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In Career Last updated: July 6, 2023
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You may be an excellent writer in English, but what about speaking in English? Use these English-speaking test solutions to speak in English with more confidence.

English is not only an international language; it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN). For both Commonwealth countries and others, English is considered the language of communication.

For obvious reasons, English is not the native language of everyone who speaks it. When it comes to speaking, the struggle of non-native English speakers is known to all. If you are one of them and want to test or practice speaking English, you can take help from top English-speaking test platforms.

How English Speaking Tests Can Help With Language Proficiency

  • When you take part in a speaking test, it evaluates you based on different aspects and thus helps you find out your weaknesses.
  • These tests simulate real-life communication scenarios, and hence, you can practice in a meaningful and engaging context. It helps you become a confident communicator.
  • If you want to express your thoughts in English coherently, these tests let you work on this particular area and improve your proficiency.
  • As you can take these tests and get the chance to work on your limitations, your confidence automatically grows.
  • English-speaking tests often generate a report on your performance. You can follow the score and, thus, know your position as an English speaker.

Benefits of Online Platforms for English-Speaking Tests

  • Convenience is the biggest benefit of taking online tests for English speaking. It saves you from visiting a physical test center and lets you take the test from anywhere in the world at the time of your own convenience. Especially if you do not have any test center in your locality, the online platforms will turn out to be highly beneficial for you.
  • Usually, in-person tests will charge you a fee, not to mention the added cost of travel expenses and accommodation. However, the online platform will cost you less than the traditional tests. You can even choose free platforms if needed for online tests.
  • If you use any online platform to test your English speaking, you can schedule the test according to your availability. It is an important factor for people with busy schedules. For traditional speaking tests, you may need to follow their schedule. Some online solution providers even let you retake the test.
  • Modern speaking test platforms offer interactive features like video prompts, audio recordings, and instant playback to enhance the experience of the users. These make the tests more engaging and realistic while simulating real-life communication scenarios.
  • From online platforms, you can get immediate feedback on your speaking tests, such as test scores and a detailed report. Some platforms also provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the user to identify areas for improvement.

Here are some online platforms that will help you practice English speaking.


YouTube video

SmallTalk2Me is a self-practice spoken English simulator to boost your confidence. It prepares you before the IELTS exam, job interview, or any other occasion where you may need to speak English.

Using this platform, you can get an idea about your English proficiency level, locate the strengths and weaknesses in your speech, and, accordingly, work on improving your vocabulary and grammar. 

SmallTalk2Me evaluates your CEFR level with 95% accuracy and allows you to retake the exam. It instantly provides you with a band score and a detailed report. You can also practice speaking regularly using this platform.


YouTube video

On Tracktest, you can take part in the online test to check your English speaking proficiency. You can take part in this optional module after you receive your S/W exam credit. You need a computer with modern web browsers and a functional microphone (external or internal) to take part in this test.

The test takes about ten minutes and asks you to answer eight conversational questions. The test takers get both quantitive and qualitative feedback on their test performance. The result with comments on your performance is available in seven business days.



Those who want to get a better idea about their speaking ability for study, work, and different exams can use Speak&Improve, a research project by the University of Cambridge. Unlike some other platforms listed in this article, it does not need to sign up or log in.

You can directly start speaking to the speech robot of this platform named Sandi by answering its questions. After listening to you, it will grade your speaking ability on the globally recognized CEFR scale. If you find some questions to be difficult, you can answer them again to improve your score.



Are you searching for an AI-powered English-speaking test which unbiased and engaging at the same time? Go for Speechace, a free instant assessment to check your spoken English abilities. 

The tests available here completely align with the scoring standards of TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and TOEIC tests. For this reason, the test result can be compared with the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE scores. 

After the test, Speechace offers a detailed report on pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and grammar of your spoken English. Its descriptive feedback helps you to work on areas that need improvement. You can even share this report on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

British Council

YouTube video

When it comes to the IELTS exam, British Council is one of the organizations that manage it. Undoubtedly, the free online speaking practice test organized by British Council is one of the most reliable tests available for speaking practice. 

On this platform, only a single version of the speaking test is available for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. However, it is suitable for all aspirants as the questions and topics for both tests are the same.

To utilize this practice material, you need to find a study partner and take all three parts of the tests without any breaks. For further guidance, users can listen to real-life audio recordings of this test.



If you are preparing for the IELTS exam and want to get a high score in the speaking section, you can practice English speaking on IELTS8Plus. Here, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and start performing the test. 

Then, its AI algorithm will assess you and provide you with results and feed for your improvement. Since its algorithm adhered to IELTS band descriptors and got trained based on original IELTS exams, you can rely on its results. 

It scores your speaking based on your grammar, pronunciation, fluency, and lexical resource. Moreover, IELST8Plus provides a band 7+ sample answer that you can review to understand what the examiners have been looking for. 

TCY Online


It does not matter which English language test you are about to appear in — TCY Online offers a large collection of free online speaking tests. Some of the popular speaking tests include IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and CELPIP. After every test, it tells you where you stand and what you can do to improve yourself.

All you have to do is to select your preferred exam from the category drop-down menu and get all the tests available for that examination or test. On this platform, you can also access personalized study planners and learn different concepts in gamified mode.



Speaking9 is a dedicated website for IELTS speaking practice. Using this platform regularly for speaking practice, you will have a better understanding of the speaking test format and get ready for the real test. It is also ideal for improving your pronunciation and gaining confidence while speaking. 

It records your answers that you can listen to later to evaluate your pronunciation and find out your mistakes. It also works as physical proof of your improvement. In this IELTS speaking simulator, it covers all three sections of the test to help you get used to it. Speaking9 offers up-to-date questions for the IELTS speaking test. 

Final Words

The ability to speak English fluently and confidently in real-life situations is important for students and professionals. You may speak English with your family and friends, but how good are you according to the international standard?

Here, you can check out some platforms to test your English speaking and know where you stand when it comes to grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. If you are preparing for GMAT, you should also read about the GMAT practice tests.

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