Backing up data is probably the most overlooked aspect of using a digital device, but is undoubtedly the most important.

The main reason being, without your data, your device is literally of no use except for a few pre-built apps that work offline. Other than that, it’s majorly dependent on your data. So, backing up data is essential to ensure if your device gets wiped out, you still have your data saved somewhere to bring it back.

Besides, it helps you:

  • Get quick access to your files.
  • Transfer files from one device to another
  • Gain peace of mind ✌

There’s iCloud that does a good job of backing up; however, it’s not the most advanced and lacks a ton of good features compared to the ones I’ll be listing in this article. These backup tools for the iPhone and iPad allow you to do more than just storing your data.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the list.


Easily backup your IOS data to the computer with iCareFone.

It lets you import, export, add and even remove duplicates in just a few clicks, and that too for free. You can manage numerous things, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps, and bookmarks. The amazing thing is you can transfer media files between other IOS devices and iTunes without any limitations.

Apart from the backup/restore features of iCareFone, it also allows you to fix any unexpected problems with your IOS device, such as:

  • Touch ID malfunction
  • Fast battery drain
  • Over-heated device
  • Recovery mode freeze
  • Screen stuck on the Apple logo.

For added safety, you can encrypt photos with a password and restore them without any data loss.


Dr.Fone lets you take quick backups of your iPhone/iPad data to your computer and restore iCloud/iTunes backups to your IOS device without worrying about data loss. All it takes is one click to connect your device and start the backup, that too selectively. This means you won’t have to backup and restore every single thing in your device. Just select the ones you want to do, and you’re good to go.

From notes, call history, and voice memos to photos, videos, and messages, Dr.Fone allows you to backup a ton of different data options. You can get started for free using the free trial before jumping on a paid plan starting at just $19.99/year.


Enjoy automatic and wireless backups with iMazing’s amazing technology that puts you in control and ease. You can do it on-demand or schedule it daily, weekly, or monthly as per your comfort.

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Each of your backup data can be stored safely, and you can restore any of the versions within just a few minutes. Also, with end-to-end and AES-256 encryption, there’s no chance your data can be manipulated anywhere. You can sit back, knowing the process is all safe and secure.

You can export your backup data to your Mac, Windows computer, external drive, or even NAS drive.


Another amazing contender in the list, FonePaw, allows you to backup and restore data from your IOS device. Once connected to your Windows/Mac computer, it starts by scanning your phone for data, after which all you need is one click to back all of them up. The best thing is, you can create multiple backups without overriding the old one.

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Apart from backup and restoration, FonePaw can help you retrieve your lost files from iCloud and iTunes. If you’re facing some minor problems with your IOS device, such as freezing, then this service can repair that too. Talk about being helpful in multiple ways!

You can download this software for free to start with.


With iTransor, you can backup, restore, and export data effectively without any worry of data loss in the process. You can transfer data from one device to another and backup/restore data from certain apps, such as Whatsapp and WeChat.

One interesting feature of this service is that it lets you view the data before restoring it to be sure what you’re doing. Also, the backup messages from apps like Whatsapp can be saved in several different formats, including HTML and XLS, while the media files will remain in their original form.

iTransor is endorsed by some of the biggest brands like Techradar and Tech Advisor, so you can be sure there’s not much to doubt about their service. 🙂


Acronis Cyber Protect has made it easy to quickly back up the data to keep the user safe from cyber threats. It is a perfect solution allowing integration for cybersecurity and data protection. The tool protects everything from applications to files, systems to photos, and makes backups eliminating the cost of complexity.


Users can easily backup anything to Acronis Cloud and restore your system when required. One can quickly restore new hardware and the entire system with a few clicks. The cloud-to-cloud backups are done for the Microsoft 365 account instantly with a few clicks.

It follows the 3-2-1 backup rule that store backup files locally on copy off-site, network drives, external hard drives, NAS device, etc. The servers and remote networks computers can easily store the data as a preventive measure against local damage. There are different editions as Premium and Advanced offering cloud storage to the Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, allowing users to access data from anywhere.


The above tools shall be enough options to choose from to backup/restore your IOS data effortlessly. If you need help in recovering your already lost data, then be sure to check these these tools out.