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In HR Management Last updated: February 15, 2023
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While running a successful business, there comes a serious need to hire freelancers to share the workload.

Since you’re reading this article, I am pretty sure you can relate to this. Trying to do everything on our own, especially while running a successful business, is nothing short of foolishness.

Freelancers are up on the rise, and more and more companies are opting to hire them instead of regular office employees. In fact, by 2027, at least 50% of the US workforce will be freelancers.

With that being said, in this article, you’ll discover the best website/marketplace that lets you hire freelancers on-demand. No matter if you’re looking to hire designers, developers, content writers, WordPress or SEO experts, you’ll be able to hire them all.

But first, let us know some of the many benefits of hiring freelancers.


While we know the fact that freelancers enjoy working on their hours from home, this can also prove to be beneficial for you as a client. Flexible working hours would mean the freelancer responding and communicating to you even after regular office hours are passed.

A task assigned on Friday night can potentially be completed by Monday morning, eliminating the “Weekend” delays.


Since the nature of freelancers is to work for multiple clients at once, this means they acquire lots of experience in the process as opposed to regular job professionals who’re only allowed to work for a single company.

Cuts down cost

Hiring a job professional requires shelling out a fixed monthly salary irrespective of whether the employee puts in work and effort into it or not. On the other hand, you get to pay freelancers on a per-project basis. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you are looking to hire a WordPress developer, then I would suggest checking out this post for some of the tips to consider when hiring a WP developer.


Toptal has some of the most talented professionals ready to work on your projects. And I am not just making that up. They house freelancers who’ve previously worked for companies like Apple, SpaceX, and IBM.

This site is meant for much bigger tasks, like building software or hiring a project manager. You can even choose to build your own team of freelancers to work on your project.

Toptal is trusted by brands like Motorola, Microsoft, Salesforce, and a lot more.


UpStackhq will perfectly meet your needs if you’re trying to recruit a developer or engineering talent but want to refrain from engaging in any back-office activities.

An online platform called UpStackhq assists companies in finding the best software development talent for their requirements. Businesses can use the platform to easily, quickly, and affordably locate and recruit the best developers worldwide.

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Along with providing engineering skills, UpStackhq also handles back-office tasks, including payroll, onboarding, and other support duties. It enables firms to focus on their primary functions rather than on tiresome tasks.

It conducts a thorough evaluation, including technical, cultural, and language, to guarantee that the best applicant is chosen to deliver on expected lines to meet the company’s needs.

Above all, UpStackhq handles reference checks, legal matters, and other things to ease your hiring process. The platform offers a central location for payments, timesheets, and invoices.

One of its distinguishing features is that, after a successful collaboration, it offers discounted rates for the top CRM, security research, remote tools, SaaS, LaaS, and other services from its exclusive partners.

It offers a 14-day trial period to assess a candidate’s potential. Once the prospect has lived up to your expectations, you can onboard permanently.


Oomple is ideal for larger projects and gives you access to over 40,000 skilled and on-demand contract professionals.

Oomple identifies and matches you to the best-suited talent you need. With an elastic workforce, you can hire the right experts to support your business and team needs.

Oomple allows you to find, match, and hire vetted contract professionals all in one hub. From project planning to contract management – this is the platform for the future workforce.

The final added gem is that it’s also risk-free to try! There are no upfront costs, and you have a 14-day risk-free trial with your new hire.

1840 & Company

Unlike traditional freelance marketplaces, 1840 & Company takes a fully managed approach. There’s no job posting or browsing through endless lists of freelance applicants. Instead, they assign a dedicated client success manager to you upon signup.

You can have a one-on-one discussion of the freelance talent you’re looking to hire, share any details/requirements you may have, and then get matched with hand-selected freelancers from your dedicated CSM. 

One of the key benefits of 1840 is that you can hire freelancers to perform virtually any type of remote job you need to be done. They also offer fractional resources so you can scale your hiring needs for larger projects. It’s a great platform to utilize if you have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to search for talent.


Hands down my favorite in the list, Upwork has been around for a very long time, and it’s a great place to find your perfect freelancer. Ever since oDesk and Elance merged into Upwork, it has literally become the go-to site for hiring.

This site has over 12 million freelancers waiting to get your job done. Just like most of the other sites in this list, you start by posting details about your project and wait for freelancers to bid on it, from which you can select the suitable one(s).

Developers, Designers, Writers, Animators, and Engineers are some of the professionals that make up the large pool of Upwork.

A very good thing about this site is that you can be sure most of the freelancers are skilled enough to be on the platform as they go through a strict approval process.


As an employer, you can sign up for free on Flexjobs and start posting your requirements. In no time, you’ll be approached by tons of skilled freelancers ready to do your work. In addition to posting your requirements, you can also directly contact freelancers.

If you’d like to unlock some cool additional benefits like social media promotion of your requirements, insights on job responses, and more, then you can upgrade to their paid plan, which costs $399/month.


A very straightforward site to hire marketing freelancers, MarketerHire eliminates the need for a job posting and brings you directly to hiring.

It’s trusted by some of the biggest companies out there, including Netflix, and gives you the opportunity to work with only the best marketers out there. In fact, the freelancers you’ll find here have worked with reputed brands in the past, so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing in the field.

Once you get into the site, you can expect to find your match within the first 48 hours, as that’s the average time usually. You can either hire a single person or go on to build a whole team of marketers starting today.


Very similar to Upwork, Freelancer works on a bidding system that’ll help you pick only the most deserving candidates for your task. You can literally start receiving bids as soon as your project details go live.

It’s a huge marketplace, and you’ll likely find your match in the first try itself. Freelancer can be a little bit bloated with spammers at times, but that doesn’t take away its goodness. It’s still a great place to find talent.


In Fiverr, instead of posting details about your project and waiting for freelancers to bid on it, you search through the gigs available on each category and select your freelancer from there.

Here are some examples of gigs when I search for business cards:

In simple terms, freelancers directly post their offer, and all you do is select which offer you’d want to buy. As the name suggests, the starting price of each gig is usually $5 but can also go up to a huge number, depending upon the complexity of the task.


With over 800,000 employers worldwide, Guru has become a well-known marketplace to find skilled freelancers. From design to writing to developing to whatnot, there are plenty of experts in each category.

Guru verifies each freelancer only after a rigorous process, which ensures you get nothing short of great quality. You can choose to hire freelancers on hourly, project-based, recurring, or on a fixed price basis.


PeoplePerHour is great for finding freelancers on a variety of categories, but with more emphasis on SEO experts, developers, and social media marketers. As the name suggests, this site works mostly on a “per hour” basis and is brilliant for smaller-scale tasks.

They have a risk-free escrow payment system and as well as anti-fraud protection that’ll help you deal with confidence. Besides that, you also get quality support for any queries.

You can join PeoplePerHour for free and start posting your requirements in an instant.

Amazon MTurk

If your requirement isn’t anything groundbreaking and you only need help with micro-tasks, then Amazon MTurk is a great fit for that. It connects freelancers with clients in order to make ends meet and complete tasks like transcribing, filling out surveys, data entry, and much more.

Since the nature of work provided in this site is fairly simple, you can expect to hire freelancers for a great bargain and receive quality work in return.


Whether you’re looking to build software or fix website issues, CodeControl is the first place you need to look at to find skilled developers. You can either search through their 500+ listed freelancers for the best fit or build an entire team specially assembled for your project.

A very impressive thing about CodeControl is, that even after you’re done with the hiring process, they continue to watch over the freelancer’s performance to ensure you’re fully satisfied.


Gigster is another excellent place to hire tech-related freelancers, whether it’s related to website, software, or apps. They have a tough approval process for freelancers, which only allows the ones who’re best at what they do.

This site is ideal for building a talented team that can work on the project together for an amazing outcome. You start by describing your exact requirements, and they’ll get back to you with the best team put together for you.


Very similar to Fiverr in nature, EnvatoStudio lets you hire freelancers from a range of categories such as designing, developing, marketing, writing, and so much more. The average turnaround of each task is no more than two days, which is quite fast.

You can contact freelancers before placing the order, and until the task is completed, the payment is held on their trusted escrow system. If you don’t like the finished work, you can ask for revisions as well.

This site has got everything a regular job marketplace has, but with a quicker delivery time.


Behance is one of the biggest portfolio marketplaces for designers that also allow you to post your requirement. Anything related to design, and this site has got you covered. Additionally, you can also manually check freelancers’ portfolios and contact them for a 1-1 discussion.

Most of the profiles will display the tools they’re familiar with, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc. This gives you a better idea of your ideal candidate.


The only place you should be looking at to find WordPress experts, Codeable lets you hire the best developers. You can start your project, get a free estimate, and only hire if you’re satisfied.

Here are some of the WordPress related tasks you can assign to this site:

  • Theme/Plugin development and customization
  • Custom WordPress website development
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Increase speed, security, and overall performance
  • Better the site design
  • Enable custom APIs and integrations
  • Fix errors and bugs

They have over 500 professional WordPress developers handpicked after a rigorous process, and they’re recommended by brands like SiteGround, WP Engine, Gravity, and LearnDash.


I hope with the use of the above websites; you can hire quality freelancers for your work and reap the benefits.

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