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Good design helps create powerful first impressions.

It differentiates you from the rest, boosts awareness, and solves problems creatively. It also helps you win the market and audience.

Even though a great design on your website opens up a wide window of opportunities, many businesses underestimate its power. Therefore, after getting everything right, they still fail to achieve what they aimed for.

What was that secret ingredient lacking in their efforts?


This is why big brands, like Apple, emphasize designing. They know the compelling reasons behind it, which can improve the success rates.

And hence, the need for professional designers inculcates.

Do you want proof of why design is critical?

Here you go!

A report says 48% of visitors believe that website design is the number 1 factor while judging a business’s credibility. And 38% of site visitors exit a site if they find its layout unattractive.

You got the point, right?

I hope YES is the answer.

But if it’s NO and you still need some more motivation, let’s find out some of the key benefits that a good website design brings to you.

Benefits of a good design for your business

Well-designed websites, products, or services play a vital for your product success. It improves user experience and proves to be a strong lead magnet to gain observers and investors along with consumers.

All happens because designs help in:

Making a strong business impression

In this busy world, people have a very less attention span. It’s only a matter of seconds that makes a difference whether they want to continue exploring your site or not. For this, an impressive design is all about creating a strong visual perception of your brand.

It’s about using the right and consistent color, images, shapes, space, texture, forms, etc. in a balanced and harmonious way. Your logo and other visuals must tell a story relevant to your brand and help your customers remember you by just looking at it.

Distinguishing you from the rest

Competition is everywhere. And With covid-19 disruption, online space is flooding with new businesses. Hence, it’s tougher to stand out from the rest.

But, if you have an excellent graphic designer in your possession, you won’t struggle much. They will help you with unique designs that grab eye-balls and persuade them to explore your site more.

Building customer relationships

Emotion is the foundation of relationships, and it applies to your business as well. Good designs have the innate power to create emotional connections through beautiful illustrations that people can actually connect with.

It must showcase that your brand cares for your audience. And when this message is conveyed through powerful designs, people begin to trust you, which eventually increases brand recognition and boosts conversions.

Guiding your audience

Great designs not just look fantastic but are also prepared strategically to guide your audience on how to navigate easily through your website and products/services. It does not confuse them; instead, it solves their problems.

Now you know the importance of designs for your business.

But you may ask,

Why not hire anyone from your team?

Why hire professional designers?

The reason is simple – they are professionals.

These professional designers have years of experience and expertise in their portfolio, making them credible and a perfect fit for your business.

  • They understand the business and what works for which brand. They can help you with what your brand is lacking and provide solutions through their unique designs.
  • Professionals know how to maintain brand consistency. They won’t frustrate you with fonts and colors that keep changing everywhere, irrelevant illustrations that drive customers off.
  • You won’t have to waste time guiding them everywhere, because they are the experts. Just give them the problem, they’ll come with to-the-point solutions.
  • Saves your resources because if you get things right with their help, you won’t have to change your designer now and then.

But if you don’t, it may cost additional resources and time in training them. Plus, you won’t have to spend on re-barding as well, which is the onset of a whole other bunch of challenges.

So, if you have decided to hire a professional designer, the question comes,

How to find them?

Or how to find good ones?

This is why I have curated a list of the best platforms where you can hire professional designers.

Take a look and choose the one you like the most!

Bunny Studio

More than just a freelancer platform, Bunny Studio is the go-to provider for original creativity, competitive pricing, and reliable efficiency. The streamlined platform’s unique workflow tackles your entire project, from skills-hunting to fulfillment, saving you hours on tedious freelancer coordination.

Typical full buyouts aside, Bunny Studio is the only provider to include a money-back guarantee for all on-demand projects. Besides vetting its global designers, Bunny Studio stringently reviews every project to prevent delays caused by shoddy quality. The platform boasts an impressive range of services, including banner design, illustrations, social media design, UX and UI design, infographic design, instructional design, and a ton more.

If you have regular design needs, Bunny Studio ONE is a subscription worth considering. The dynamic plan supports your in-house production with over 100 services. Run unlimited design projects at the same time to unblock bottlenecks in your design production, and never miss another deadline.


To get started with hiring freelancers on DesignCrowd, you need to submit your design requirements to a contest where freelance designers can participate with their coolest ideas.

Once you get a deserving candidate, you can select them and proceed further by asking them for revisions if you may need them. The platform is already buzzing with more than 882k freelance designers and over 378k completed projects so far and still counting.

The design services it provides are divided into more than 50 categories, including designs for email campaigns, business cards, advertisements, product catalogs, calendars, blog designs, car wraps, CD covers, cups and mugs, ebooks, and YouTube videos, and more.

Its contests start at just $99, and you can also expect faster turnarounds from it. DesignCrowd offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the work.


With a community of over 220k vetted designers, CrowdSpring can be your next destination to hire a design professional. They never let you compromise on quality, price, or choice.

CrowdSpring uses industry-standard IP protections to provide complete ownership of the designs you pay for, so you can use them anywhere you like. You can choose from over 30 categories of designs, complete your project brief, choose a package within your budget, and start your hunt.

After getting the work done, you can also give your suggestions, score the designers, and avail revised designs as well when needed. However, if you are not sure about things, you can even take design consultation from CrowdSpring via phone call, chat, or email.

Their pricing is affordable for any business size for the work you want to get it done, and there is no hidden fee included. CrowdSpring has 4 pricing plans starting at $299.


Who does not know this name – Fiverr when it comes to searching for freelancers?

It is a hub of millions of freelancers with creative talents in various fields, including design.

You can browse through profiles of designers to know more about them. Fiverr also has a star rating system that previous buyers give to the designers based on their performance and how much they were satisfied with the work.

Hence, you can compare the ratings, prices, and other aspects that match your needs. Here, you may get designers at affordable rates in fast turnaround times as well. The platform is also available in 6 languages for your convenience.

Categories for hiring designers include logo design, game art, business cards, illustrations, poster design, brand styling, brochures, flyers, storyboards, banners, landscape design, character modeling, infographics, and a lot more.


Hire the creative design team at DotYeti without investing much time in screening and interviewing candidates. The best thing is that it allows companies to hire a complete design team instead of one graphic designer. One can access unlimited animations and design on monthly fees starting at $449/month.

DotYeti offers on-demand talented candidates, saving you from inefficient headcounts and unreliable freelancers. The revolutionized company is ideal for content creators, large brands, agencies, marketing, and start-ups.

It is easy to use, fill out the request form, designers will work on it, share the feedback on the designs, and get core files on completion. The aim is to bring high-quality, high, and comprehensive designs based on the requirements listed by companies or individuals.

It offers a fixed monthly price with no extra or hidden charges, faster delivery within 48 hours, unlimited revisions bringing creative ideas to life, and customized or world-c


Having 10,000+ professional designs on board, Dribbble is a good option you can try out. It was founded in the year 2019; it has helped more than 40,000 innovative brands worldwide.

It showcases the designer’s name, their location, pricing per hour, and their design samples. Furthermore, you can also see their core specialties, experience in the field, work history, etc. which will help you shortlist them quickly.

Dribbble is highly selective with their freelancer membership, which is based purely on an invite-only basis. Its built-in communication channel also helps you interact with freelancers easily regarding your projects.


Behance is developed by none other than Adobe, which you might be using on an everyday basis. This portfolio platform allows you to hire designers via memberships from its massive pool of more than 15 million profiles.

You will get to see the design and artworks of all sorts, while the membership also helps you post a job or explore an unending portfolio to help you find the exact match. The unique thing about Behance is that the designers can upload video or animated presentations of their works.

It gives you custom recommendations of your job posts by taking your specific criteria into account and searches for the right candidates for you. If you like any of them, you can save their profiles and manage jobs using Adobe Talent through apps designed exclusively for iPad and iPhone.

Behance provides seamless collaboration between you and designers, along with everyone else involved in the process. For this purpose, it allows you to leave notes if you want to share your opinions and feedback with the designers. The pricing of Behance starts at $399/month.


Formerly called Elance oDesk, Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers across the globe. They have over 300,000 web and graphic designers available that you can find with varying talents and pricing.

To search for designers, you need to post your job and let designers respond to the same. You can also browse through individual profiles manually, followed by communicating them directly through chats and video calls.

Similar to Behance, Upwork also has an amazing collaboration workspace so that you could get quality services. You can also track project status and share files using your PC or mobiles. To enable the same, Upwork goes the extra mile by providing mobile apps for iOS in addition to Android, which helps you manage everything with your fingertips.

You can hire freelancers for any work scope, including short-term tasks, recurring projects, and full-time contracts. They can help you find professionals for graphic designs, UI/UX designs, web designs, 3D modeling, illustrations, and video production.

Upwork has a simplified payment process; you can pay designers hourly or set a fixed price for their work. In addition to this, you can also receive invoices via Upwork itself after you authorize the work. You can use Upwork for free.


The creative marketplace, Designhill, can be your best bet if you are looking for affordable services and great quality. It offers three ways to hire a designer.

  • You can run contests for designers to choose the best candidate.
  • Browse its in-built Graphic Design Services to get custom designs from the designers of the platform itself
  • Opt for One-to-One Projects and contact a freelance designer directly for your project

Designhill also features an AI logo-making tool, capable of creating dozens of interesting logos instantly. Just ask simple questions, follow a few steps, and get the work done even with no design skills.

The great thing about Designhill is that you can ask for multiple revisions if you need it without extra fees. Besides, you don’t need to worry about your money as you can request a refund if the work is not satisfactory.


One of the best places to find designers, 99designs, helps you find the perfect professional based on your requirements. They have a global community of excellent designers to whom you can talk and explain your projects.

Here, you can find designers experienced in 90+ design skills who are ranging from beginners to experts. They will help you create designs for:

  • Logos
  • Website and app
  • Advertisements and branding
  • Clothing and merchandise for your eCommerce store
  • Arts and illustrations
  • Book and magazine designs
  • Packaging and labels

To select designers who are vetted for great quality, you can easily review portfolios, request quotes, and hire them quickly. All you have to do is start a contest and open your briefing to the community, and the designers would submit their unique ideas, which helps you pick the best.

You get complete ownership and copyright of your production-ready designs for digital and print distribution upon full payment clearance. (of course!)


I hope you now have a clear understanding of the significance of a powerful design for a brand. It not only creates a strong impression to attract customers but also helps you increase conversion rates.

Thus, hire a professional designer who can justify your requirements from any of these platforms I just discussed.

May you get an excellent designer for your upcoming projects!

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