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An ISP proxy is useful when accessing the web with greater privacy and safety, such as online banking, shopping, streaming media, web scraping, and more. 

But why do you need a proxy server in the first place when you can freely surf the internet and access valuable information?

The answer is security.

While surfing the internet to gather data without a proxy, your IP address can easily be detected by the website you visit to detect something suspicious or policy violation.

Consequently, there is a risk of an IP block. And once your IP gets blocked by a website, you won’t be able to access it again.

This is where you need a proxy server like an ISP proxy to conceal and secure your actual IP address. It can act as a web filter or firewall and speed up common requests.

A good proxy server can easily allow you to access any site you want across the web and extract the needed information while protecting your data.

However, the proxy market is changing with technological advancements in almost every sector. The main aim is to constantly evolve according to your customer expectations.

For this reason, ISP proxies are introduced to enhance the existing proxy features to provide more security and privacy and help meet customer needs. 

In this article, I’ll explain an ISP proxy, why to choose it, and some of the best ISP proxy services. 

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a simple gateway between the internet and the user. You can refer to this as an intermediary server that separates end users from the websites they access. It provides multiple levels of security, privacy, and functionality depending on your needs or company policy. 

Simply put, a proxy server is a computer with its IP address on the internet that your computer knows. When you send a request, it first goes to the proxy server. Next, it makes the requests to the destination site on your behalf, collects responses from the web servers, and forwards them to you so that you can access the web page you requested directly in your browser. 

It has certain benefits that individuals and organizations use to control internet usage, save bandwidth, improve speeds, get more privacy, enhance security, and access blocked resources.

What Is an ISP Proxy?

ISP proxies or residential proxies use the IP addresses allocated by the ISPs and benefit from their data center’s speed, uptime, reputation, and stability. It will introduce you to many unique and legitimate sets of IPs. The prime advantage of this is that it is hosted in the data centers by ISPs.  

Due to this, you will get effective services from both data center proxies and residential proxies. Well, ISP proxy is a newcomer in the tech scene. You can shop, stream, avoid geo-restrictions, scrape data, do online banking, and enjoy the speedy service. 

Furthermore, ISP proxies prove their worth through the right notes for reliability, overall performance, availability, speed, and security. Hence, there is no doubt that ISP proxies are good-to-go proxies that can help you obtain the data you seek directly from your browser without any trouble or risk of IP blocking. 

Why Do You Need ISP Proxies?

ISP proxies offer many benefits that will help you with non-stop streaming, online gaming, shopping, and many more. Let’s discuss some of their benefits:

  • High speed
  • Better uptime
  • Optimal rotation
  • High anonymity
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Private browsing without any speed issues
  • Risk-free and faster data scraping
  • No restriction for accessing geo-restricted content

Use Cases of ISP Proxies

The undetectable and fast nature of ISP proxies makes them the top choice for various web operations, such as:

  • Web scraping
  • SEO monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Ad verification
  • Brand protection
  • Comparing pricing

Now that we have a better idea of ISP proxies let’s discuss some of the best ISP proxy services you can start using. 


Get one of the best static residential proxies or ISP proxies with IPRoyal and experience its many advantages like online shopping, banking, streaming media, etc. You will get a high level of security while entering these areas to avoid getting IP blocked.

Whether you want to access data for your work or play online games, the static residential proxy by IPRoyal can be a premium choice. IPRoyal offers high-bandwidth ISP proxies for streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and more. Interestingly, it uses IP pools that solve the problem of IP bans. 

Residential proxies source their addresses from the residential user space. You will also find several advantages to the sourced IPs, such as avoiding proxy bans from the streaming providers. In addition, static services play an essential role when accessing your bank account.

IPRoyal is beneficial while gathering data online, also called data scraping, which involves long hours of sourcing. This is risky and raises suspicions from the destination site that can block your IP. But if you use IPRoyal’s ISP proxies, it’s not only possible to do but also risk-free.

Furthermore, if you couple the scraping bots with a residential proxy, it will cut the data collection time in half. This results in freeing up some time for other things. Along with saving your time, it also secures your private info and enhances your working efficiency without compromising security. It also enables hassle-free integration with the help of scraping bots that are available on the web. 

IPRoyal offers 99.90% uptime for your mission-critical applications and comes with a vast pool of unique proxies to fulfill your wish with minimal effort. In addition, there will be no heavy buckle while you use the reliable proxy rigorously. 

Buy IPRoyal’s static residential proxy and experience the best outcome. 

Bright Data

Avail of best-performing ISP proxies for your work with Bright Data and gain global coverage. You will get over 600,000 fully-compliant static residential proxies and the fastest industry response time. 

Bright Data’s ISPs have the highest and most extensive geographic coverage for any type of proxy provider. This enables you to keep using the residential ISPs worldwide for a long time. Therefore, it’s considered one of the best-performing and fastest infrastructures in the market that provides high performance without interruptions. 

You will get the most stable and fastest pool of 100% compliant proxies. You can easily access restricted websites according to their location with ethically-sourced proxies. Bright Data is committed to legally complying with all the data protection requirements, including the new EU data protection regulatory framework, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and GDPR.

Bright Data offers the optimum network uptime, faster outputs, and unparalleled quality of services. You can document everything, create sub-users and manage them, and control your proxies with the Proxy Manager. You will also get optimized results according to your custom rules. 

Choose from their flexible pricing that can fit your needs. You can choose the ‘pay-as-you-grow’ option if you are starting or have a small business aiming for growth. You can also take a 7-day free trial and experience the city-level targeting. 


Experience the advantages of extended sessions with Oxylabs’ ISP proxies. It uses the power of residential and data center IPs and performs high-speed human-like data scraping. It ensures you gather all the necessary data without running out of session timings.

With stable sessions, you can follow every scraping step consistently and access various pages with one IP address. Hence, you get data with no delays. Oxylabs’ ISP proxies combine the features of residential and data center proxies. They are also hard to detect like a residential proxy and faster like a data center proxy.

Moreover, Oxylabs is perfect for competitive scraping areas where frequent requests and velocity are crucial. Whatever website you need to access, Oxylabs’ ISP proxies make you look like a real user. This way, you can collect information from complex websites without getting noticed. 

Oxylabs is wise as it offers reliable sources, high-speed, growing proxy pools, access to usage statistics, and unlimited targets. Get a reliable and fast solution and appear as a genuine user in your sessions. 


Leverage MarsProxies’ fast and reliable ISP proxy service for efficient data scraping, SEO research, banking, online shopping, streaming, and more. You’ll enjoy high anonymity and security when using these proxies and not worry about bans.

With MarsProxies, you get access to hundreds of thousands of highly reliable ISP IP addresses from locations all over the world. They are dedicated and static, so you won’t share them with anyone else. As a result, you get stable connections and 100% anonymity, which is crucial for many online activities, from social media management and banking to gaming and streaming.

MarsProxies guarantees 99.99% uptime and lightning-fast speeds of up to 10 Gbps, helping you perform your online tasks without interruptions. In addition, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited threads, and SOCKS5 support, making them ideal for collecting data and tasks involving sensitive information like banking details or usernames and passwords.

These proxies are easy to use with a user-friendly dashboard, so you won’t struggle to get things done. Most importantly, they are affordable, with pricing starting at €2 per proxy.


Smartproxy is the perfect partner for businesses of any size, providing unmatched reliability and speed of internet service provider (ISP) proxies with rotating on-demand IPs. Its residential proxies offer the same speeds as data center solutions while maintaining rock-solid stability.

SmartProxy provides a seamless integration and comprehensive usage statistics to help you propel growth. With its user-centric dashboard, the process of configuring your proxy is simplified. At the same time, data can be monitored in real-time, allowing you to whitelist IPs, manage users, and track vital stats like top targets and traffic conveniently from one place.

With Smartproxy, you can enjoy forever website sessions and customize your ISP proxy settings for social media marketing, market research, Ad tech activities, e-commerce management, or data collection tasks –such as SEO improvements, brand security, checking prices, or travel aggregation– all backed up by our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

The company provides outstanding 24/7 support to ensure high-quality performance plus country-level targeting accompanied by SOCKS5 authorization protocol to round off this complete package.

Its ethically sourced IPs offer wide coverage across locations, large pools of addresses, a high success rate, and flexibility in pricing plans to meet all budgets.

Smartproxy has a 14-day money-back guarantee for all potential customers to explore its service before committing.


Keep using residential IPs for a long time with NetNut’s static residential proxies or ISP proxies. You will get more than 1 million active IPs, premium static IPs, one-hop ISP connectivity, and 24/7 availability. It will also offer you an active IP address assigned from worldwide ISPs.

This enables you to use the same residential IPs as long as you want. ISP proxies are highly reliable and super-fast that offers 100% anonymity. You can use this technique in various fields, from media management to the complex requirements of an enterprise. 

Get one-hop ISP connectivity without any dependency, which brings faster proxy speed. Whether you want information for your SEO, social media account, ad verification, brand protection, or price comparison, NetNut gathers data from any target across many regions. 

NetNut guarantees 100% uptime and zero downtimes and provides dedicated private proxy pools based on the target to assure the highest success rates. You can also use a simple API to access usage statistics in real-time, along with dashboard access. 

In addition, you will get speed, stability, quality, and support. So, just sign-up, select an ISP proxy suitable for your work, target the domain in your sessions, and start using static IPs to keep sessions active as long as you want. 

Get a 7-day free trial and experience the most delicate data without hassle. 


Webshare offers residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth and high speed for your needs. These residential or ISP proxies are specially built for you to get the information you want for your enterprise. This is one of the fastest alternatives to the standard residential proxies.

Webshare’s ISP proxy offers a speed of up to 1Gbps and doesn’t require you to calculate your usage. You can buy ISP proxies only from well-known ISPs across the globe, such as Sprint, Lumen, Verizon, and AT&T.

Your IP address will remain static forever, making you feel like an organic user. Get more than 100k proxies, 100 Gbps aggregate network, and 99.97% uptime. Webshare offers a modern control panel that comes with advanced features.

Integrate with Webshare’s RESTful APIs to save money and time. You will also get the most potent and complete proxy APIs that prevent you from IP ban with a consistent IP pool. Upgrade to the ISP proxy and experience the best-ever features with your static IP. 

Web share offers ten proxies for free. So, buy affordable and fast proxy servers today and use them to get the data you need. 

Space Proxies

Launch your successful campaign today with Space Proxies. It offers industry-leading global solutions for your needs, and its ISP proxies are reliable, fast, and powered by 100 Gbps servers. 

You will get unlimited data from your favorite websites with a perfect ISP plan. The ISP proxies are working on Veve, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Yeezy Supply, Supreme, and more. Choose your quantity from 25 to 100 proxies and define your payment terms. 

Get access to the geo-restricted websites from your location without any IP ban and other hassles. You can choose the perfect plan to get the desired data from your long sessions with the same IP. 

ISP Proxies by Space Proxies are not only reliable but also equally faster than other proxy service providers. It uses the feature of data center proxies in the form of super stable proxies to provide incredible speed.


Get regularly updated and the cleanest proxy pool to avoid IP ban with SOAX. It has more than 8.5 million active IPs worldwide and offers the advantage of flexible targeting by city, provider, region, and country. 

SOAX keeps your identity 100% anonymous. You can also use the IP addresses provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from across the globe without any trouble. Get a quick response from the targeted IP addresses connected to a reliable Proxy Exchange Platform.

Experience high performance and speed from the proxy server. Access the SOAX’s dashboard to filter your search results by region, country, or ISPs. It allows you to use whitelisted and legitimate residential IPs. 

With SOAX, you can gather pricing policies, website information, brand-related information, SEO, and more. Whether you need to monitor price, SEO, website availability, ad verification, market, speed, or data, SOAX is a one-stop solution for you. 

Configure your proxies easily and view statistics of traffic usage. You can also manage your account conveniently in the user dashboard and whitelist IP addresses. Furthermore, export the list as HTML, CSV, or TXT and share the lists with other users. 


AstroProxy is a distributed proxy network that allows you to collect data from your desired target and run different accounts without restrictions or bans. Get all proxies in a single panel and easily access the entire pool and traffic charges with AstroProxy. 

You can order specific proxy parameters, a port, and traffic. In addition, you can choose between city, country, and ISP-specific proxies. This will further help you gain the trust of services or websites and secure your account. 

AstroProxy is a network of many whitelisted residential IPs and regular ISPs. It helps reduce the likelihood of account restrictions and IP bans and offers flexible settings and the assurance of non-stop availability.

You can use AstroProxy with any software and operating system. It provides an API that is available for OS integration. Whether you are a marketing specialist, traffic arbitrage specialist, context advertiser, SEO specialist, SMM specialist, or business owner, you will gather the data you want quickly and effectively. 

You can use AstroProxy for parsing data, aggregating data, comparing prices, verifying ads, running multiple accounts, protecting copyright, ranking SEO, researching the market, and more. 


Scraping data from different websites for your business seems like an easy task. But in reality, it involves many challenges that can impact your privacy and security. Without ISP proxy, you can face issues like slow scraping, blocking IP addresses, and more.

Hence, use an ISP proxy to scrape data, access geo-restricted content, stream media online, and do much more while staying anonymous and secure.

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