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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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There may be instances when you start facing problems with the keys of your keyboard.

It may also be possible that you cannot find out where the problem is, whether it is the hardware creating the problem or the software. All these things can be identified with the help of a perfect keyboard testing tool.

A keyboard testing tool helps in testing the keyboard effectively. It enables you to find out whether the keys of your keyboard are working fine or not.

There are a large number of tools available for testing a keyboard. These come in the form of apps and software as well as online or web-based forms. You can efficiently perform the keyword test many times using these tools.

So, if you are facing a problem with your keyboard, here are some good online tools you can use to test your keyboard.


IObit is a simple and effective online keyboard testing tool that lets you perform tests conveniently. You need to press the keys of your physical keyboard. If the keywords are working fine, they will light up on the keyboard shown on the screen.


You must check carefully whether this tester is responding to all the keys. You can also press multiple keys altogether to see whether the keys are working simultaneously or not.

Keyboard Checker

Check how good your keyword works with this Keyboard Checker tool that performs tests online. It can test all keyboards for you, including wireless, Apple, gaming, and more.


On the testing screen, it displays a virtual keyboard. Whatever key you will press will get highlighted in this. As a result, you can come to know whether the keys you are pressing are working or not. Besides this, this tool also displays information about the last key press, keys you can press, etc.

Online Mic Test

Online Mic Test is another great keyboard testing tool that features a virtual keyboard on the test screen.


This online tool offers you a quicker way to check the working of your keyboard keys. Keys on the virtual keyboard get lit up as you press them on your physical keyboard. This Online Mic Test platform also offers a guide for troubleshooting the various common keyboard issues.

Keyboard Test Online

Check whether you have a perfectly working keyboard or a faulty one with this Keyboard Test Online tool. You can enjoy the facilities of this tool for free.


The homepage of this platform is the testing page. Here you will see a virtual keyboard on the screen. As you press the keys, the color of the pressed keys will automatically change on the virtual keyboard. The pressed key will turn blue. This way, you can verify every key of your keyboard. is a free online keyboard tester tool that lets you test your laptop, PC, or mechanical keyboard.


Its virtual keyboard says all about the health of your keyboard keys. Here you can also check the working of your mouse. is a hand-coded testing tool for your keyboard that you can utilize online conveniently. It works with most browsers.


Clicking the “Launch the Tester” button on the home page to run the test. It further opens a tester page in the new browser window that showcases a virtual keyboard.

Here you can press the keys on your physical keyboard. The virtual highlights the pressed keys with a green border. This way, you can come to know which one of the keys is working well and which are faulty.


Key-Test is an online keyboard testing tool that you can use online to test the functioning of your keyboard. It brings you a large virtual keyboard on the home screen. You can easily test all the keys of your keyboard.


Just like other tools, it also highlights the pressed keys to let you know which keys you have pressed. In this way, you can recognize the problematic keys.

You can also utilize the online tool for testing the keys of your keyboard. It lets you follow a simple process for carrying out this test.


Just enter the keys on your keyboard. If they work well, they will be highlighted in blue color on the virtual keyboard. You may come across false presses, key drops, or duplicate pressure on the character in case of any fault. is another amazing online keyboard tester tool available on the web for free. You can use this to test any laptop keyboard, wireless keyboard, or PC keyboard.


This keyboard tester is completely safe and secure to use. It does not store the information that you type to test your keyboard.

Use to determine which keys are working perfectly and which are faulty in your keyboard. The virtual keyboard for testing is available on the home screen. You can quickly press the keys, which will get lit up on the virtual keyboard.


You can easily recognize the problematic keys with this online tester.

Final Words

The keyboard is the most crucial part of your system. It decides the efficiency of our work, especially if it involves more typing. So it is important to ensure all your keyboard keys are working properly. Utilize these amazing and convenient tools and instantly test your keyboard’s efficiency.

You may also want to explore the best android mobile keyboard apps to make typing easier.

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