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JavaScript is one of the most popular and loved programming languages.

Its uses range from developing websites to writing code for the Mars Rover. Despite its simplicity, it is a rewarding programming language to learn. This article is a guide on the best places to learn JavaScript.

What Is JavaScript, and What Is It Used For?

YouTube video

JavaScript is a popular programming language used mostly in web development. It is one of the most popular languages in the world and is also very much loved by developers. It has a C family-like syntax and is generally considered easy to learn.

Brief History

JavaScript is a programming language developed by Brendan Eich in 1995 at Netscape. It was designed to be used in Netscape’s browser, Netscape Navigator, to make webpages interactive. Over time, JavaScript was adopted by more and more browsers.

Another critical point was the development of Node.js, a program capable of reading and running JavaScript outside the browser. This allowed JavaScript to grow beyond the browser and be used to build all sorts of applications, including mobile, desktop, and server applications.

Uses of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is useful for creating and building websites. When added to webpages, JavaScript makes them more interactive. This can be done with pure JavaScript or using one of the many frameworks.
  • It is also used to build server-side applications using an established runtime like Node.js or the relatively newer one – Bun.
  • The language is also used to develop desktop applications using Electron.js and mobile applications using NativeScript.
  • Many other uses of JavaScript are not as common. These include game development, machine learning, scripting Google Workspace apps, and building Virtual Reality apps.

Despite syntactic similarities, JavaScript is a different language from Java.

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Why Is Javascript a Good First Language?

  • JavaScript is relatively easy to learn compared to other programming languages such as Java or C++.
  • As mentioned, it is very useful, with many uses stretching beyond the initial browser for which it was designed.
  • JavaScript is a popular language, which means it has many resources to learn from, some of which I have listed below.
  • It is also easy to get support if you get stuck, which you inevitably will as you learn a new programming language.
  • Installing a JavaScript compiler is easy. You can run it in the browser (which you already have if you are reading this article) or install Node.js or Bun – both of which are easy to install.

Best places to learn JavaScript

Finally, the section you probably want. Here’s a list of the best places to learn JavaScript online. Some of these resources are paid, but most are free.


YouTube video

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular website for learning programming. It contains hundreds, if not thousands, of free tutorials to take you from zero JavaScript knowledge to an entry-level developer. Some of the best JavaScript tutorials on YouTube include this tutorial by the channel Programming with Mosh and another by Traversy Media. Both tutorials are freely available on YouTube.



w3schools is one of the more established learning resources for all topics programming on the internet. They have courses covering JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, Java, and many other languages.

In addition, they have courses for JavaScript libraries such as React and JQuery and runtimes such as Node.js. These courses are available for free. They also offer certifications at a premium.

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is one of the most comprehensive books on JavaScript out there. Marijn Haverbeke wrote it, and is currently in its third edition, published in 2018. Unlike most other tutorials, the book teaches you JavaScript independently of HTML.

However, later chapters will show you how to use JavaScript with HTML to make web pages interactive. In addition, the book also covers Node.js. The PDF version is free, while the print version can be purchased.


YouTube video

FreeCodeCamp is one of the best places to learn programming online. They have tutorials on various technologies and articles to teach you various concepts. Their JavaScript tutorial is one of the most watched on YouTube. They also offer a Front-End Web development syllabus to guide your learning journey.


Udemy is one of the more popular Learning platforms for many things, programmers included. It has courses from independent makers covering all sorts of topics. Some of the best-rated JavaScript courses include this one by Jonas Schmedtmann, this one from Brad Traversy, and this one from Academind.


Like Udemy, Coursera is a Learning platform with multiple courses. However, Coursera courses are usually created by larger organizations such as Google, Meta, and IBM. Therefore, they tend to be of great quality.

The courses cover a lot of fields, from Computer Science and Programming to Business and Finance. It is also a great place to learn JavaScript. Some of the best Coursera JavaScript courses include JavaScript for Beginners by Meta, JavaScript for Beginners by UC Davis, and Learn JavaScript by Scrimba.



Codecademy has one of the best beginner JavaScript courses. The course includes lessons, projects, quizzes, and articles to help you further your understanding. It covers many concepts, from basics to slightly more advanced concepts like object-oriented programming.

The best part of Codecademy is that it is hands-on; you get to write and run code in the browser as you’re learning. It is highly rated and is available for free without certification. For certification, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Codecademy also has courses for other languages, such as Python, Ruby, and C++ – most of which are free.


Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network is one of the most extensive and detailed resources on Web technologies on the Internet today. It has articles and tutorials covering different concepts such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The JavaScript guide covers everything you need to know to be proficient. It is also completely free.


JavaScript is no doubt a useful language to learn. Being a popular language, there is no shortage of learning resources. While this article listed a lot of learning resources, there are lots more that are good, perhaps better. My advice when learning JavaScript or programming is not to rely on one source.

Happy learning!

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