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In Data Management Last updated: May 30, 2023
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Looking for the best enterprise survey software? If yes, you’ve stumbled upon the right webpage.

We live in a world where data is crucial. Having access to the right data can help you understand your business or customers’ needs. This can help you take essential steps to improve your overall customer and employee satisfaction.

Besides that, the right data can also help you improve your product or service quality, predict future trends, and can help you make the right decisions.

However, collecting high-quality data that could actually help isn’t as easy as it sounds.

There have been several surveys that show that the average response rate for surveys ranges between 10-30% – that too, after offering invite incentives and follow-up emails. Some of the observed reasons for this include the length of the survey, unattractive user interface, complex questions, and more.

A good enterprise survey software can actually help you eliminate most of these obstacles and can be a great add-on to improve your data collection strategy.

To help you make the right choice, I have rounded up the best enterprise survey software that can help you collect the highest quality survey data and offer an exceptional survey experience.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

What is Enterprise Survey Software?

Enterprise survey software is a specialized cloud-based solution that allows organizations to create, distribute and analyze surveys and their responses within an organization.

These specialized survey software can be used to receive employee and customer feedback, conduct market research, collect job applications, conduct evaluations, and more.

A good enterprise survey software should be capable of creating multiple types of surveys that would include multiple-choice answers, rating scales, open-ended questions, and more.

Besides that, it should boast multiple distribution channels, response management features, and the ability to integrate with other enterprise software such as CRM, HRMS, and other tools. It should be customizable and capable of managing large amounts of data.

Since you have to consider all these things, finding the right enterprise survey software can be challenging. That’s why I have created this list for you so that you can make the right choice.

Let’s dig in!



SurveySparrow can be a great choice for enterprise survey software for anyone looking for a full-fledged solution that can help them track the entire journey of their customers and give detailed insights to optimize for better results.

Apart from that, you can also use SurveySparrow to collect the organization’s internal data, such as employee assessments and feedback. This tool allows you to schedule survey reports to receive reports directly to your inbox at a configured time.

It is a mobile-first survey software, meaning all the pre-designed templates and custom designs you will make will be optimized for smartphone devices and compatible with multi-device. This ensures that your surveys will be clean and easy to fill for all respondents, irrespective of the device they have.

This enterprise survey software lets you use and white-label your company’s domain. You can also use custom CSS in all pre-designed and custom themes. Both these options ensure that the surveys you take will promote your brand, match your brand identity, and be entirely your own.

SurveySparrow lets you create multiple sub-accounts. These sub-accounts can be used for different teams, users, and more but can be managed under one parent account. You can further manage team visibility and accessibility of surveys using folders and team options.

SurveySparrow also boasts a powerful smart survey option that lets you create surveys based on conditional logic. For example, if the respondent decides to make a payment, the survey will display the payment details. Otherwise, the payment-related information will be hidden.

Besides that, some notable features of SurveySparrow include multiple distribution channels, automated recurring surveys, automated reminder emails, advanced filters and reporting, and more. It also boasts a very easy-to-use interface.

SurveySparrow offers four different plans – Basic starts at $19 a month, Essentials at $49 a month, Business at $99 a month, and Enterprise, for which you need to contact them to get a custom quote. Keep in mind that these price figures only apply if you opt for an annual billing option.


YouTube video

Sogolytics is a set of tools that can help you transform the customer experience of your organization to the next level. This enterprise survey solution is designed for feedback management and therefore helps you with customer experience, employee experience, surveys, assessments, and more.

Sogolytics automates the data collection process, and its powerful analytic tools provide actionable insights into the data, which can help you make informed decisions quickly.

With Sogolytics, you can create premium-looking surveys in no time, thanks to its customizable survey templates. You can also create surveys from scratch if you want.

Some of the best features of Sogolytics survey designer include the following:

  • White label survey feature that lets you use a custom domain, logo, theme, and more to create a seamless brand experience.
  • You can ask respondents to upload audio, video, and images in their survey responses.
  • Its automatic translation feature lets you create multilingual surveys, allowing you to expand your audience demographic.
  • Its anonymous survey feature can help you gain participants’ trust and receive 100% genuine feedback with complete confidentiality.

Besides that, the survey creation tool boasts additional features such as pre-fill known data, matrix grid, net promoter score, drill-down question types, and more. All these features can help you make surveys more intuitive and collect better data.

The Sogolytics toolkit also helps you dive deep into the data you have collected through your surveys. It allows you to understand the survey responses and identify areas where you need to improve.

Another feature of Sogolytics that impressed me greatly is its live data reporting, allowing you to share live reports with your team. This is an amazing feature, especially when working in a large organization. Besides that, all your survey data remains secure and encrypted yet accessible, thanks to its advanced data management tool.

Sogolytics offers four different plans – Plus at $25 a month, Pro at $66 a month, and Premium at $99 a month, whereas, for Enterprise Feedback, you need to request a customized quote. Thankfully, it offers a 10-day free trial that you can use to test its services for free. Note that the pricing mentioned is only applicable if billed annually.



Voxco might be the perfect fit for you if you want to conduct different types of surveys, such as online, telephonic, and face-to-face. That’s because Voxco’s omnichannel survey software allows you to conduct different types of surveys while all your data stays in the same place.

This survey software boasts a wide range of templates designed for different use cases. This allows you to easily find the templates that meet your needs and configure them to make completely your own. The survey templates offered by Voxco are well-designed and highly responsive.

Voxco also boasts survey logic capabilities. It allows respondents to skip any portion of the survey if those sections aren’t applicable to them. Besides, this feature also lets you design surveys with conditional questions.

This tool can help you create multilingual surveys with various question types, such as multiple-choice questions, matrix questions, question banks, and so on. What’s more impressive is that users can submit multimedia files in response to the questions.

However, the thing that impressed me the most about Voxco is its thorough survey reporting and analytics feature. This basically boasts many small tools that can help you with real-time results, response tracking, visualizations, standard and custom reports, and a thorough analytics tool that can be used for statistical analysis, sentiment analytics, cross tabs, and more.

This enterprise survey software further supports CRM and social media integration. And its survey distribution feature includes email distribution, cross-channel distribution, anonymous responses, embedded surveys, and more.

Overall, I’d say Voxco can be a great tool that can meet anyone’s survey needs, and the best part is that they are continuously making positive changes to improve its features and functionalities. Although they lag a bit in the customer support and documentation section, they have made some positive changes in this regard.



QuestionPro is a full-stack online survey solution that can be used for both – collecting online data and performing quantitative and qualitative analysis. Therefore, if your surveys often have open-ended questions, QuestionPro might be a great fit for you.

QuestionPro boasts a collection of 350+ survey templates along with 40+ question types, 15+ conditional and logic types, and various survey reports. All these features can be easily accessed to create different types of surveys, polls, quizzes, tests, and more with the help of its easy-to-use dashboard.

Besides creating various types of surveys, QuestionPro offers a wide range of tools to configure them and make them completely your own. For example, you can configure survey templates to represent your brand using your logo, color themes, fonts, and more.

Once you have created your survey, QuestionPro offers tools to reach out to your respondents from various channels, including social media, emails, SMS, QR codes, and integrated pop-ups. Plus, its offline mobile app lets you collect survey responses from respondents residing in areas with limited internet connectivity.

QuestionPro also supports integrating various third-party applications, including CRMs, productivity tools, marketing automation tools, and more. QuestionPro further sends you real-time reports directly to your dashboard. These reports can help you understand how your survey is performing.

It offers 40+ data reports, allowing you to understand various aspects of your business and make future strategies. Besides that, these reports can be downloaded in various formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, and SPSS. Free users, however, cannot download reports in SPSS format.

However, what impressed me the most about QuestionPro is that it offers a lifetime free plan. Even though you will receive restricted access to the tool, this free plan will be good enough for all basic needs.

The Advanced plan of QuestionPro starts at $99 a month and offers a 10-day free trial, whereas the other two plans, Team Edition and Research Edition, require you to contact their sales team to get a customized offer.



SurveyMonkey is a leading name in the industry when it comes to enterprise survey software. It has served thousands of organizations globally, including Hershey’s, Verizon, HP, Puma, Samsung, and Kellogg’s.

SurveyMonkey is primarily known for its AI-powered tools, which are so easy to use that even a novice can easily create, launch, distribute, and analyze surveys.

It boasts a library of 250+ expert-curated survey templates that you can easily pick and configure as per your needs to make the survey completely yours. Besides that, this tool also recommends different ways you can configure and send your surveys to collect the best responses.

You can also create a survey from scratch, and in that regard, SurveyMonkey’s AI-powered Genius intelligence can be really helpful. When creating a survey, you just need to type your question. And its AI-based intelligence will automatically select the right question type. This AI-based intelligence entirely eliminates the guesswork, giving you more time to focus on the questions you want to ask.

Besides that, this AI-powered algorithm also reviews your survey design and the questions you’ve asked. After analyzing your surveys, this AI gives you an estimated score based on best practices. If it finds any issues, it simply informs you so you can review and fix them.

This algorithm helps you with information related to the estimated success rate, the percentage of respondents that will complete the survey, the approximate time to complete the survey, and more. It further provides you with potential survey errors and ways to fix them.

Overall, it is an excellent enterprise survey software with a great reputation in the market. Its popularity ensures that you will always receive reliable services. With plans starting at just $25/user a month, it is also quite reasonably priced compared to other enterprise survey software in the market.



Typeform is highly versatile data collection software that boasts several essential features for designing impressive forms and crunching the data you collect. This makes it a great choice for people that want to create engaging surveys and collect high-quality data.

It boasts a feature called logic jumps. It lets you create multiple forms in one, and depending on the choices users make, this will take them to the different paths for the remaining survey. The best thing is that you can add as many logic jumps in a survey as you want. It helps you make multiple survey variations specially tailored for individual respondents.

This feature isn’t only good for readers but also for businesses. For example, it allows you to collect high-quality data from specific respondents. Besides that, logic jumps can be used while offering services to clients, offering tailored services from a single form which can result in higher conversion rates.

There is also a huge library of survey templates offered by Typeform that you can use to jumpstart your survey designing process. Its massive library boasts templates designed for business-centric purposes, ranging from surveys and questionnaires to templates for sales, feedback, and events.

You can pick any pre-designed templates from the library that meet your needs. If you can’t find any template matching your survey goals, you can pick any template and customize it how you want. You can also consider starting from scratch, though customizing a pre-designed template would be easier than creating one from scratch.

Besides that, It supports a huge list of extensions that can help you design your surveys with more functionality and collect more data. Some of the most popular integrations include Google Docs, Slack, HubSpot, AirTable, and more.

That said, even though the platform is one of the best enterprise survey software and can easily outperform its competitors, it doesn’t boast the best data analytic options. Therefore, if you want to dive deep into customers’ behavior data or analyze complex data, you should better combine it with any other tool.

The pricing for an annual subscription costs $25 a month for the Basic plan, $50 a month for the Plus plan, and $83 a month for the Business plan. You can basically save 16% if billed annually. Besides that, it also offers a free plan you can easily sign up for and an Enterprise plan for which you need to contact its sales team.

Google Forms


Google Forms is arguably one of the most popular survey and form builders on the internet. The best thing about Google Forms is that this enterprise survey software is completely free and easily available for individuals and businesses with a Google account. Besides that, Google Forms is also available with Google Workspace at no additional cost.

Another good thing about Google Forms is that it comes with a bunch of collaboration tools such as Docs, Sheets, and more. However, Google Forms isn’t as robust as other survey software on the list and therefore is more suited for simple surveys.

Starting with the template library, Google Forms offers 17 pre-designed templates that you can use. These templates are divided into three categories – Personal, Work, and Education. Obviously, the template catalog isn’t as extensive compared to other software on the list.

Google Forms lets you create forms containing different types of questions, such as multiple choice, short and long answer, and drop-down questions. You can also ask to upload files but cannot accept payments, create media-based questions, or create hierarchical menus.

You can, however, create conditional logic-based surveys where logic can be applied to drop-down or multiple-choice questions. The controls for conditional logic are somewhat constrained, especially compared to its competitors.

However, one thing that I really admire about Google Forms is the controls it offers to validate form responses. Google Forms lets you use regular expressions to configure what responses are accepted for those particular questions.

One aspect where Google Forms really struggles is data analysis. It automatically creates charts of the data, but there are not enough controls to filter these charts. Thankfully, all the survey responses you receive can be explored in Google Sheets. Plus, you can configure Google Sheets with pivot tables and data visualizations.

Overall, Google Forms can be a good choice for small to medium-level organizations that mainly want to receive basic survey responses. The features are somewhat limited, and the overall tool isn’t as robust as others, but considering you are paying nothing, it is still a worthy choice.

Microsoft Forms


If you are a Microsoft 365 user, you can consider Microsoft Forms a good option for enterprise survey software. That’s because Microsoft Forms is freely available for Microsoft 365 users with their Office 365 subscription. However, that is also a drawback, as you cannot purchase a subscription for Microsoft Forms separately.

That said, Microsoft Forms is more like a basic form builder that you can use to collect survey responses and feedback. It boasts a decent template library that consists of 36 different templates designed for several business and personal needs, such as feedback surveys, event registration, competitive analysis study, and more.

All these templates are designed and optimized for various types of devices, including smartphones and desktop browsers. Customizing these templates is also a cakewalk and can be done effortlessly without prior knowledge or experience.

However, Microsoft Forms is a fairly basic form builder. Therefore, it lacks many advanced features like conditional logic and third-party integrations. You can, however, add text, ratings, rankings, date, net promoter score, Likert scale, and more to your forms to make them more engaging.

The ease of Microsoft Forms makes it highly intuitive, and since it lacks many advanced features, there aren’t any complicated settings. You can also get in-editor help by simply clicking on the question mark and typing your query. It will show you relevant articles and guides.

Another thing that I liked about Microsoft Forms is the languages it supports. Microsoft Forms currently supports 84 languages, including some of the most obscure ones. However, you can only use up to 11 languages in one form.

If your organization uses Microsoft Suite for Business, Microsoft Forms might be a good option for you. However, you will be restricted to all the basic features and functionalities. If you want to crunch detailed data, you should consider any other enterprise survey software from the list.

How to Select the Best Enterprise Survey Software?

When selecting a good enterprise survey software, there are many things one should consider.

Some of these important considerations are:

  • UI/UX – You should always consider enterprise survey software with good UI/UX, as the user interface heavily influences the usability of the software. In addition, UI/UX also impacts productivity and efficiency and minimizes errors.
  • Features and Functionalities – Before deciding, we recommend you list all the features you want and ensure the enterprise survey software you pick has all those features. Generally, if you have basic needs, Google Forms or Microsoft Forms can be great options. On the other hand, to crunch detailed data, you have options like Typeform, SurveyMonkey, Survey Sparrow, etc.
  • Data Security and Privacy – Data security and privacy are the most important things you should consider, especially when dealing with sensitive user data. Make sure the software you pick takes all essential safety-related precautions while handling your and your respondents’ data.
  • Customer Support – Good customer support can help you with various things, including technical assistance, onboarding and training, and, most importantly, to get expert advice. Therefore, go for survey software that offers reliable customer support.
  • Integration – Integrating tools like social media, CRM, and others into your enterprise survey software can help you with data collection and consolidation, streamline workflow, holistic data analysis, and enhance data accuracy. Therefore, selecting a survey software that supports the integration of tools you often use is always a great choice.

Final Words

There you have it – a detailed article covering the best enterprise survey software on the market.

Before making a choice, I recommend you think about what you need and then pick a tool that meets your needs.

In my recommendation, if you need basic enterprise survey software, you can consider Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. However, if you want to collect more data, you can consider other tools from the list, such as Survey Sparrow, Typeform, Sogolytics, and more. These are great tools for collecting detailed data.

Next, check out online survey apps to earn money.

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