention rates in the long run. This plays a big role in an enjoyable workplace filled with collaboration, hence making it easier for companies to stay stable within their workforce.

A good employer brand is a strong tool that can attract the most talented. This way, organizations can keep up with competition by having high-caliber employees in employment and, as such, increase overall productivity and performance.

It also increases self-esteem among existing staff since they feel they are working for an organization whose culture is growth-and-development oriented.

A good employer image instills pride among its employees while, at the same time, it enhances reputation among customers, clients, or even the community at large. It facilitates teams to be creative and innovative and offers collaboration through work cultures that promote employee well-being and balance.

An essential strategy is employee advocacy in building employer brand strength. It encourages personnel to advocate their company’s values, objectives, and achievements on social media platforms, thus nurturing trust between colleagues and higher employee engagement and motivation towards its goals – all contributing to overall business success now and in the future.

Benefits of Employer Branding

Employer branding is a critical investment, helping companies attract and retain top talent, boost morale and productivity, and strengthen their overall brand reputation.

The following are a few exact benefits that can be derived by adopting Employer Branding in a long-term perspective:

✅ Enables companies to stand out within competitive job markets as they will be able to build an attractive employer brand that attracts top talent.

✅ Creates pride and belongingness among employees, thus attracting top talent, reducing turnover costs, and increasing employee retention time.

✅ Provides a competitive advantage by attracting top talent and differentiates businesses in crowded industries while creating loyalty amongst current employees.

✅ Drives engagement of employees through word-of-mouth referrals, thereby enhancing the reputation of the organization.

✅ A strong employer brand can save cost and time on recruitment due to the attraction of experienced professionals, thereby streamlining the process.

✅ It allows recruiting similar valued and cultured people, enhancing employee satisfaction and performance.

✅ A strong employer brand also assists in providing a stronger supply of candidates for future hiring activities as well as attracting more prospective employees who are highly talented.

✅ Clients may have a better feeling about conducting business with an organization that possesses a strong brand. This would lead to enhanced client loyalty, which would probably imply higher profits.

✅ An appealing employer brand has positive impacts on job applicants since it is linked to a forward-looking working surrounding exhibited by novelty, creativity, flexibility, and competitiveness.

As the job market intensifies with time, employer branding is more than just filling positions; it involves developing a compelling and attractive impression that helps engage, retain, and allure quality talent for the future success of any organization.

Best Strategies for Employer Branding

The process that has to be followed to develop an employer branding strategy that will work best is by creating the organization as a professional place of work using employee value propositions, approaches to recruitment marketing, and social media platforms.

Depending on what the specific company is into and their individual goals, it usually provides some strategies that are considered best for them.

Some of the general strategies that all companies can employ to build a strong employer brand include:

✅ Define a unique employer brand that truly reflects the organization’s values, mission, and culture. It will emphasize why someone would want to join this team in an engaging way.

✅ Know your target audience and design messages that form an authentic employer brand. Use traits and likes to build credibility with the required workforce.

✅ The employees are the greatest strength in building a strong employer brand. Allowing them to engage during the process enables it well through the website, job ads, social media, and employee testimonials – creating sustainability.

✅ A good strategy for enhancing customer engagement is storytelling; show wonderful stories of how your organization works as differentiating factors through videos, blogs, or social media.

✅ Create a careers website that will ensure great visibility and success for your company. Make sure to include social media links sharing employer branding, values, culture, opportunities, and employee testimonials with an attractive design.

✅ Defining key performance indicators when assessing the success of an employer’s branding is absolutely necessary. These are quality applicants and employee satisfaction and retention rates, all being fundamental components to measure proper results.

✅ Monitor online reviews on sites such as Glassdoor and, addressing any issues promptly yet tactfully emphasizing positive aspects of your business.

✅ Invest in a diverse team to build your employer brand and offer professional development and training programs with mentorship opportunities for career growth.

To build an employer brand, it has to start from the employers by setting measurable goals, tracking their progress using data analytics, and putting consistent effort over time.

Employer Branding Platforms

Let’s see some top employer branding platforms in the following section.

#1. Papirfly

Papirfly is an all-in-one employer branding platform that helps companies create and communicate a compelling employer brand, initiate slicker recruitment campaigns, create engaging and on-brand onboarding, and turn employees into advocates.

Papirfly also offers a variety of features that help companies with their employer branding strategy, such as digital asset management, pre-defined templates, and enterprise-grade analytics.

For employers looking to become the employer of choice, Papirfly provides an all-in-one platform for creating and communicating a compelling brand. Employers leverage 1M+ users daily to attract, recruit, and retain talented employees while achieving 212% ROI on average.

Six hundred global brands trust Papirfly daily with their branding efforts, and some renowned companies, including BMW, Unilever, IBM, Vodafone, and Orkla Health, reinforce their branding on a global scale.

Top Features

  • Turns employees into vocal advocates by producing on-brand assets using pre-defined templates for recruitment, internal messaging, and social media promotion of company culture.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps companies store, save, and share all kinds of materials, including images, videos, documents, and more.
  • GDPR compliance technology ensures assets are kept up to date with the latest regulations while allowing you to permit access depending on region or role, among other parameters.
  • Optimize Your Employer Brand Strategy with Advanced Reporting and Analytics.
  • Create on-brand assets with intuitively designed digital, print, and document templates to simplify employer brand activation for a consistent look across all touchpoints.

Papirfly offers an all-inclusive branding platform in the form of six modules for varied business needs, integrating asset management with design templates on-brand and data analytics for easy user experience.

Its state-of-the-art six modules allow users to generate limitless brand assets and enable timely delivery as per current market requirements based on real-time data, hence making it an exceptional solution provider for organizations or businesses looking forward to developing a powerful brand identity.

#2. SmartDreamers

SmartDreamers provides expert assistance to all the steps of employer branding, from defining your company culture and values to targeting top talent and creating positive candidate experiences.

It is an experienced and holistic recruiting solution that brings truly exceptional employer branding, career page-building capabilities, custom landing pages for job ads or events, and forms with integrated ATS.

It also includes tools to build a talent community where candidates can learn more about your business plus track their behavior in order to get ROI insight from sourcing channels.

Besides, you will gain access to the CRM functions of the tool in order to build relations with all candidates, automation flows, and integrations into various types of ATSs & other software.

It is used by companies of all sizes, like Givaudan, Infosys, L’Oreal, Deloitte, Genpact, etc. It’s a robust platform that can help the company improve its employer branding and bring in top talents while assisting it in automating its recruitment process.

It leverages AI technology to drive automation so that quality candidates are attracted fast and connections made easily in order for your business not just to stay ahead but also to increase speed while at it and boost your outcomes.

Top Features

  • Companies can reduce cost per hire by up to 43% while delivering a best-in-class candidate experience across channels through the platform.
  • Build and maintain unique careers pages that empower your employer brand to attract high-quality candidates while looking excellent on any device.
  • Employs employee testimonials, job ads, and strong vision statements to create unique content across social media sites.
  • Take decisions based on our real-time reporting dashboard, track KPIs, and optimize sourcing channels for efficient results.
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) solutions are designed to immediately pull in varied talents and cut time-to-market for hire by 12 times while inflating traffic by 35% and optimizing cost per hire by 21%.

SmartDreamers is an all-in-one platform providing employers with the necessary tools to successfully attract the best talents, create and promote their employer brand, and automate recruitment processes.

#3. Energage

Energage’s Employer Branding solution is a robust platform that enables companies to showcase their culture and values, attract top talent through authentic employee stories, reduce cost-per-hire, and improve hiring efficiency.

Energage is a unified SaaS platform featuring four fully integrated solutions to help you recruit and retain the right talent. These modules help build your employer brand and give job seekers an insight into what makes working at your company unique. Cultural badges and Facts make it easy for you to show off differentiators so job seekers can see why yours is a great place to work.

The platform helps organizations connect more effectively with target audiences whilst creating an environment of trust among current staff. Energage helps businesses promote better long-term relationships between employers and employees, resulting in greater trust within the organization, which increases retention rates and promotes loyalty across all levels of workers.

With AI-based algorithms, you can gain insights into all the critical elements that drive performance in your industry. With over 15 years of experience and data from 23 million surveys in 70,000 organizations, its customizable benchmarking allows you to compare your survey info with both industry-leading competitors and best-in-class results.

Top Features

  • Gain recognition, increase brand awareness, and start conversations with a credible employee survey to help your team work together more efficiently.
  • Unlock deeper insights from employee survey data with an inbuilt intuitive tool designed to help you measure and track culture progress and get the visibility needed for continuous improvement.
  • AI-powered algorithms provide data to reduce turnover rates, attract quality talent, and increase engagement for optimal performance.
  • AI-powered engines and patented analytics help uncover key strengths to build an authentic culture story.
  • Showcase the highlights on your sites, job postings, career pages, and more – empowering employees with advocacy content to expand reach even further.

Overall, Energage’s Employer Branding solution is a valuable tool for companies that are looking to attract and retain top talent. It is an effective way to create a more authentic and transparent employer brand.

#4. GoHire

GoHire provides a range of innovative tools to help businesses leverage their employer brand. The platform offers effective social media branding solutions so that employers can reach new qualified talent by sharing exciting content online.

GoHire suite includes a powerful yet intuitive job posting tool that allows users to post jobs across multiple boards in one click – saving businesses time while still getting the widest possible exposure for advertised roles.

Gohire is a trusted international talent-hiring solution relied upon by over 3,000 clients worldwide. It’s world-class technology designed to make employer branding as easy as possible so that you can focus on bringing in top talent without investing too much time or energy into designing and managing it.

Its career site software lets you quickly create a branded, professional careers page that promotes your company. You can showcase your culture and brag about all the amazing things people do at work while automatically listing current job openings.

Its robust software works across any device and location, so you never miss out on top candidates for your competition. With Gohire, you can easily evaluate potential staff more intelligently and with less effort – allowing for seamless candidate analysis, evaluations, and ultimately, hiring preferred personnel with minimal pain points.

Top Features

  • User-friendly and simplified processes provide an optimal experience across any device, enabling effortless application in a fraction of the time.
  • Stop wasting time promoting job postings manually and use fast and reliable solutions for multi-site job posting across job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor in a single click.
  • Inbuilt ATS simplifies the hiring process and provides greater control by unifying all data in one place. It helps to eliminate chaos, offering visibility into each recruitment phase from start to finish.
  • Maximise recruitment success with optimized application forms to get stronger candidates and reduce interviewing time.
  • It is easy to sync calendars between yourself, co-workers, and prospective employees; this helps ensure all meetings are tracked efficiently.

GoHire makes it easier than ever before to effectively manage your employer presence and attract quality applicants to join your team.

Final Words

Conducting a compelling employer brand campaign is essential, considering today’s competitive marketplace. Make sure that you use a professional-grade tool in managing everything from start to finish, including analytics, insights, and other factors that would help you succeed in building your brand easily and quickly.

The above-discussed employer branding tools, strategies, and additional information will help your employer branding journey.

Next, check out our article on improving your recruitment process with talent mapping.

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