Lately, I started working on a hobby project (Site Relic) to test website performance, taking a screenshot, security check from multiple locations.

Having server requirement in multiple locations means I have to consider the internal latency as a server will talk to each other to deliver the requested content from requested location.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is known for low latency, and I am happy with Geek Flare performance which is hosted on GCP.

You can check the latency to GCP over the Internet by using online latency tool such as Cloud Harmony.

However, I couldn’t find any resource which gives an indication of latency between Google Cloud regions.

So I thought to do a little test myself and here is the result.

Google Cloud is available in the following fifteen regions.

  • Iowa, US Central
  • Oregon, US West
  • North Virginia, US East
  • South Carolina, US East
  • Belgium, Europe
  • London, Europe
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Singapore, South East Asia
  • Taiwan, East Asia
  • Tokyo, North Asia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Mumbai, India
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Netherlands, Europe

I provisioned f1-micro instance in all the region with Ubuntu 16 LTS.

I didn’t install any additional software and did a ping to another region server 10 times over private IP.


And here you go with the average latency results in milliseconds.

Google Cloud Latency Between Region

View the latency data in full page

  • Green = Less than 100 ms
  • Orange = Between 100 to 200 ms
  • Red = Above 300 ms


  • Sydney & Singapore got high latency from/to all the regions.
  • Oregon perform better to connect to Asia
  • Tokyo got the lowest latency to connect to Asia and US
  • London play better in Europe

Above should give you an idea where to host your services internally for better results.