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  • Optimize your Wordpress, Joomla or any other website images to make your website load faster to boost search engine ranking and user experience.

    Interesting stats by HTTP Archive shows average web page size is 2.4 MB and images contribute 64% of it.

    That’s right, an average image size of a web page is 1.5 MB.


    What’s your web page size? You can do a quick audit to find out.

    If you have an image-based website or it’s contributing factor, then you must optimize them to reduce the size. By reducing the image size, you get the following advantage.

    • Reduce web page size overall
    • Save bandwidth
    • Load your web page faster and eventually, help SEO ranking

    There are multiple ways to optimize the images, but doing without losing quality is the smart way. In this article, I’ve covered three types of tools. 

    • Standalone tools: You don’t need to install anything on your website. You can just visit the tool’s website and upload the images, and you will get optimized images to download.
    • WordPress Plugin: You need to install the plugin in your WordPress website and based on settings, it will reduce the size whenever you upload the images.
    • Joomla Extensions: You need to install extensions in the Joomla website, and optimization will happen from your Joomla website server.

    Ready to boost your website speed?

    Standalone Tools

    Using standalone tools are probably the best way to compress the images, but there will be limited either by size or number of images you can upload. So you got to try which one is best for you.

    Tiny PNG

    TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of PNG or JPG files. You can upload up to 20 images with a max of 5 MB each.



    Compress and reduce your image size up to 90% with Compressor while maintaining high-quality resolution. It supports JPEG, PNG, GIF & SVG and files size limit is 10 MB. 


    Puny PNG

    PunyPNG compression that just works for designers and developers. It may not be suitable if your image size in MB as the limit is 150KB each for up to 10 files. It compresses JPG, GIF & PNG file types.

    Compress Now

    Reduce the weight of image files with Compressnow. Unique about this tool is you can choose % of compression to get results. So it’s under your control the level of compression you want.


    Kraken lets you select the optimization mode between LOSSY, LOSSLESS, and EXPERT. You can upload a file from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.

    Optimi Zilla

    Upload up to 20 files in JPEG and PNG formats at OptimiZilla. If you upload multiple files, then you have the option to download them all at once.


    You have the option to choose the compressed level between normal, aggressive and ultra. Imagify keep your files for 24 hours so you can download later if you wish.


    The above standalone tools should be able to help you in reducing the files. Let’s take a look at the following WordPress plugin.

    Wordpress Plugins

    You can install the following plugin within your WordPress, so whenever you upload the images, optimization will take place.

    EWWW Image Optimizer

    EWWW Image Optimizer is one of the best optimizer plugin available, which helps to reduce the image, size and gives you an option to disable optimization or creation for a particular size.

    This is extremely helpful if you are running a photography-related website and don’t want to lose the quality by compressing just the featured or specific sized images.


    WP Smush

    Active installed for over 1 million sites, fantastic plugin by wpmudev, which lets you compress the images in bulk or during the upload. WP Smush has a limit of 50 in a free version of maximum bulk compression.


    It processes JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.


    Optimus by KeyCDN helps you reduce the image size of up to 70% but has the limitation of max 100 kB file.

    • Original Images Optimization
    • Optimize during upload


    Compress JPEG & PNG images with TinyPNG. This is what I am currently using and happy with it.


    Short Pixel

    Not a just image but also compress PDF with Short Pixel. It’s compatible with WooCommerce as well and process GIF, PNG, JPG & PDF files.


    Above WordPress plugin should be able to help in making your website faster by reducing the image size.

    Joomla Extensions

    The following extensions are free to use so go ahead and try out to see which works for you.

    Image Recycle

    Image Recycle is a popular Joomla extension which helps you to optimize images and PDF files. You can compress automatically newly uploaded images and also the existing ones. You have the option to define the optimization level for media type.


    Easy Image Resizer resizes the resolution of an image uploaded through media manager. It leverages the service by Optimus.io for compressions.


    I hope the above image compression tools help you in minimizing the overall page size for a fast loading site. And, if you are looking for not just image but entire website optimization then you may consider using CDN like SUCURI.