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A robust, functional, easy-to-use online proctoring software ensures students or candidates follow the best practices during online tests.

Remote assessment practices are growing globally since more schools, universities, and businesses are shifting to the online evaluation of students or job applicants. However, efficient proctoring has always been the top concern for the evaluating bodies.

A tamper-proof and resilient online proctoring software is the solution for virtual tests and assessments.

What Is Online Proctoring in Exams?

What is Online Proctoring

Online proctoring is a technology to ensure exam integrity in virtual setups when the students or candidates attend an exam virtually. Online invigilating could consist of several measures to keep the assessment fraud-proof.

For example, a supervisor or teacher observes all the candidates through webcams. Other more effective measures are as follows:

  • Monitoring the voice input and output of the candidate’s device
  • Blocking all website accesses from the exam device
  • Recording the webcam view and monitoring the feed later

Advanced online proctoring tools use human and AI inputs to make it unbeatable.

Why Do You Need Online Proctoring?

What Are The benefits of Online Proctoring Software

Online proctoring tools are indispensable for virtual education, certifications, job interview assessments, or employee training. All institutions and businesses use a virtual invigilating tool for the following reasons:

  • Stopping candidates from accessing external online resources during assessments
  • One proctoring software can cater to different types of exams and tests
  • Verifying the identity of the candidate
  • Reduces workforce requirement in online testing centers
  • Effortless scale up and scale down options
  • Video archives help to resolve any dispute that could arise in future
  • Data analytics from proctoring tools assist in understanding learner’s behavior
  • Distant learning program students can appear for exams anytime

Online invigilating tools are immensely helpful to sustain the global adoption of virtual and online learning.

Since the demand for virtual learning is increasing, so do the requirement of trusted online proctoring software for assessing the learners. Find below the ultimate list of the top 15 online proctoring tools fit for any online assessments:


Proctortrack is a popular name for invigilating online tests. It comes with five different types of exam supervision tools. Hence, it is easy for schools, universities, test centers, and companies to choose the package they need.

The candidates need to download the Proctortrack software to take the test after verifying their identity. The identity verification process includes scanning the face, a valid ID, and knuckles.

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On the other hand, the proctors need to activate online proctoring for the test from their accounts. Instructors also need to set up the proctoring restrictions to meet the required standards.

Proctortrack uses an AI program to process the recorded feed and device activity once the exam is concluded. Such processed data automatically appears on the instructor’s dashboard for manual review.

Mercer Mettl

Mettl from Mercer is another big name in the space of online proctoring products and services. It offers proctoring as a service or a test platform along with a remote proctoring service.

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Its proctoring system includes AI programming and human-based review to beat every possible deceiving tactic during an online exam. Followings are the proctoring technologies that the tool uses:

  • AI-based automatic monitoring
  • Human proctors for high profile assessments
  • Reviewing a recorded session

In a nutshell, the Mettl proctoring AI observes and flags unusual activities like candidate’s ID mismatch, student not present, presence of devices, or external human voice. Accordingly, AI also records such incidences and creates a report for the human auditor.

Talview Proview

Talview Proview Proctoring is also an AI-based software. The tool is renowned for cognitive remote proctoring. Many businesses and enterprises use this tool for job applicant screening through online tests.

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Its automated proctoring service utilizes various digital means to deter applicants from fraudulent activities during the test. Its AI flags malicious activities and candidate impersonation in real-time. It also provides a safe browser for tests so that candidates can not resort to any external help materials.

During the test, the tool facilitates live monitoring randomly and prevents the candidates from taking advantage of the system. Moreover, a face recognition system keeps auditing the test taker. Talview also offers human monitoring in addition to AI proctoring for extra security and real-time intervention.


ProctorExam is a fully customizable protecting tool for Higher Education, Corporate Certification, and language certification. Institutions, corporations, or instructors can personalize the proctoring settings at granular levels to meet specific exam standards.

ProctorExam uses both computer and smartphone to offer a 360° view of the test-takers environment. The tool also uses webcams and microphones to ensure complete security during remote examination sessions.

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A test instructor can let the applicant open a web browser or use calculators if they think it is necessary. ProctorExam’s programming will automatically factor in such admissible equipment when making a detailed report after the exam.

The online proctoring software offers multiple exam monitoring options like record and review, live monitoring, and integrating with a learning management system (LMS).


Another trusted name in virtual proctoring is ProctorEdu live proctoring services. If your high-stakes tests need live proctoring at scale, you should try this tool. It offers multimedia and remote collaboration technologies so that your proctors can intervene when needed.

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You can assign a set of proctors for exam events. The system will randomly assign proctors to mitigate any bias. ProctorEdu’s tool will assist the proctor to monitor up to 30 students and flagging any fraudulent activities in real-time. Proctors can interact with students via chat, video, and audio when students need any clarification.

The tool does not need any software installation. Moreover, it uses the smartphone of the candidate to produce a 360° view around the candidate. Finally, it also sends a credibility report once the exam concludes.


Yet another highly acclaimed proctoring tool is MapleLMS. It can assist you in monitoring up to 100,000 candidates in a single exam setup. It employs advanced proctoring workflows like AI-powered monitoring, human-led proctoring, and record & review.

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MapleLMS activates a Monitor AI program during the assessment session. Once active, it observes face, motion, keyboard activities, device activities, and mouse movements. Hence, it can generate a clearance report automatically without distracting the test-takers.

It also intermittently collects data on the candidate, such as random facial recognition, the candidate’s face missing, hiding the camera, multiple faces, browser activities, etc. On the contrary, the live proctoring process relies on resources like live video, audio, and screen activities to prevent the students from cheating.


ExamRoom.AI offers you value-based online proctoring services. Thus, if your requirement is for fewer students, you pay less, and when your need grows, you can scale up your subscription accordingly.

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Its live proctoring service lets you run assessments under the supervision of ExamRoom.AI’s proctors. For live sessions, you can request 6:1 or 1:1 proctoring, depending on the exam portfolio. You can also barge in anytime to audit whether the third-party proctors are following the rules or not.

ExamRoom.AI also offers recorded and review proctoring through its advanced proctoring software. In both services, AI monitors the test sessions and flags fraudulent activities with time stamps and visual evidence.

Test Invite

If you wish to run exams using proctoring software and a cheat-proof browser, you should try Test Invite. It offers stringent proctoring through various strategies, like:

TestInvite Proctoring Software
  • Lock-down browser
  • Randomized questions
  • Real-time candidate monitoring
  • Recording webcam feed
  • Recording the device screen
  • Time limiting of tests
  • Restrictions on navigating backward or forward
  • Validating the candidate with PIN code, student ID, invitation code, etc.

The tool also lets you create a team of proctors and randomly assign them students or candidates. Thus, you can ensure that there is no bias from the proctor’s end.

When students log on for the tests, their devices will not let them move to any other pages/windows because Test Invite runs on a safe browser.


Another popular tool for virtual proctoring in recruitment, internal assessment, online education, and corporate training is Examus Proctoring Software.

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Like the other tools mentioned above, it also uses a blend of AI and human-led proctoring for maximum security. Some of the proctoring technology that the tool applies are:

  • Candidate facial recognition
  • Reading the test-takers emotional status
  • Detecting and flagging events when candidates gaze at cheating materials
  • Detects tab changes
  • Immediately detects any strangers nearby
  • Detects device audio input and output
  • Alerts the proctor or flags the time stamp if the candidate is absent

The tool also offers multiple deployment options like customer infrastructure, cloud server, or Examus cloud server.


If you want a smooth exam experience for the candidates and an easy-to-understand proctoring interface for the instructors, give Honorlock a try. In addition to identifying cheating, it also brings confidence, integrity, and success for the students.

Honorlock Proctoring Software

Honorlock’s cloud proctoring software is somewhat different than its competitors. It follows a non-invasive proctoring policy and technology so that students do not get overwhelmed during the assessment.

For example, they can simply verify their student ID to log in and start answering questions. All of the proctoring tasks happen in the background. AI program and live test proctors monitor the exam sessions.

When AI flags any illicit exam content, barred activities on the device, or unusual activities from the candidate, it informs the proctor for real-time intervention.


If you want to enhance the reputation of your online learning platform by implementing stringent online proctoring, you can check out Proctorio. All the collected data stays encrypted and only shared between the test-taker and the institution.

Proctorio deploys a robust toolbox into your assessment or LMS tool. It consists of proctoring algorithm, candidate identity verification system, content protection, and plagiarism detection.

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It ensures that the candidate does not leak the test content in the public domains by protecting the entire test screen from copying. Also, it goes through the candidates’ content to verify originality.

The proctoring software also blocks reentry into the assessment. Thus, candidates can not switch seats with someone else after the identity verification phase.


ExamSoft ExamMonitor is a reliable tool if you want to defeat academic dishonesty and cheating in your institution, testing center, or corporate training sessions. It utilizes advanced audio and video monitoring technologies to render online proctoring.

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The tool is virtually compatible with any modern computer like laptops, desktops, Chromeboxes, iPads, etc. It monitors exams and tests by combining the following processes in one place:

  • AI detecting abnormal behavior
  • Webcam observes the candidate for absence, unusual movements, and gazing
  • Device microphone monitors ambient sound
  • Screen monitoring and recording
  • Requires internet only for logging in and uploading exam data

ExamMonitor also employs professional invigilators who review the exam data and flag any cheating attempts by the candidates.


You can try SpeedExam for effortless and cheat-proof online recruitment, assessment, certification, and selection. It is also suitable for solo-learning content creators who sell certification courses online.

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This online proctoring software uses the following strategies to ensure exam integrity:

  • Security for exam and candidate data
  • Online proctoring with the help of an AI
  • The client can chat with candidates in real-time
  • Exam monitor

SpeedExam Ai is powerful enough to detect side face, strangers, candidate’s absence, unusual activities, device activities, and so on. It can also cut off the test-taker from the session when fraudulent activities go beyond the tolerance level.


MeritTrac remote proctoring tools are suitable for the government, corporate, and education sectors. You can also get their assessment solution along with the proctoring services.

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It has three different invigilating strategies: live online proctoring, recorded proctoring, and automated proctoring. They ensure test integrity by monitoring candidates’ movements, device activities, mouse movements, browser activities, etc.

The platform offers easy integration with external LMS tools to set it up with your in-house assessment software. Moreover, its proctoring solution also works offline.

Conclusion 🖥️

The tools mentioned above offer the best possible features to secure any assessment or exams that you want to run online. Now that you know their functionalities and features, it will be easier to choose the best online proctoring software, which should meet your institution’s remote assessment requirements.

Most of these cloud-based tools work on Google Chrome web browsers. If you need to speed up the Chrome browser, try to reduce Google Chrome memory usage.

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