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In Business Operations and Sales & Marketing Last updated: July 31, 2023
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Are you looking for an all-in-one CRM to manage sales, email marketing, projects, quotes, and human resource? Then you must check out Pipedrive.

The sales and marketing ecosystem is fast-paced and competitive. With simple business tools like Excel and email, you may handle a few hundred consumers and users. When you want to grow, you need automation, security, and convenience.

Here comes Pipedrive!

We review the Pipedrive sales CRM from the inside out and present a concise and succinct discussion that will help you to decide if this is the right sales CRM for you.  

Why Do Businesses Need a Sales CRM?


A customer-facing company must use a sales and marketing CRM best to utilize its leads, workforce, and budget.

With a sales CRM, you can create a pipeline of tasks that the sales and marketing team will execute. You and your business leaders must create a foolproof sales, marketing, customer service, upselling, lead-building, etc., workflow so that the teams can focus on customer interaction.

A sales CRM, like the kind of Pipedrive, automates every task. Again, the frontline and field team does not need to waste time managing documents, brochures, emails, quotes, etc. You can assign one or two employees to handle these from the back end, and the frontline staff will access the business collaterals directly from the sales CRM.

The most important feature of a sales CRM is mobile friendliness. You and your team members can use such CRMs on a tablet, smartphone, Chromebook, Macbook, Windows laptop, and so on. Absolutely no restrictions on devices and networks since the app is cloud-based.    

What is the Pipedrive CRM?

YouTube video

Pipedrive is a cloud CRM software for advanced and fast-moving sales and marketing teams. 

It is a sales CRM – or a sales platform ​​– and works as a centralized sales hub. It has been designed to enable salespeople to communicate, finalize deals, collaborate, optimize sales processes, and forecast sales figures. 

And that’s not the end of its features. Pipedrive – a cloud sales platform, is excellent for improving the customer journey and customer experience. 

Moreover, it helps your business to generate new business and reduce the overhead costs of managing multiple sales and marketing teams. Try out Pipedrive for free to experience how an online sales CRM can transform your sales, marketing, projects, and HR recruiting pipelines. 

Benefits of Pipedrive CRM

Why Do Businesses Need a Sales CRM

The primary benefit of Pipedrive is enhancing how you sell and market your products or services. Instead of complicated and error-prone spreadsheets, you move your sales and marketing pipelines to Pipedrive for visual project management.

Also, you find all business emails on the Pipedrive CRM tool, so there is no need to switch between business apps during focused work.

Finally, you can control who has access to which business data for what business purposes from centralized control. You reduce the time you invest in managing teams and departments by using Pipedrive. Thus, you can focus on business growth strategy-making, appearing at public events to promote your brand.

Some other notable benefits of Pipedrive are: 

  • It is a no-code visual CRM platform. Working on the tool is effortless.
  • It offers all the software modules that you need in a business. For example, pipeline management, Kanban boards, projects, email marketing, business emails, analytics, reporting, and more.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand UI components and terminology.
  • Unlimited types of custom fields to make the software useful in any industry. 
  • A user interface on which you can easily rely since it supports drag-and-drop actions.
  • You can craft professional and attractive product catalogs, product specifications, proposals, work orders, the scope of work, etc., documents for your business using the Smart Docs feature. 
  • It automates almost all the phases of a sales and marketing pipeline. Hence, your sales and marketing team makes fewer errors while converting a lead to a customer.          

Pipedrive CRM Features

The cloud sales CRM of Pipedrive comes with some truly useful features that every business needs, and these are: 

#1. Leads Inbox

Leads Inbox

This is the place where your sales and marketing team will manage sales leads. If you are sourcing leads from third-party agencies and businesses, then you can use the Add your existing leads feature to upload Excel files, CSV files, etc.

Alternatively, you can use the Leadbooster add-on to collect leads from your website directly. It creates an automatic chatbot for you to capture leads. If the lead shows any intent to buy during the chat, you can take over to give personalized services.  

#2. Deals

The deals page of Pipedrive

This window is for all open, pending, and in-pipeline deals. You can organize clients, prospects, and leads into sections like Qualified, Contact Made, Demo Scheduled, Proposal Made, Negotiations Started, etc.    

#3. Projects

The Projects page of Pipedrive

If you plan to kick-start internal or external projects related to your business, you can use the Pipedrive project management tool.

You can organize the project tasks and subtasks in Kanban-style boards or lists. The Kanban board usually comes in five boards. These are Kick-off, Planning, Implementation, Review, and CLosing. But you can customize these fields as you increase or decrease the cards.   

#4. Campaigns

The Email marketing campaign module of Pipedrive

The Campaign module is a full-service email marketing tool. You no longer need to pay for additional email marketing software if you switch to Pipedrive.

The features of the email marketing module are as below: 

  • Customizable and professional email templates
  • Proven email templates
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Real-time email campaign analytics 

#5. Pipedrive Mail

Pipedrive mail for business

This email module allows you to send and receive business emails directly on the Pipedrive sales CRM. Then, you can link the email with automated workflows to turn incoming customer queries into leads and forward that to a sales agent for immediate follow-up.

You can also use your existing email side by side using the Smart Email BCC feature of Pipedrive Mail. Simply insert your Pipedrive email in the BCC field whenever you email business contacts and customers. This email and any future replies will automatically show up in Leads, Deals, or Projects, depending on how you configured the automated workflow.   

#6. Activities

Pipedrive Activities

Activities show a holistic view of every team member’s activities. You can also schedule future tasks here and monitor progress on a tabular view. 

#7. Business Contacts

Contacts journey timeline

The Contacts module has three sub-features: People, Organizations, and Contacts timeline.

In the People contacts book, you can store all business and professional contacts. Then, you can use the Organization’s contacts books to save the data of your employees, vendors, and external collaborators.

Contacts timeline is a novel addition by Pipedrive. It shows an elaborate view of contacts and how your organization relates to them in timelines.

The timeline can display icons to represent actions like proposals, first contact, emails sent, brochures sent, deals closed, lunch break, etc.     

#8. Insights and Reporting

Insights and Reporting

This section contains the sub-features like Dashboard, Goals, and Reports. You can create professional dashboards like Revenue forecast, Deal conversion, Deals won over time, etc., to monitor business health.

Using the Reports function, you can draft business-ready reports like Leads created by users, Leads conversion by sources, Deal conversion, Deal progress, and many more. 

#9. Business App Integrations

YouTube video

The Pipedrive integrations enable you to link other business apps that you must use for some specific technical needs. For example, from the Pipedrive Marketplace, you can add the following third-party apps: 

And there are many more!

How Pipedrive CRM Differ From Others

Pipedrive is different from conventional CRMs and even other cloud sales CRM competitors in the following ways: 

Grows With Your Business

The Pipedrive CRM scales up as your business does. If you are now a small, medium, or startup business and expand in the future, you do not need to migrate to a different cloud CRM. Pipedrive offers all the features you need, along with cloud processing capabilities to handle thousands of users. 


Pipedrive has virtually zero learning curve. An employee can self-learn the tool without going through any training sessions that reduce productive hours.

Every user interface (UI) elements are exactly as the name suggests. Unlike other CRMs that use complicated business jargon that trainee employees need up to a year to understand.

Furthermore, everything is visual and has zero code. Hence, all the employees can confidently use the CRM without major errors.

Software Support

The Pipedrive development and security team works round the clock to keep the cloud app running without any security loopholes.

Also, Pipedrive maintains a huge team of experts in the cloud sales CRM tool. If you or your employees need any help, you can reach out to the team. The team is available on chat 24/7 for English and Portuguese language. For other languages and regions, do check out the Contact Support page.        

Final Words

Using a cloud-based CRM, like Pipedrive sales CRM, can have a great positive impact on your organization and its bottom line.

Pipedrive centralizes and automates repetitive tasks, so your team can focus on business-critical things like the ones mentioned below:

  • Spending more time speaking and convincing customers
  • Resolving user queries
  • Reaching out to leads
  • Collaborate internally and externally

A cloud sales and CRM marketing, Pipedrive, drive business momentum and revenue growth by making business data available securely to those it needs when they need it.

You may also explore some best cloud CRM solutions for growing businesses.

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