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11 Image Resizer Tools For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and More

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Image resizers are incredibly useful tools that help ensure the visual content you’re putting online is just right.

An image resizer can reduce file sizes, increase performance, and make working with visuals much easier. The best part about using an image resizer is that you can reduce the resolution and make the file size smaller without losing the quality of the image. With an image resizer, you can fully customize an image’s appearance as you want!

If you’re also looking for a robust image resizer that’s convenient to use, stay here by the end.

In this article, we’ll explore the best image resizer tool. Out of which, many are free to use.

Adobe Express

Abode Express is a professional-grade image resizer. It can process multiple files with different image sizes and formats simultaneously. It allows you to quickly select a target size or format and batch-convert images.

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You can even customize the output as well. It will enable you to ensure you don’t lose any information while reducing file size.

Additionally, Adobe Express has an interactive user interface. The UI makes selecting images easily and gives an immediate preview after conversion. With this image resizer, you can get quick and accurate output, ensuring that your desired images will be produced with the highest quality.

Adobe Express has a free plan and a premium plan as well.


Promo is yet another easy-to-use and comprehensive image resizer. This cutting-edge software allows you to adjust the images in various formats. You get numerous options to adjust image sizes, optimize an image’s resolution, set compression quality, control aspect ratios, and more – all with just a few clicks of a button.


What’s more, Promo is also packed with other great features. There’s an undo and redo button, an image selection mask, layer support, a pixel selection mask, grayscale conversion, an animation timeline, and many more.

Promo has a basic plan, a standard plan, and a Pro plan. Their prices start from as low as $29/ month.


iLoveIMG is a fantastic image resizer designed to provide the most efficient results when resizing and optimizing images. It has several advanced functions, including compression, cropping, and flipping. You can even adjust the contrast and brightness of images.


It also enables you to optimize images in batch mode. These features benefit professionals who need to optimize images more often. On top of that, you get a preview tool to see the changes before applying them.

iLoveIMG offers a free plan and two paid plans. The free version would be great if you need basic editing features. Otherwise, you can go for their paid plans.


PicResize is a feature-rich online image resizer that offers a powerful solution for quickly adjusting your photos to any desired size. This tool makes it easy to customize images to any dimension or even change the file format from JPG to PNG. It is also one of the best tools for blurring images.


Additionally, its image optimization feature lets you easily reduce the file size without sacrificing the quality. To further simplify the process, you can store multiple versions of an image in a single file. PicResize provides a hassle-free way to ensure your images are sized correctly, look great, and save storage space!

PicResize has two image resizing plans. They have a regular plan which is free forever, and a Pro plan starting from just $75.


BeFunky is an intuitive and powerful image resizer, perfect for any user, whether new to editing images or experienced. An impressive array of features complements its user-friendly design.

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With a few simple clicks, you can create stunning visual results that make your photos shine. In addition to the basic tools, you can access more advanced editing tools, including adjustment settings and color splash effects.

Best of all, it’s free to use, so you can experiment and play with all the features without worries!


The online image resizing tool, Wix, offers an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly solution for resizing your photos effectively. It provides an array of features designed to maximize convenience and minimize effort.


Wix allows users to resize multiple images simultaneously, reducing the time needed to work through a photo project. It offers flexibility, allowing you to set your specific size or choose from various pre-set resolutions.

It also features a handy Zoom feature for precisely tweaking individual pixels, enabling users to apply the right amount of edits. Finally, it supports instant saving to a user-selected folder, meaning you don’t have to wait to share or view your photos.

With a free image resizer, Wix extends four paid plans, including some business plans. Their plans start from as low as 80 Rs/ month.


Shopify image resizer features a wide array of versatile and comprehensive tools. It has powerful resizing options for digital images that are completely customizable. Whether you’re resizing images for your online store, website, or email campaigns, the platform offers flexibility in terms of size and resolution.


This tool also includes crop functions to help you zoom and pan within the photo, along with tools to rotate, sharpen and add filter effects quickly. Shopify’s platform also enables quick photo and image batch resizing, allowing you to select multiple images to process in one go.

Shopify has a free image resizer along with three paid plans. If you want to purchase any of these, you can proceed with their free trials!

Click Funnels

The Click Funnels image resizer has incredibly helpful features for anyone looking to modify their images to suit their webpage best.


First, this resizer allows users to select between four popular dimensions or define custom dimensions of their own, all while automatically keeping the aspect ratio in check.

Additionally, you can crop your image manually or auto-adjust the cropping area. On top of that, you can also adjust the quality, saturation, contrast, and brightness levels to get your desired results. Click Funnels image resizer is free to use.



Kapwing image resizer is an intuitive online tool to help you optimize your images quickly and easily. Its features are designed to improve your photo editing workflow and give you the best results. You can even use this tool to resize videos for Instagram, Facebook, and other channels.

This tool allows you to generate custom canvas sizes or add frames and borders to your images. You can also apply advanced features such as opacity, aspect ratio, and sharpness for added refinement. The tool lets you share the resulting image directly on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also download the images with or without a background.

Kapwing has a free image resizer tool that comes with some basic features. They also have three paid plans starting from just $6 per annually.


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With an easy-to-use interface and straightforward features, Fotor makes image resizing effortless. You can instantly adjust the size of an image to make it suitable for use on a website or social media platform or adjust it to fit a custom size or aspect ratio.

What sets Fotor apart from other image-resizing tools is its drag-and-drop features, which simplify the process. It also offers an offline mode that lets you work with your images even if you’re not connected to the internet. It’s available for both Windows and Mac.

Fotor image resizer can be downloaded for free from the official website.


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The Pixelied image resizer has a range of powerful features to give you maximum control over your images’ appearance. The software lets you quickly and easily resize high-resolution photos to various file formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, and more.

Additionally, Pixelied image resizer allows you to adjust photo dimensions and create mosaics and special effects.

What’s more, you can optimize images to improve the visual appearance of photos. Pixelied image resizer has built-in filters and effects such as gamma correction, contrast, brightness, and saturation. This tool also includes batch processing for resizing multiple images in simple steps. Additionally, it supports automatically adding metadata to the photos for efficient organization.

Pixelied offers a free image resizer tool for anyone looking to touch up their image. Apart from the free version, there are two paid plans: a Pro plan and a Pro plus plan.


By using these tools, you can easily adjust the size and dimensions of your images to fit the specific requirements of each social media platform. It will help ensure your content looks professional, polished, and engaging.

So if you want to enhance your social media presence and connect with your audience meaningfully, consider using one of the image resizer tools mentioned in this blog post!

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