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How to find Which CDN is Used in a Website?

How to find Which CDN is Used in a Website?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is one of the essential performance optimization components for any website. It accelerates the content delivery by serving the request from nearest locations of the users.

One of the frequent questions I receive is how to find out what CDN is used on a particular site?

We all love curiosity. Isn’t it?

Previously, I wrote about how to find the technologies being used on a site and in this post, I’ll explain how to check the CDN.

There are two possible ways, so choose your preference.

Using Online Tools

Probably the quickest way to find is by using the tools. The following tools where you enter the domain name, and it gives you the CDN provider name.

1. CDN Finder

CDN Finder by CDN Planet give you which provider is being used on an entire website or particular domain name.

In below lookup result, you can see it has correctly found that is using Cloudflare.

Easy, isn’t it?

2. What’s My CDN?

If you are using Multi-CDN strategies and would like to know which one is being used by region or country then What’s My CDN would be useful.

In case you are not aware, Multi CDN is a concent which allows you to use fastest CDN provider based on the location for optimal performance.

What’s My CDN let you choose where to test from. Below example is from North America.

As you can see it has looked up all the domain used to load the website and mapped with their respective CDN provider.


If above tools don’t give you the results, then you can find it manually. It requires a little bit of efforts, but you will get it.

First, you need to find out the IP address of the domain. You can use any of the following tools to get the IP address.

Ex: I got as A record of

Next, you need to find the IP owner with online tools.


As you can see, the IP is owned by Cloudflare.

I hope this quick instruction help you to check CDN of any site for your research.

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