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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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All display devices constitute thousands or millions of pixels. These pixels are in charge of changing colors according to the projected image. However, a pixel can sometimes die or get stuck, leaving a dark or a permanent colored spot on your display. Let’s see how to fix them.

What are Dead or Stuck Pixels?

Dead and Stuck Pixels

Any fixed spot on display usually points to dead or stuck pixels. They are pretty harmless and are not always permanent. This hardware problem is caused by compatibility issues with some software applications, technical errors, or manufacturing defects. A stuck pixel is either green, red, or blue. A dead pixel, however, is always black. Let’s see how to check for dead pixels. 

How to locate dead pixels

Dead Pixel Test

Run a simple test online to locate dead or stuck pixels. There are many pixel checker apps available for Android and iOS as well. Other than that, you can even install any one of the tools mentioned below. They detect and repair stuck or dead pixels. 

How are dead/stuck pixels an issue for the users?

Even if the stuck or dead pixels are sitting somewhere in a corner, they still manage to grab all the user’s attention. They can be distracting and take away focus. However, they can also point to a more serious problem like monitor failure. 

How to manually fix stuck pixels

When no other tools can resolve dead or stuck pixels, then the user can try to fix this issue manually. Here’s a step-by-step process to make it happen.

Manually Fix Dead Pixels
  • Shut down the monitor
  • Take a damp cloth to avoid scratching the screen.
  • Now, put pressure on the area where the stuck pixel is located
  • Avoid putting pressure anywhere else as it may trigger the creation of more stuck pixels
  • Keep on maintaining the pressure and turn on the computer
  • Now, remove the pressure. The stuck pixel might be gone.

Why might this work? The liquid in sub-pixels of stuck pixels might not have spread evenly, and when you apply pressure, the liquid is forced out. When pressure is released, the liquid is pushed in. Hence, spreading it around as evenly as possible. This is how you can manually fix dead/stuck pixels.

Will dead pixels go away or spread?

No, dead pixels do not commonly spread. However, if they do spread, you need to either replace the screen or hire a specialist. There are high chances that those portions are permanently malfunctioned and do not go away with time. 

What causes dead pixels?

The most common cause is a manufacturing defect. But any physical damage to the display device can also cause damage to one or more pixels of your laptop or PC’s screen. 

Now, let us look through some useful tools to fix dead or stuck pixels on your Windows PC.


JScreenFix repairs stuck pixels within 10 minutes on most screens like LCD, OLED, mobile, or tablet. You need not install anything as JScreenFix uses HTML5 and JavaScript in the web browser. It is easy to use and free of charge.


Click ‘Launch JScreenFix,’ and a black window will open with a square of flashing pixels. You need to drag the pixel fixer over the stuck pixel and leave it running for at least 10 minutes. Finally, the JScreenFix Technology fixing algorithm will take care of the dead pixel and fix it. Till now, this tool has been applied to millions of screens and is the most effective software solution for repairing defective pixels.

Aurelitec PixelHealer

Aurelitec PixelHealer fixes dead, stuck, or hot pixels. You can run or install it for free. It detects these problematic pixels through InjuredPixels portable app. PixelHealer uses the tested concept of flashing RGB colors over a stuck or dead pixel and helps to revive it.

Aurelitec PixelHealer

You can take the help of your mouse to resize or move the flashing window. Other than that, you can even use the intuitive settings to change the flashing colors or intervals. Moreover, the great thing about PixelHealer is that it performs its duty even without installation. It is a user-friendly and money-saving solution for users. 

Pixel Doctor Pro

Pixel Doctor Pro checks if the device has any dead pixels or screen burn and attempts to fix any issues. It is a paid app for Android. To install Pixel Doctor Pro on an Android device, click the green “Continue To App” button to start the installation process. 

Pixel Doctor Pro

The application attempts to fix dead pixels and screen burn by cycling a specific color sequence on display, exercising all pixels’ minimum and maximum RGB values. The application also runs in full-screen mode, so every pixel is included, unlike some other apps on the market. 

Filehorse Pixel Repair

Filehorse Pixel Repair tool can detect and fix stuck pixels on flat LCD screens. You can use the dead pixel locator section on Pixel Fixer to look for dead or stuck pixels. After locating stuck pixels, try to repair them with this tool. Set the color mode in the software, press ‘Go’, and place the flashing window over the stuck pixel.

Filehorse Pixel Repair

This tool only helps to repair stuck pixels and no dead pixels. It is a free software. In addition, you can control the speed of the flashy window as well as a color mode can also be selected in the software. It’s only a 2 MB file, so it’s pretty easy to download this software, and if it does not work for your system, you can easily delete the software in seconds.

Dead Pixel

Dead Pixel by Adriano Alfaro helps the user identify the precise location of the pixel asleep. It tries to awaken stuck pixels. This tool is available on PC and mobile devices. You need to click anywhere on the screen to change the background color. It identifies the exact location of the pixel asleep.

Dead Pixel

Later on, you need to drag the square from the center screen to the defective pixel area. After that, tap it to start the flashing that will awaken the pixel. It needs at least 20 minutes to recover dead pixels. If it is not fixed within this duration, you may assume it can’t be fixed.

Rizonesoft Pixel Repair 

Rizonesoft Pixel Repair is a tool that can detect and fix stuck pixels on flat LCD screens. This tool allows you to choose any color to incorporate on the screen. It has configuration settings that provide options for other functions for pixels.

Rizonesoft Pixel Repair 

However, Rionesoft Pixel Repair has a limitation. It can only repair stuck pixels and cannot help the user with dead pixels. The software can run on any Windows OS, including Windows 7. It is licensed software and is free to download. This one-window interface takes care of everything and is easy to use. 


It is easy to detect stuck or deal pixels with the help of some online monitoring tests or third-party apps and tools. This article has discussed some of the best tools to help you out. If they don’t work, you can try to manually fix stuck pixels by following the manual fixing guidelines mentioned above. If none of these work, it may be time to take your device to a hardware engineer.

You may also check out some of these Android and iOS repair software.

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