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Since Facebook has become a fruitful platform for marketers and companies to run ads, it is crucial to focus on Facebook ad optimization.

In modern-day digital marketing strategy, social media has become an essential component. Being the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook is also the favorite social channel marketers use to promote their products and brand.

There is no better option than to use Facebook ad optimization tools to get the best results by investing the least time.

Here, we will talk about the importance of running Facebook ads in the present time and the challenges one might face doing it. This article will also discuss how campaign optimizers can help and the top tools to optimize Facebook ads.

What are the Facebook Ads, and Why Do Companies Run These?

If you use Facebook, the ads you see in your newsfeed are called Facebook ads. It is an efficient and convincing mode of putting your brand or product in front of the target audience.

Here are some examples of Facebook ads you might have seen on your feed. They can be identified by ‘Sponsored’ mentioned below their name.

Facebook-ad-exampleFacebook ad example

Social media is a mandatory part of our digital life. So, it is no wonder that companies and marketers use the highly popular social platform Facebook to reach maximum audiences.

Facebook lets you optimize Facebook ads and make them visible to potential customers. That’s why every company doing digital marketing allocates a part of its budget for Facebook ads.

Challenges of Running Facebook Ad Campaigns

Though almost every company is running campaigns on Facebook, it might not be easy for you. Whether you run the ads personally or hired a marketing agency to do it on your behalf, these are some issues one might face while running Facebook ads.

#1. Not Having Enough Time ⌛

If you are running ads for your company and handling other responsibilities side by side, you might not give it sufficient dedicated time. As a result, organizations often end up running inefficient campaigns.

#2. Misunderstanding Facebook Ad Guideline

Running Facebook ads means following Facebook rules. Many companies fail to clearly understand these rules, and as a result, Facebook rejects its ads.

#3. Not Performing A/B Testing

Ads require A/B testing before running on Facebook to offer you the best results. Companies managing their own Facebook ads find it difficult to perform these tests.

#4. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Making the Facebook ad reach the right people is the biggest challenge marketers face. Setting the right parameters for the audience is necessary, and it requires expertise on behalf of the companies.

#5. Not Tracking Ad Analytics

Many companies fail to realize the importance of tracking ad response data such as conversion and click-through rates. Without analytics data of the current campaign, it becomes difficult to make

What Is an Ad Optimization Tool?

Facebook ad optimization tools are solutions that offer a helping hand to you in managing your ads and campaigns. They not only optimize Facebook ads but also create and analyze the results for you.

Importance of Ad Optimization Tools

#1. Balance Your Cost and Budget

If you find it hard to get the desired result by sticking to your budget, Facebook optimization tools can help you. These keep your campaign cost low while ensuring you great results

#2. Ensure the Right Audience Reach

With the help of these tools, you can categorize the customers using location, age, behavior, language, demography, and other traits. Thus, targeting the right audience will be easier.

#3. Get Analytics Reports

The performance of your campaign plays a significant role in determining the next campaign policy. These ad solutions also offer you analytics reports to visualize ad performance.

#4. Help you Win Ad Bids

Facebook optimization tools perform A/B testing to help you get a higher Facebook ads relevance score. Thus, you can win a bidding auction by outdoing your competitors.

#5. Avoid People Getting Bored of Your Ads

Showing your ads too frequently will make the audience bored of your ads, and soon, they will not even notice them when shown. You can avoid this situation by optimizing the campaign with these tools.

Let’s now look at the best Facebook Ad Optimization tools.


Businesses looking for time-effective Facebook ad optimization should go for Revealbot. This tool helps you seamlessly manage the ad campaign and automate its strategies for better ROAS.

It comes with a more flexible automation constructor compared to the native automation rule of Facebook. Now, you need to spend less time managing the campaign as Revealbot will take care of the implementation of your Facebook ad management strategies.

You can also turn on the notification, which will alert you if any triggered actions or errors occur. The tool also allows you to create bulk ads and find the winner with A/B testing.


WASK is a great digital ads management tool that allows digital advertisers to manage and optimize their ads professionally with smart features such as smart optimization, competitor analysis, auto comment manage, design tool, smart audience tool, and much more.

WASK smart optimization tool is very useful for Facebook Ads Optimization. You can optimize your underperforming ads with WASK easily and compare the results.

WASK automatically recognizes every metric, including ad placements, demographic data, target audience, geography, advertising strategy, conversions, and costs, so it enables you to reach a more successful target audience.

With WASK, you can design your ad images with hundreds of ready-made templates, add your competitor to WASK and get detailed information about your competitors, and with other smart features of WASK, you can manage your all ad management process easily.

In short, WASK is a great choice for managing your digital ads professionally with its smart features.


Madgicx is a robust option for Facebook ad optimization that uses AI-powered technology. It is an omnichannel advertising platform that also supports Facebook ad automation.

Thanks to its 100+ audience targeting options, companies can create a personalized advertising strategy for all stages of the funnel. This platform also analyzes your ad performances on different data points using the creative intelligence feature.

As a result, you can efficiently target the right audience category. Moreover, you can optimize ads with this tool to incrementally increase your company’s ROI by spending less on Facebook ads.


Now, locating the right audience for your Facebook ads is easy. Use AdEspresso and let it perform split testing on your behalf and optimize the ads accordingly. You can utilize this platform to create all types of ad campaigns and manage them.

After running the campaign, companies can also analyze them to get data-focused insights. Besides the web version, the analytics reports are available in PDF and Excel spreadsheets. You can also email them easily to stakeholders.

Additionally, it supports collaboration so you can work with your team to run successful ad campaigns.


If you are into lead generation for your business, Driftrock can help you to optimize Facebook ads. It also lets you extend your email advertising to Facebook by including email CRM activities in social media campaigns. This approach can increase conversion rates manifold.

You can also track a lead till the conversion using this platform. All you have to do is connect your CRM and configure the conversion touchpoints. Some of its other features are the exclusion of audiences update, look-alike audiences, and automatic removal of unsubscribed audiences.


SharpSpring provides you with a one-stop solution for all Facebook retargeting ad needs. This easy-to-set-up tool lets you manage all retargeting ads from one platform and get instant results.

Using its Identity Graph feature, companies can target potential customers across devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile.) The platform updates crucial analytics data every 2 hours, so you can always stay up-to-date on the impact of ad campaigns.

Also, it supports dynamic retargeting that increases your revenue and outperforms awareness ads.


TapClicks is an automated marketing operation solution that helps you make data-driven smart decisions. Using this tool for managing Facebook Ads, you can drive more online sales and improve brand awareness.

For Facebook ads, it offers two connectors named TapOrders and TapWorkflow. It is also possible to monitor Facebook ad campaign performance and get valuable insights by integrating Facebook Ads into the TapAnalytics dashboard.

You can also group view the data or perform complex visualization as your choice. With the granular data view, you can understand all aspects of your campaign performance.


If you belong to the eCommerce industry, you can use AdRoll to optimize Facebook ads. It lets you launch different social media ads and emails from one platform. Businesses can use this platform to run retargeting ads, brand awareness ads, and social campaigns.

AdRoll uses AI and Machine Learning to show your ads to the right audience so you can get a better conversion rate. For holistic review, it lets you import campaigns and old data from Facebook. Its campaign analytics and insights are also helpful in finding out the right place to invest.


Replug is a tool that lets you boost your conversions through targeted remarketing ads on different social platforms, including Facebook. Using pop-up widgets and CTA links, the tool attracts more audiences to your social channel and website.

Using this Facebook ad optimization tool, companies can create branded short links for their business and its subsidiaries. It will help avoid complex spreadsheets and control all your links from one arena for brand advertisement.

Moreover, Replug offers you analytics data on Facebook ad retargeting campaigns, including clicks, unique clicks, and conversion rates. Using these, you can make informed business decisions.

Wrapping Up

Facebook ad optimization plays a key role in targeting the right audience and helping you achieve the desired business growth. With the tools mentioned above, digital marketers can get the result they want from campaigns using less time and manual effort.

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