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Killing Floor 2 is the perfect game for anyone that enjoys over-the-top zombie bloodbaths and fast-paced FPS action.

In-game, you essentially fight rogue military clones that were meant to serve as soldiers but eventually became zombie-like killers due to a scientist’s intervention. The game takes you to different European locations where you need to fight different zombie waves or ‘Zeds’.

The game grows tougher with each passing mission, and newer variations of Zeds come into the picture.


Killing Floor 2 (KF2) is the epitome of this genre and has gained worldwide popularity. The cross-platform, multiplayer nature of Killing Floor 2 has naturally given rise to custom server needs. That’s why we have curated some of the best Killing Floor 2 servers below.

Benefits of Hosting a Server for Killing Floor 2

While the game is fun when played alone, you really feel the zombie madness when you play it together with friends or family. That’s mainly when hosting a server for Killing Floor 2 comes into play. However, hosting a server includes way more benefits than just this including:

  • Players get full control over the rules, settings, and other processes
  • The game performance increases manifold
  • Gamers can customize the game to a great extent using versatile mods
  • Hosting a custom Killing Floor 2 server is way more affordable than renting space from a game service provider
  • Players can configure a private server where only their friends can join

Server Requirements for Hosting Killing Floor 2

Before we start naming the best Killing Floor 2 hosting servers, let us see the minimum server requirements for the game. Even if you want to play KF2 with low graphics, your computer must have the following:

  • Processor: Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz / Phenom II X2 545
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTS 250 / Radeon HD 4830
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 80 GB of available space

While meeting the above requirements will let you run Killing Floor 2 in low graphic settings, it doesn’t support some hardware. That’s why you will need the below configuration to host the KF2 server without any issues:

  • Processor: Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz / Phenom II X4 955
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 / Radeon HD 6950
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100 GB available space

Let us now list some of the best KF2 server hosting providers:

Survival Servers

Survival Servers offer DDoS-protected, instantly deployable Killing Floor 2 servers. All the servers come with an in-house control panel to allow you to configure and customize them. It also lets you install any mods you like with a single click.


Unfortunately, as of now, Survival Servers does not specify the pricing for its KF2 servers.


AleForge’s Killing Floor 2 servers are ideal for gamers who want cross-play support, mod support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, enterprise-level hardware, DDoS protection, and more at an affordable price.


Interestingly, AleForge utilizes Dwarven Tunneling to boost your gaming experience. Moreover, you can easily install Steam Workshop mods on the server with ease. Also, you can create a custom URL and invite them to play together from both Consoles and PC, thanks to the cross-play support.

AleForge has two types of plans – Standard and Premium (better hardware and network performance) – starting at 2.99 USD and 5.99 USD, respectively.


Nodecraft lets you set up your custom Killing Floor 2 server instantly without imposing any limits. It provides cloud backup so that your progress remains intact.

Nodecraft’s high-performance server hosting ensures zero lag while playing, and you get a smooth gaming experience.


Nodecraft brings a lucrative feature set to the table with an automatic cloud backup facility and reliable hardware. The setup process is also instant, making it easier to install for the tech novice.

For your info, Nodecraft’s entire infrastructure is Linux-based. So the security, performance, and stability are top-notch. Plus, it offers DDoS protection as an extra layer of security. Presently, Nodecraft’s pricing starts at 9.98 USD/month.


Nitrado’s Killing Floor 2 servers are easy-to-manage, highly reliable, and flexible. You can easily install mods, change runtime, upgrade/downgrade your server at will, and so on.


It takes the shortest internet routes to offer you the lowest possible pings. Plus, it backups your game progress regularly and provides DDoS protection to give you a safe, secure gaming experience.

You can also install mods to the server easily without much hassle. Moreover, Nitrado lets you easily share server access and permissions with multiple administrators.

Currently, the pricing starts at just 1.69 USD (4 slots/3 days).


4Netplayers provides high-quality, DDoS-protected, easy-to-configure Killing Floor 2 servers for gamers worldwide. Their cloud game server stores 120+ games and mods, with new games being added regularly.


All updates are auto-installed as soon as they are available. 4Netplayers also makes installing mods a cakewalk. If a game supports a particular mod, entering the Steamworkshop-ID will make the server auto-install that mod.

Its pricing starts at 12.89 USD (10 slots/1 month with shared IP and without branding).


GTXGaming provides highly reliable, top-notch, and DDoS-protected KF2 servers with instant configuration.


It is one of the biggest hosting platforms for Killing Floor 2 servers. Its enterprise-level hardware, no memory limits, custom control panel, auto-backups, lag-free gaming, etc., take your Killing Floor 2 experience to newer heights.

The servers at GTXGaming aren’t hardware limited, which essentially means that your plugins won’t affect the performance of your servers. Moreover, their control panel is by far the best we could get our hands on in the game server hosting market. Currently, its pricing starts at 6.20 USD/month (6 slots).


VeryGames offers KF2 servers for gamers with automatic updates, an official KF2 panel, FTP access, Steam support, and so on.


Besides, it lets you schedule tasks and use secondary accounts to increase your convenience. Plus, it offers DDoS protection to give you a secure, worry-free Killing Floor 2 gaming experience. Moreover, you can choose the server locations and servers with lower latency and better uptime.

VeryGames’ pricing starts at 9.34 USD (1 month/1server/6 slots) and 13.82 USD (1 month/1server/6 slots) for KF2 VQS and KF2 VXP servers, respectively. You can enjoy massive discounts (up to 21%) on server pricing if you buy servers in bulk quantities, for long durations, or both.


With Akliz, getting custom servers for Killing Floor 2 becomes easy. It offers high-quality, affordable KF2 servers that utilize secure networks and hardware.


Akliz has a powerful control panel, multiple server and mod support, no player restrictions, high clock speed processors, etc., to enhance your gaming.

At present, Akliz offers various paid plans starting at 10 USD/month. Credit where due, Akliz offers by far the most number of plans with different specifications that make sure you always find a plan that fits your budget and fulfills your requirements.

Elite Game Servers

Elite Game Servers provides easy-to-install, lighting-fast KF2 servers that come equipped with top-quality DDoS protection.


The servers ensure low latency, so you get lag-free gaming sessions every time. Also, the servers are modifiable. That means you can upload custom tracks and cars to enrich your KF2 experience.

Presently, Elite Game Servers’ pricing starts at 7.62 USD/month for 12 slots.

Streamline Servers

Streamline Servers’ Killing Floor 2 servers offer instant installation, low pings, control panels, and more, making it a good choice for all KF2 enthusiasts.


It makes sure that players get complete control over servers. Also, it offers one-click installation for any add-ons from its Mod Manager, making server modding an effortless process.

Streamline Servers’ pricing starts at 11.95 USD/server for 6-12 player slots.


If low-latency, lag-free servers are your priority, LOW.MS could be your ideal choice. Its servers offer instant setup, DDoS protection, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and more to ensure a quality gaming session.


All its servers are NVME-powered and utilize the fastest CPUs, making LOW.MS a powerful KF2 server hosting provider.

LOW.MS offers its high-performance hosting from 10.10 USD/month.


PingPerfect allows gamers to get instant KF2 servers with a full backup system. It comes with free web hosting and debranding, an easy-to-use game panel, DDoS protection, FTP/File Browser access, enterprise hardware, etc., providing a solid gaming experience.


PingPerfect’s pricing starts at 9.49 USD USD/server.


1GServerHost offers instantly configurable, DDoS-protected, enterprise-hardware KF2 servers with hourly backups. Besides, you can easily install any supported mods to elevate your gaming.


Other cool features include unlimited players, a custom control panel, Steam support, auto-updates, auto-restarts, and more. At present, 1GServerHost’s pricing starts at 20 USD/month.

Gaming Deluxe

KF2 servers offered by Gaming Deluxe are ideal for all Killing Floor 2 enthusiasts. Its top features include a mod manager and auto mod downloads, 2-step authentication, ease of use, full FTP, etc.


Interestingly, Gaming Deluxe offers you the live status of your server (CPU, memory, and hard disk) performance. Also, its game panel makes configuration a cakewalk for both beginners as well as pro users.

Currently, Gaming Deluxe’s pricing starts at 7.62 USD for 6 slots.

Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks is a solid solution for all your Killing Floor 2 custom server needs. It offers free web hosting, powerful DDoS protection, an easy-to-navigate admin panel, a user-friendly setup, and more.


However, one little drawback of Nitrous Networks’ servers is that they don’t support all mods. Only source mods are okay. Also, it has fewer server locations when compared to other similar hosting providers.

At the time of publication, Nitrous Networks offers dedicated Killing Floor 2 servers for just 6.83 USD/month.


iFreeGameServer offers DDoS-protected, 99.9% uptime-guaranteed Killing Floor 2 servers that ensure lag-free gaming sessions. Its custom control panel lets users easily configure and customize their Killing Floor 2 servers, upload files via FTP, switch locations, etc.


Users can also install various plugins and mods to enrich their experience. FYI, iFreeGameServer presently utilizes NVME SSD storage 7 times faster than SSDs and approximately 20 times faster than HDDs. Its Pterodactyl Panel lets power users do more efficient self-management.

And the best part? iFreeGameServer offers all its handy features for free.


Not mentioning Clanwarz while discussing the best Killing Floor 2 server hosting providers will be unfair. Clanwarz offers reliable, high-speed KF2 servers scattered across various parts of the world.

YouTube video

Clanwarz comes equipped with a plethora of amazing features. These include instant configuration, backups, restoration, live support, custom web panel, etc.

Apart from those, Clanwarz’s KF2 game server packages offer Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, or Mumble voice servers, custom command line tools, mod and map pack installer, full FTP access, etc.
Also, it has an automatic server updater for increased convenience for gamers.

At the time of publication, Clanwarz’s Killing Floor 2 servers are available at a budget-friendly price of 10 USD.


Rabisu offers powerful Killing Floor 2 game servers with many striking features. These include easy and instant configuration, unlimited processors, unlimited RAM, an advanced web panel, top-notch DDoS protection, low ping, etc.


Also, Rabisu is known for utilizing M2. NVME infrastructure. This boosts performance levels to an unforeseen extent and makes playing Killing Floor 2 with other players a delightful affair.
As of now, Rabisu makes it possible to rent a KF2 server for just 5 USD per month.

Final Words

Now that you know about the best KF2 server hosting providers don’t wait any longer. Refer to our article and choose the provider that best suits your preferences. The wonderful, exciting world of Killing Floor 2 awaits you. Start your voyage today!

Now you may read about the best game server hosting platforms for everyone.

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