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Get Your Website Reviewed by Real Person

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Launched your website, but did you get it reviewed by people around the world?

People are waiting to review your website.

Feedback is crucial for any business, and if you are launching or starting an online business, your website plays a significant role in revenue generation.

You will like your site design, but not others may like it. That’s why you need to get your website reviewed by people.

Well, this you may ask your friends, and if you don’t have one who can give you genuine feedback – you may leverage the following online services that go through your website and give feedback on some of the critical design or user experience elements.


Userbrain is a great tool that allows you to monitor how people are interacting with your website.

This makes it easy for you to get real-time feedback from your customers and potential clients.

Conclusively, it helps you serve them better and build effective products that the customers are looking out for.

This tool also helps you get your website and products tested by people all over the world.


Design Critiques on Reddit

You may post your website link and ask for the design review at Reddit Design_Critiques. There are more than 20000 designers members, and someone would undoubtedly give feedback on the requested question.

Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja reviews your website and shares the plan to increase traffic from Google & Social Media. If you are focused on lead, traffic optimization-based review, then give a try to Exposure Ninja.

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Five Second Test by UsabilityHub

Five Second Test sends your website screenshot to testers to test for five seconds and answer your first impression question. Testers are from all around the world, so you get the feedback within a few minutes. I sent my website and got 12 valuable responses within 30 minutes from multiple locations.




Get feedback on your app or website by three users, FREE. They will visit for one minute and provide honest feedback about what they think and what you could do better.


You will need to create an account before getting the testing results video discussing your website from UserBob.


Userfeel lets you test your website and products in more than 40 languages and by more than 40,000 panelists from any device.

The testers are also allowed to give you personal comments and feedback on your websites in different languages.



UserInsights provides you with honest and verified user feedbacks on anything and everything that constitutes your website.

It has a great qualified base for testers and comes with UI/UX design selections.

Moreover, you also have the option to share feedback on your website.


Roast My Landing Page

If we talk about the conversion rate of the audience visiting a landing page, you will be surprised to see that only 3% of the total audience visiting the page buy or sign up. There are several reasons or missed items that lead to a lower conversion rate. However, with Roast My Landing Page, developers will obtain a clear picture of identifying the fixes and understanding CPA and MRR with proper landing page testing.

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Final Words

I hope the above user testing tools help you get actionable feedback on your application or website so you can take necessary actions to improve if any.

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