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How To Check Process Start Time in Windows?

How To Check Process Start Time in Windows?

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One of the essential tasks to find out during application troubleshooting.

Did you ever wonder how to check for how long, particular process is running in Windows?

Lately, I was working on Windows server and had to find out for how long the process is running.

After some research, I found you could easily find out process start time in Windows by using Process Explorer tool.

This article will guide you how to install & check process start time on Windows operating system.

  • Download Process Explorer from Microsoft download page
  • Extract the downloaded zip file

Now, you are ready to use Process Explorer

  • Double click on procexp to open it, it will look like below

  • Click on View >> Select Columns
  • Click on Process Performance tab and select Start Time
  • Click on Ok

  • You will notice additional column is added called Start Time in Process Explorer.


I hope this helps you in your application troubleshooting procedure.

If you are thinking to build a career in Windows administration, then you might be interested in this online course.

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