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YouTube, undoubtedly, is the most popular video content platform on the web, with audiences watching content for approximately 6 billion hours every month on it.

First developed in 2005, YouTube makes it easy for content creators to publish videos and viewers to watch them online. 

Almost all age groups access YouTube to learn how to do things, know about certain products, services, or brands, enhance their knowledge on various topics, and more.

Apart from individuals, many businesses also use this platform to make their knowledge-based videos for users.

As the most viewed and trustable online video platform, there are so many fascinating YouTube statistics you can watch out for. From the number of active users to the most viewed channels, top earners, and most viewed videos, there’s so much to know about.

So, let’s dive into some YouTube statistics in detail and understand how well the platform has served everyone across the world in earning money or gaining knowledge. 

YouTube Active Users

As of 2023, YouTube has over 2.70 billion monthly active users, becoming the second most searchable website after Google. In Alexa’s global ranking, YouTube holds a second position.

YouTube entertains us with its short and large video content (The most dominant type of content in the content marketing industry), ranging from news to product views, web series, how-to videos, vlogs, unboxing, movies, and music. 

Organizations and individuals from various regions of the world upload videos on this platform. Every day, over 1 billion hours of video content is watched around the world. YouTube has 122 million active users daily in the USA only, and more than 62% of YouTube users are in the USA and access it on a daily basis. 

Active Users Country Wise 

India has the most audiences so far, followed by the USA. There are more than 467 million and 246 million active YouTube users in India and USA, respectively. Brazil is in third position, with 142 million users engaging with social video platforms, while the UK has 57.1 million internet users watching content on YouTube. 

YouTube is also one of the most downloaded entertainment applications on mobile devices worldwide, with over 154 million downloads. 

Video Uploads 

There are more than 500 hours of content being uploaded on YouTube every minute. YouTube users upload fresh videos every minute, on average.

This means the video content per hour will be 30,000 hours of content in an hour and 720,000 hours of video content per day. So, the amount of new content and eyeballs watching it are increasing not in years but in minutes. 

Viewing Trend

As of September 2023, YouTube is the 2nd most visited website after Google. The average time that a user spends on the platform is 00:20:04 minutes. Also, the average page a user opens is 11.65 pages per visit. It has a bounce rate of 21.65%, which means 21.65% of visitors leave the platform after viewing only one page. 

Watch Time

In 2015, Google claimed that people are now spending more than 40 minutes at a time watching YouTube on mobile devices. YouTube has reached a large number of people across the globe in a short time as compared to cable networks. This means people spend more time on YouTube content than on US cable networks. 

Global Reach

YouTube is available in over 100 countries and 80 languages, showcasing a wide range of users across the world. This helps different regions with different languages view the content seamlessly. Also, it helps reach a vast range of demographics and publish video content to bolster marketing strategy. 


According to YouTube, in 2021, its partner program, which allows users to make money from their videos, has crossed the 2 million creator mark. The YouTube platform has allowed top creators to monetize their channel and make a viable business through it. 

Creators need to qualify for this partner program, where they need at least 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers on their channel. They can earn money from subscription fees, live streaming, ads, donations, and YouTube Premium revenue.

Ad Revenue 

In the first quarter of 2022, YouTube had a worldwide advertising revenue of 6.66 billion U.S. dollars. It represents a slightly decreased revenue in the first quarter of 2023 as compared to the first quarter of 2022.

YouTube, being the largest online video platform in the world, has accumulated more than 100 million subscribers and generates revenue from the ads shown at the beginning or in between the videos. 

Mobile Usage

Users use smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs to watch video content related to their search lists.

According to Think With Google, more than 70% of global watchtime on YouTube videos happens on tablets and smartphones. Viewers often use easy-to-use devices, i.e., mobile phones and tablets, for watching video content or reels. 

After all, you need something to cheer you up after a long day of stressful work or study. That’s why many users prefer to spend their time enjoying YouTube content.

According to to Think With Google, The top four popular content categories watched by users are music, comedy, “how to”, and entertainment/pop culture.

Entertainment, music, and comedy videos let your stress go away. However, “how to” videos are informational and help you in every stage, from work to study, preparing projects or practicals, installing desktops to television, and much more. 

Age Demographics

YouTube viewers can be of any age, gender, or group, as it has a vast number of videos for everyone. According to a study in July 2023, YouTube has 12% male users aged between 25 and 34 years and 9% female users in the same age group. 

Similarly, it has 9% male users aged between 35 and 44, whereas female users of the same age group accounted for 7.6% on the platform in a certain examined period. 

YouTube Live Views Record 

In our evolving digital landscape, YouTube live streaming has risen rapidly to prominence. On 26th August 2023, YouTube recorded a huge milestone. ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 Mission Soft Landing claimed the title of “The most viewed live stream on YouTube” with a massive 8.06 million users watching the live stream on this day.

Other significant live streams on YouTube include:

  • CazéTV – World Cup 2022 QF Brazil vs Croatia: 6.1 million on Dec 9, 2022
  • CazéTV – Brazil vs. South Korea 2022 World Cup: 5.2 million on Dec 6, 2022
  • CazéTV – Vasco vs Flamengo: 4.7 million on March 19, 2023
  • SpaceX- Crew Demo-2: 4.1 million on May 28, 2020

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Premium Subscribers 

As of September 2022, YouTube has crossed 80 million Premium and Music subscribers worldwide, including trial subscribers. There is a 30 million increase in the number of members from the last recorded value. This is a monumental moment for subscribers, artists, and content creators on YouTube. 

To reach this massive number of subscribers, YouTube put forward some tactics. It introduced YouTube Premium, where users can access ad-free and play music at any time in the background or offline on their TV or mobile devices.

YouTube partners with many companies like Vodafone (Europe), Google services, Samsung, LG U+ (Korea), and more to launch YouTube Premium and Music. 

Most-Viewed Video on YouTube

Videos with unique creativity, popular songs, good graphics, and more stand out in the crowd among users. Quality of the video content, reach, number of subscribers, etc., are prime factors that help a video fetch some more views on YouTube.

In this category, “Baby Shark Dance” has more than 10 billion views, becoming the most-viewed YouTube video to date. The channel’s name is ‘Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kid’s Songs and Stories. I’m sure you might have heard the song in any of the reels on social media platforms like Instagram.

Indian music network T-Series has become the top content creator on YouTube globally, with a whopping 237 million subscribers as of February 2023. YouTube movies come second with 163 million subscribers, and Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes ranked third with 155 million subscribers. 

YouTube Kids 

YouTube introduced YouTube Kids for children in 2015 so that they access only those content pieces that are appropriate for their age group (up to 13 years). It offers curated content for kids along with parental control functionalities.

YouTube Kids had recorded 18 million downloads in 2016. Now, it has reached 106 million downloads worldwide in 2022, from which 99 million downloads were from the previous year only. 

YouTube Music Dominance 

From landmark videos like “New Rules”, “This Is America”, and “Despacito” to Beyonce’s livestream at Coachella, over 1 billion fans come to YouTube every month to become a part of new music culture and discover fine music. 

Moreover, YouTube is a platform where more than 2 million artists come every month to share their art and voices and let them reach across the world. This platform is where fans and artists connect, creating a fascinating world of music.

YouTube Music Revenue 

YouTube has become the top streaming music provider with a record of 80 million YouTube Premium and Music subscribers. YouTube contributed a revenue of around $6 billion to the music industry from July 2021 to June 2022. Out of this, 30% was from video content generated by the users.

Ad Performance 

The average ad performance is directly proportional to the average view rate. It varies according to the target audience, industry, length, and ad format. However, the average view rate for YouTube in-stream ads (those ads that play during or before a video) is approximately 30%, as stated by Google. 

For number ads (short ads that you can’t skip), the average view rate is recorded as 70%. There are several factors to enhance view rates, such as content quality, placement, right audience targeting, time, thumbnail, use of captions, and more.

Mobile App Downloads 

Everyone wants entertainment in some form, such as music, funny videos, movies, short stories, etc. Accessing YouTube from a mobile device is a good experience for everyone. It has recorded more than 10 billion downloads only from the Google Play Store. 

YouTube Shorts

All social media industries like Instagram, YouTube, FaceBook, TikTok, and more are in a race for short videos. Short videos are more likely to be viewed by the audiences as they are of short duration, and everyone these days happens to be busy with their day-to-day activities. 

YouTube shorts allow channel heads to make short videos for audiences. Google says YouTube shorts reached 50 billion daily views, as of 2023. 

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YouTube Live Views

The average watch time for YouTube live streaming varies across various content types and channels. However, recent data shows that viewers spend an average of 10-15 minutes in YouTube live streams. 

In 2020, it is estimated that YouTube has a 45% growth in average watch time, showing a significant improvement in viewership. 

YouTube Revenue Share 

YouTube provides a great platform where you can earn money. Content creators get 55% of YouTube ad revenue generated on their channels. This means that for every $100 an advertiser pays, YouTube pays $55 to the content creator. 

YouTuber Earning Per View 

On average, a YouTube content creator can earn approximately $0.018 for each view that makes $18 for every 1,000 views. It depends on the video length, quality, and content you are showing. 

Compensation for YouTube Content Creators in the USA

In 2022, YouTube content creators in the US generate approximately $1,154 per week or $4,616 per month. Thus, one can take YouTube as a full-time opportunity or part-time, depending on their needs. 

In 2021, MrBeast became the highest earner with $54 million. The second highest earner with $45 million is Jake Paul. The third highest earner with $38 million is Markiplier. 

YouTube Ads Influence

Content creators on YouTube can reach their audiences and turn them into customers. YouTube helps you connect with a wide range of people across the world who matter the most. YouTube ads use real-time data from Google to match your content to the people who want to consume your content. 

Viewers buy something 2x more likely if they saw it on YouTube. Moreover, 70% of viewers come to know about brands from YouTube. Modern users use YouTube 4x more than other platforms to find info about a product, service, or brand. 

In the 2019 survey, YouTube with 62% comes second as a popular channel for doing business. Facebook was the most popular channel, with 81%. Instagram comes third with 57%. The list is followed by Twitter (45.6%), LinkedIn (32.6%), etc. 

YouTube’s Popularity Among Teens

The landscape of media content is evolving, especially among teens aged between 13 and 17. Apart from other social media platforms, YouTube tops in 2022, with 95% of teens of a similar age group using YouTube to study and listen to songs, rhymes, and more.

TikTok is next on the list, followed by Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Concurrent Viewers on YouTube Gaming Live 

Live gaming is the most popular live streaming as almost all age groups love using this platform. YouTube is the biggest platform for live-stream games. In the third quarter of 2022, YouTube has recorded 544 thousand concurrent viewers.

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YouTube Penetration 

The United Arab Emirates became the highest YouTube penetration country across the world, as of July 2023 record, at around 98%. Following this chart, the Netherlands came second with 92.6%, and the United Kingdom came third with 91.8%. 

YouTube Top Earners in 2020 

YouTubers are generally bombarded with the question, “How much do they earn publishing video content?”. Here comes the list of who earns the most.

According to Statista, from June 2019 to June 2020, Ryan Kaji was the highest earner, with $29.5 million during this period. He is only 9 years old and became famous just by showing new toys and rating them. 

The second top earner on YouTube is Mr. Beast with $24 million, the third is Dude Perfect with $23 million, the fourth is Rhett and Link with $20 million, and the fifth is Markiplier with $19.5 million. A Russia-born 6-year-old child, Anastasia Radzinskaya (known as Nastya), who earned $18.5 million in the same period, came 7th in the list. 

Fastest Growing YouTube Categories 

In a 2020 survey, TV and movies were the fastest-growing categories on YouTube across the world, with a year-on-year growth of 279.5% subscribers. Next comes entertainment with 180.6% subscribers, and pets with 178% subscribers.

YouTube Most Viewed Channels 2023 

In August 2023, by monthly views on channels, Wiz Khalifa’s music channel ranked first with around 6 billion views. It’s followed by Wow Kidz with 5.02 billion views, T-series with 2.72 billion views, Cocomelon with 2.42 billion views, and SET India with 2.33 billion views. 


I hope the above YouTube statistics have amazed you as they have amazed me!

These statistics also show how a social media platform like YouTube can help you get entertained or entertain others and earn handsome money as a reward.

Whether you want to earn from your videos or wish to gain knowledge, spend time on movies, relax on jokes, and much more, YouTube is the perfect platform for all your needs. No wonder why YouTube is the number one video content platform in the world.

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