Cloudflare is one of the fastest-growing CDN providers, which has free and premium service to accelerate, optimize & secure websites.

Millions of web properties powered by Cloudflare and I use their service too. If you are already using Cloudflare, then you might have noticed IP address in DNS lookup get reflected with Cloudflare.

Ex –

Cloudflare powers, and when I do a DNS lookup, I get IP address, which is owned by Cloudflare.


There is no way in DNS lookup you will get the actual IP where your website is hosted. This is good in one way that Cloudflare protects it.

However, if you are doing some research on your competitor or just curious to find out actual IP, then it becomes difficult. But not to worry anymore, lately, I found an online tool, which actually reveals a real IP address.

Yes, you heard it right. There is a tool you can use to uncover the real (origin IP).


Crimeflare, I don’t know how but it works. Here is what I got for (, where I am hosting.


To find out the real IP of the website not using Cloudflare, you may refer here.

What’s next?

If you are a site owner and concerned about protecting the origin server, then you should consider using Cloudflare Argo Tunnel as explained here.