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In Mac Last updated: July 13, 2023
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Book reading has evolved over the years. While people still like to read their favorite titles in paperback/hardbound form, eBooks are slowly becoming the new trend. This gradual shift has its reasons; they are easily portable, cost less, don’t suffer from external damages, and so on.

EPUB is a common format for reading eBooks on different devices. Nonetheless, having an EPUB file is not enough. You need an EPUB reader to open and read it. In this article, we will list some of the best EPUB readers to try this year.


What are EPUB readers?

EPUB (Electronic Publication) is an open eBook format that one can read across various devices, including eBook readers, smartphones, tablets, and computers. EPUB files offer resizable text, meaning you can increase/decrease the size of the text. This can come in handy if your eyes strain while reading tiny texts.

This type of file also comes with improved search capacity. EPUB readers are dedicated applications that are capable of opening .epub files. Another thing worth noting is that while most EPUB readers can open PDF files without any issue, not all PDF readers are capable of opening EPUB files. Thus, if you are still using a PDF reader, you’ll have to first convert the file from EPUB to PDF to read it.

Why do we use EPUB readers?

We use EPUB readers for various reasons. Here are some of them:

  • EPUB readers are capable of opening EPUB files. They are dedicated apps designed for easy reading and editing of such files.
  • Unlike PDF files, EPUB files have reflowable texts. Therefore, when you open an EPUB file using an EPUB reader, the texts adapt themselves to fit your screen size and device orientation.

The users also become able to customize the EPUB file (change font size, line spacing, etc.) to best suit their needs.

Features to look for while choosing an EPUB reader

There are a lot of EPUB reader applications out there today. Nonetheless, not all of them are equally efficient. That is why it is important to see if an EPUB reader contains the following features to determine whether it is a good choice:

#1. Intuitive UI

The EPUB reader should have a simple, intuitive UI so that users don’t get confused and are capable of using the app without trouble.

#2. Offline reading

The application should come with an offline feature. Without this, you would not be able to download a book and read/listen to it later when an internet connection is unavailable.

#3. Annotation

If you can’t mark/highlight certain parts of a book or take notes, the app is not worth your time. Remember, a good EPUB reader must contain a good annotation facility.

#4. Customization

Your EPUB reader app should have rich customization features, like font increase/decrease, background color change, brightness slider, etc., to give you an optimum reading experience.

#5. Synchronization

The app should sync all your EPUB files across multiple devices so that you never lose your progress.

Thus, if you are a serious reader using an EPUB reader will surely make the reading experience more accessible, convenient, and comfortable on your device. The demand for EPUB readers is on the rise as people prefer ebooks to paperbacks; hence, there are many EPUB readers for Android.

However, iOS users don’t fret! Let us now take a look at some of the best options to consider for a rich EPUB reading experience on your iOS:

Apple Books

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Apple Books is Apple’s own EPUB reader that lets you open .epub files and immerse yourself in your favorite book. Some of the best features of this app include audiobooks, Book Store, iCloud access, and more.

Users can also find free samples to read and then decide whether they want to purchase that particular book or not. Sometimes you get the samples even before they are obtainable anywhere else.

You can also customize your reading experience by selecting fonts, choosing themes, or adjusting the brightness.

Currently, Apple Books is available to download for free on the App Store.

KyBook 3


KyBook 3 is a great choice for reading and cataloging your favorite eBooks that give readers access to a huge collection of downloadable free eBooks via OPDS-catalogs support. Some of its key features are a comfortable reading mode, a handy cataloguer, robust annotations, all major eBook format support, cloud storage, and many more.

KyBook 3 is also optimized for large books. Plus, it comes with text-to-speech technology, which adds to the convenience.

At present, KyBook 3 Ebook Reader is free to download and has in-app purchases.

Epub Reader


Epub Reader gives you a smooth eBook experience and supports various file formats. You can change the font size, choose various background colors, see the Table of Contents, add bookmarks for easier finding, etc.

Besides, you can annotate your EPUB file and add new files using your desktop browser or iTunes file share. Epub Reader can even open compressed package formats, such as .zip, .rar, .7zip, .tar, .cbr, and more.

While the free version of Epub Reader – read epub, chm, txt works just fine; you can get more features by opting for in-app purchases.



tiReader is a great way to read eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and more with ease. It gives you access to over 1,000,000 free eBooks via OPDS catalogs and calibre servers.

Key features of tiReader include customizable eBook and folder structure, multicolor bookmarks and annotations, numerous themes, cloud storage, simultaneous opening of multiple docs, and so on. Also, you can sync your files across your devices.

tiReader has a free version with limited features. To unlock all features, you have to make in-app purchases.



Using FBReader, you can open EPUB, FB2, and other popular eBook formats. It offers numerous features, such as day and night modes, OPDS catalog support, a robust catalog browser, advanced navigation features, and many more. You can integrate your app with cloud storage and even sync your books across devices.

FBReader has a free version that comes with limited features. To unlock its fullest potential, you have to purchase the full edition.

Amazon Kindle

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Amazon Kindle is a popular eBook reader that helps you go beyond paper. You can customize fonts, look up words, bookmark, zoom in on HD images, etc.

Also, you can effortlessly switch from your Kindle book to an Audible book when you can’t read right within the app itself. Kindle synchronizes all your books across devices.

So, you can start from where you left off, no matter which device you’re on. Besides, you can track your reading progress.

Amazon Kindle is a free app but offers in-app purchases.

PocketBook Reader


PocketBook Reader can be your ideal choice for reading all kinds of e-content, such as books, comics, magazines, etc. Also, PocketBook lets you listen to your audiobooks when you are performing some task and have no time to read.

Multiple format support, PDF reflow, DRM-protected book support, OPDS catalogs, ISBN scanner, etc., are some of its features.

Besides buying, users have the opportunity to borrow books and periodicals as well. Interestingly, you can connect PocketBook Reader to Dropbox or Google Books to make one single, consolidated library.

As of now, PocketBook Reader is available to install free of cost on the App Store and offers in-app purchases.



Scribd – audiobooks & ebooks is a perfect choice for all eBook enthusiasts. Scribd’s digital library consists of tons of eBooks, magazines, articles, audiobooks, research papers, etc. It also has podcasts and sheet music selections.

No matter what you read or listen to on the Scribd app, it gets synced across all your devices. The top features of Scribd include notes and annotations, font size/type/background color customization, sleep timer, narration speed change, offline audiobooks, and more.

Although Scribd is free to download, use all its features and download files by opting for a Scribd membership.

Google Play


Google Play Books & Audiobooks lets you read eBooks on your iOS device and have a smooth reading experience. It is a good choice for reading books, comics, etc. and listening to audiobooks even when you are offline.

Google Play Books empowers you to start exactly from where you left off across your devices. You can preview samples from its huge catalog and even take notes that synchronize with your Google Drive. Therefore, you can easily share the notes you take with others and start collaborating.

At present, you can read or listen to any book for free and without any monthly subscription.

EPUB readers for iOS – which one’s yours?

Only a true reader knows the pleasure of a good book to while away time or escape to another land entirely. With EPUB readers, you need not worry about whether you are carrying your favorite book or what’ll you do after you finish reading it. With a simple tap on the screen, you’ll have limitless reading possibilities before you like a veritable digital library of sorts!

Now that you know about these wonderful, feature-heavy EPUB readers, don’t wait any longer. Install them today and dive deeper into the mesmerizing ocean of eBooks, and if you want to merely sit back, relax and read, try audiobooks instead! Either way, happy reading! 📖

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