IBM Installation Manager (IBM IM) is required to install IBM WAS 8.x ND.

In this article, I have listed the steps to install IBM IM 1.8 on Linux OS. There are three parts overall – Download, Install & Verify.

Download IBM IM 1.8

  • Click on below link to download the IBM IM


Once downloaded, you should have

Install IBM IM 1.8

  • Go to folder where you have downloaded the package
[[email protected] IBM]# ls -ltr
total 162160
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 166050912 Mar 28 05:06
[[email protected] IBM]#
  • unzip the downloaded zip file using unzip command
[[email protected] IBM]# unzip
[[email protected] IBM]#
  • Execute install command
[[email protected] IBM]# ./install
  • Click on next on the following screen


  • Accept the license agreement and click Next


  •  By default, it will install under /opt/IBM however if you wish you can change the installation path by clicking on Browse


  • Click on Install on review summary window


It will take few minutes and at the end you will have installation confirmation window as below

Verify IBM IM 1.8 Installation

Click on Restart Installation Manager and you will have IBM Installation Manager 1.8 opened.


That’s all for today. Hope it helps you in installing IBM IM 1.8 on Linux.