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Time tracking is essential for companies and businesses to ensure that time is used productively. For the effective operation of your company, it is necessary to track your employees’ time.

This is where timesheet software comes into play. It is also necessary for professionals who are charging by hours. If there is a single employee, you can track the time even with a pencil. But, this task is not possible if there are multiple employees. So, you need to take the help of timesheet software.

The main aim of time tracking software is to understand the amount of time required for completing any specific task. The companies can charge accurately by tracking the amount of time they have put into a particular project. Timesheet app can also incorporate a digital clock-punching feature so that you know the amount of time a worker takes to complete a particular task.

Now, let us get a better idea about time tracking software and how it can help businesses improve a company’s productivity.

What is a Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software helps keep track of every individual employee’s work and also the number of hours they spend on specific tasks. Certain time tracking tools only provide a clock-punching feature to calculate how long workers take to complete tasks. But, there are certain tools with a comprehensive project management suite too. These tools are highly preferred by contractors, professional service companies, and freelancers.

In the majority of the time tracking apps, the users have to start the timer as they begin working. The timer will record the worker’s amount of time on that particular task and keep on working until you stop the timer manually.


There are certain time tracking tools available in the market with additional data sets for companies focused more on productivity rather than only thinking about duration. The system administrator or shift manager approves the data as the data is fed into the system. Once they approve the data, it gets pushed into the invoices, payment services, and reports.

Time tracking software can make it pretty easy for HR to manage employees and their payments.

There are different features in every time tracking tool. Some tools also offer a record of all the employees’ keyboard and mouse activity during the working hours. A GPS tracking app embedded in these time tracking tools can also help you monitor an employee’s movements. They need to click selfies when they are arriving or leaving the workplace.

A real-time GPS tracker enabled in the tool also allows geofencing. This feature will alert you whenever you are near the work location or even when leaving the work location. With this feature, the employee’s in and out time data can be fetched automatically based on their location.

Other than that, some timesheet apps also support reporting features and project management features.

This was all about time tracking software. Now, let us explore how it can help companies.

How does Time Tracking Software help any company?

There are different features inculcated in every time tracking software. These tools might appeal to different sizes of businesses, from small to large.

Every company wishes that their employees work productively. It is often seen that employees are not wasting time and are only sitting at their desks but not doing any work. The best thing about timesheet apps is that these issues can be resolved. Companies will be able to keep track of how much time every employee is taking to complete any task.

On top of that, the mundane task of keeping an entry log of every employee’s in and out time is also replaced with these tools. The manager can know if an employee is only sitting and surfing the internet rather than completing the task with keyboard and mouse activity records.

Reports of employees’ work can make it easy for the managers to release every employee’s or freelancer’s payments. This is the most significant advantage of time tracking software.

So, it becomes clear that there are plenty of use-cases for every time tracking software. If you are looking forward to maintaining discipline and enhancing the productivity of your employees, then you must definitely consider installing these tools in your company.

As there are lots of time tracking tools available in the market of live tracking of employees, it becomes pretty confusing to choose one. This is why the most common question among companies is, “what is the best real-time GPS tracking software?” So, here is the answer to your question.

Check out this list of some of the best time tracking software available in the market for improving your employees’ productivity.


Jibble is an advanced GPS time tracking software for your employees. It allows you to set up geofencing for the location-based attendance of your employees. As the team members clock in and out with their locations, the managers can verify the records.

Jibble comes with an excellent feature. There are geofence restrictions in Jibble with which the employees cannot clock in if they are out of their range. So, if you have given a particular workplace to a specific employee, they can’t clock in when they are out of that place. Jibble also makes it easy for managers to monitor where they work. It includes details like who is working where and how many hours they have been working at a particular site.

Jibble helps companies from various domains to track time for projects, attendance, and payroll. On top of that, face recognition attendance is also available in this tool.


Hubstaff’s GPS Time Clock app is a one-stop solution for time tracking for your employees. It is a free, lightweight tool that includes project management, time tracking, and screenshots. Hubstaff comes with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to enter as well as track the time of your employees.

Hubstaff comes with a unique feature of budgeting. You can set a maximum limit of hours any particular employee can work. Now, the app will prevent that employee from exceeding those limits of the week.

When multiple employees are involved in a large-scale project, it becomes pretty difficult to determine where the employees are giving their time. This is where Hubstaff comes in handy. Screenshots will provide you with holistic insights into every employee’s activity. You can also know your employees’ applications and browsing history during work hours.

Hubstaff supports plenty of integrations with project management tools like Basecamp and Asana. On top of that, you can also integrate it with invoicing platforms like PayPal and QuickBooks.


With Clockify in your hands, you no longer need to track time with a stopwatch. Clockify is a simple timesheet app with real-time GPS tracking. It is a perfect tool for remote field workers. The best thing about Clockify is that it is available on all platforms, from Windows and Linux to Android and iOS.

A project tracking feature helps you keep track of where your project is currently running. With this tool, you can switch between automatic and manual time tracking of your employees. There are plenty of other features in Clockify, such as targets and reminders, time rounding, locking of the timesheet, and branded reports.

If you need a report of any employee, you can get it in different forms like a summary report, a weekly report, or a detailed report. With these reports, you can easily track the productivity of your employees. On top of that, the dashboards will display where your time is utilized and where it is being wasted.


Workstatus is a remote monitoring app for keeping track of all your employees and finding out where they are working. You can use any device to track your employees and work on ways to enhance productivity.

The employees can use different devices for clocking in and out. It becomes pretty easy to find out the total time spent on any task or project. This also allows the companies to determine the total amount of time an employee works in a week or a month. Before the manager approves the payrolls, you can go through the timesheets to see whether everything is correct or not.

Workstatus can help your company save the tedious time that an employee has to spend on monitoring this data manually. This employee time tracking app simplifies payrolls and provides a detailed report of work done by every employee. It helps you implement different methods to enhance employees’ productivity.

On top of that, Workstatus also comes with other features like budget and hours limitations, efficiency enhancement with improved routes, and automated attendance.


Timeero is a GPS time tracking software for keeping track of employee hours, location, and even mileage. Generating reports is pretty simple with Timeero. With the help of geofencing, there is automatic clock-in and clock-out for employees. You can track everything from working hours to breaks at a single place with Timeero.

Timeero provides you with a breadcrumb trail of every employee’s location. The precise employee location tracking allows you to track all the employees in real-time and in the past. If any employee is out of bounds, you can get alerts for the same.

Timeero gives precise location tracking along with timestamps. So, you can assign a place to employees for completing particular tasks, and if they are going out of that place’s range, you will know about it.

Another excellent feature of Timeero is mileage tracking. Now, you will have to pay your employees based on mileage driven. So, there is no need to wonder if they are going on long routes and eating up the company’s money. You can see the route taken and the distance traveled with GPS tracking from Timeero.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time makes it easy for managers and companies to efficiently manage the entire team of employees. Whether your team is on the field or in the office, GPS time tracking will make it pretty easy to manage the workforce. Find out where the employees are working and also check their schedule.

QuickBooks Time tracks every employee’s location after they clock in. Once an employee clocks out, the GPS location tracking is stopped. You can schedule your workforce for maximum efficiency by deploying the nearest employees to the job site. Filing taxes and reimbursing the expenses become easy and efficient with mileage tracking.

Geofence time tracking is pretty accurate, and it also reminds the employees to clock in and clock out. It becomes very easy for managers to see which employees are working on which site on the map. It not only enhances productivity among the team members but also increases accountability.

QuickBooks is the right tool for remote workers, service-based businesses, construction workers, businesses with employees in different locations, and mobile employees.

Timesheet Mobile

Timesheet Mobile is another tool for managing your workforce effectively. It comes with a geofence time tracking and auto punch feature for automatic punch-in and punch-out of employees on the worksites during working hours. You can set schedules for all employees in the app with ease. If there are any changes in the shift, the employees will receive a notification from the app.

Payroll processing and budgeting become more straightforward with detailed reports from the app. Work can be handled more effectively with project checklists. As a task gets completed, you will receive a notification. So, tracking a project is also simpler with Timesheet Mobile.

Timesheet Mobile also provides a team messaging space for the employees to discuss important things about work. On top of that, viewing an employee’s availability status is also easy because an employee can set whenever sick, on vacation, or unavailable due to any reason.


Say goodbye to messy hand-written time tracking sheets with TimeTrakGo. TimeTrakGo is a GPS time tracking software. Whether your employees are working on a single site or they have to work at multiple locations, you can track it all with a single tool. This is a simple and effective time tracking tool for managing your workforce.

Finding errors in employees’ work schedules is pretty easy with this tool. You can view real-time reporting of employees on a live map with employee clocking transactions. As the punch data is geotagged with GPS location information, the employees can clock in and clock out with any device.

TimeTrakGo comes with a simple and intuitive interface to manage your workforce productively. Now, you can handle everything digitally without any need for a new employee to handle everything manually.

Justworks Hours

Justworks Hours is a one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes. With this tool, you will notice that employee time tracking is pretty easy. For employee time management, you can entirely rely on its features like shift management, automated alerts via mobile, and geofencing.

The tool provides you with plenty of insights that can be used for calculating payrolls and invoices through overtime, regular work hours, and even breaks into consideration. There is no need to worry about inaccuracies or errors because everything is automated.

Whether your employees work remotely or come to the same office every day, the managers can easily track their hours. Clocking-in and clocking-out are made effortless as you can do it from any device. You can also sync your payroll software with Justworks Hours for managing the invoices and payments. This one is another excellent tool for managing your workforce productively.


If you are thinking about ways to enhance your employees’ productivity and keep track of their working hours, the best thing you can do is take the help of time tracking software. The above tools can not only enhance the productivity of your workforce, but you will also notice that time being wasted elsewhere can be saved to a huge extent.

Next, find out some of the Best Employee Attendance Trackers.

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