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Data is the biggest asset for companies. Data Entry Operators can carry out the work to store all the collected data in required formats.

Data is available in huge amounts, but there is no proper administration visible at every place.

To manage data effectively, it is necessary to hire data entry operators for your company. You can take your business to new heights with the help of insights from the available data. You only need to segregate the data right and generate actionable insights.

Earlier, data was only available in paper format as everything was manual. Now, everything has become digital, and data is also available in digital formats. All the data you have can be compiled and stored in the right way at a single place by data entry operators.

Let us understand a bit more about the role of a data entry operator.

What is the work of Data Entry Operators?

Data Entry Operators input all the available data into computers for processing, management, and report production. The data inputs need to be precise and accurate.

A single company might collect data from multiple sources. So, the work of a data entry operator is to collect all the data and input it into the system. Now, this data will be processed for generating insights.

Some of the tasks that you need to carry out as a data entry operator are:

  • Processing and sorting the files that are ready for data entry
  • Entering data into spreadsheets or databases, while also monitoring the accuracy of data
  • Resolving data discrepancies and obtaining information for missing data
  • Creating backups for available data
  • Exploring different data entry strategies and tools to enhance the process
  • Creating reports for generating actionable insights based on the available data

So, these are some of the duties that you need to take care of as a data entry operator.

The best thing about this job is that no prior knowledge or educational qualification is required. You can directly learn on the job.

If you possess a degree in Business Administration or Computer field, then that’s considered to be a plus point. Even if you don’t have any formal education, you can still become a data entry operator.

Why consider hiring a Freelance Data Entry Operator over a Full-time Employee?

Data Entry is another job where companies prefer freelancers to full-time employees. If your company is also looking for data entry operators, you should consider hiring freelancers.

The main reason behind hiring freelancers over full-time data entry operators is that you can save plenty of resources for your company.

Data Entry is not really a tough job. Anyone with the basic knowledge and learning can do it well for you. So, it’s not worth it to spend too much on full-time data entry operators. Instead, you can hire freelancers from different platforms to do the work for your company.

You only need to explain the task to them, and it’ll be done. You can ask that particular freelancer if they wish to work with your company on a long-term basis as a freelancer. This will save up to 50% of your company’s resources.

Now, you might be clear why it is good to hire freelancers over full-time data entry operators.

You might be thinking about where to get quality freelancers. There is no need to worry about it because there are plenty of platforms to hire the best data entry operators.

Let us look through some of the widely used platforms over here.


When it comes to hiring freelancers for any purpose, Upwork is every company’s first choice. This is because Upwork has managed to create a name for itself. If you wish to hire a freelance data entry operator for the long term, this is an excellent platform for finding the right talent.

You will see plenty of freelancers with their per-hour charges. So, you can create a plan and see how many estimated hours it might take for anyone to do your work. Based on your budget and requirements, you can choose any freelancer that possesses all the skills you need.

The best thing about Upwork is that you can review every freelancer’s work before hiring them by going through their portfolio. This will help you hire only the right candidate. On top of that, Upwork will also make invoicing and reporting work simpler for you.


Fiverr is a pretty easy-to-use platform for everyone. When you are hiring a freelance data entry operator, you will find it pretty easy to compare among different freelancers because of the level system on Fiverr.

Fiverr categorizes its service providers based on levels and even titles someone as “Top Rated Seller” based on their reviews. So, this just makes the process a bit simpler for you. You can easily look through every freelancer’s reviews to talk with only the deserving ones.

On Fiverr, you will find one person offering different packages. So, you can decide for yourself based on your company requirements. You will be able to build trust in any freelancer’s service by going through all the reviews and testimonials of previous clients.


You don’t need to sit and do the data entry work yourself because you can hire high-quality data entry operators from Freelancer.

You only need to put up a project on Freelancer with all the requirements mentioned in it. Freelancers will bid on the project, and you have to go through all the bids to find the right person for your job. You should not always go for a freelancer who bids less. It’s better to go for quality work even if you have to pay just a bit more.

You can go through every freelancer’s proposal as well as their portfolio. So, you have a bunch of freelance data entry operators interested in your job offer. You just need to drill through the proposals for finding the right person.


Workana is another solution for hiring freelancers on the internet. You can find the right person with adequate skills within a few minutes through this platform.

When you post a project with all the information and your requirements on Workana, you will see plenty of professionals putting up their proposals. Now, you can go through the profiles of every proposal and see what things they can offer. You can compare them based on skills, ratings, and reviews.

Once you hire a freelance data entry operator through Workana, you can decide the payment terms. You can either pay per project or per hour as agreed. Now, the money you pay will remain in escrow on the platform, and when you receive the work, the payment will be sent to the freelancer. So, there is full safety also provided by this platform.


PeoplePerHour is a highly preferred freelancing platform if you are looking to hire freelancers for the short term. You can hire a freelance data entry operator based on your work requirements. Usually, the freelancers on this platform will charge on per hour basis.

It is not a huge platform, but you will find high-quality freelance data entry operators. As there are fewer applicants, you can cut through the noise and only hire the worthy ones.

You can post a project with all your requirements, and freelancers can respond to your project with their proposals. You need to pay a small deposit for posting your project. On top of that, the payment system is pretty convenient for every business.


You can hire expert freelance data entry operators from Guru to look after your data entry requirements. You can get more work done by professionals through this flexible platform.

When you are unsure of who to hire, you can simply post a job on the platform and wait for freelancers to respond with their proposals. If you are certain about some freelancers, you can directly check out their profiles and hire them.

You will find freelancers from all over the world on this platform. You can go through every freelancer’s profile and see their reviews to get a better idea. If you are convinced, you can ask for a quote from them.


It is an excellent choice to hire a freelance data entry operator compared to a full-time one. These platforms will help you narrow down the search and find worthy talent.

If you are an aspiring freelancer, you can look at this beginner’s guide to start your freelancing career.

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