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YouTube playlists/videos for learning to code for free are a godsend for learners on a tight budget. As more and more businesses are taking to the digital world, coding is becoming an essential skill and these videos are a great way to get started. After all, programming languages have formed the backbone of different sectors in today’s quickly expanding technological world, making them crucial skills for job advancements.

Several reasons contribute to the rising prominence of programming languages. To begin, automation and artificial intelligence are altering traditional employment positions. This is producing a strong demand for individuals who can design and operate advanced algorithms and AI systems. In turn, it necessitates skills in programming languages such as Python, Java, and R.

The emergence of data-driven decision-making has raised the demand for data scientists and analysts fluent in languages such as SQL, Python, and R who can process and understand huge datasets. Here’s where YouTube can help in making the learning process easier through playlists and videos. Take a glance at this handy list below

Additionally, web development is still a vibrant industry, with languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This is essential for producing dynamic and visually appealing websites and apps. Furthermore, as cybersecurity concerns grow, programming languages like C++, Java, and Python are critical for designing safe software and apps.

Furthermore, the growth of mobile devices has increased the need for mobile app developers. It requires fluency in languages such as Swift for iOS and Kotlin/Java for Android.

In summary, programming languages have evolved into indispensable tools, changing the digital environment and providing broad and lucrative employment prospects. As a result, it makes them crucial assets for those seeking to thrive in today’s labor market.

Why do Most Learners not Visit Online Platforms?

Online platforms, tutorials, and coding boot camps have surely increased the availability of materials for learning to code. However, the expense of these materials is a considerable obstacle for many ambitious learners.

Comprehensive coding courses can be expensive, especially if they include personalized coaching or recognized certificates. While online learning platforms and coding boot camps are helpful, but they can put a burden on the budgets of those looking to master these skills.

Furthermore, acquiring textbooks, enrolling in specialized coding programs, or even visiting coding workshops can all add up to significant expenses. 

Learning Coding for Free on YouTube

YouTube has a vast spectrum of videos generated by expert programmers, educators, tech enthusiasts, etc., ranging from beginner-friendly courses to sophisticated coding skills to data science courses. This makes it a great and accessible resource for aspiring coders. The videos frequently include step-by-step instructions, real-time coding examples, and problem-solving methodologies to accommodate various learning styles.

Additionally, YouTube’s interactive platform enables users to communicate with content producers via comments, explanations, and developing a feeling of community learning. Many well-known coding channels build playlists for programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Java, etc., organizing content for learning experiences. 

Now, let’s check out some videos to make your learning easy.


HTML & CSS for Beginners

Kevin Powell curated this playlist on his channel, which is named “HTML & CSS for Beginners”. The playlist promises to help learners to build webpages and websites from scratch.

Formulating a webpage is one of the domains where technical expertise is expected proportionately with creativity. The videos included in this playlist start straight from HTML, which is the building block of the web.

From paragraphs, headings, font style, weights, and images, you will get to know all the powerful features of HTML. You can even link webpages internally and externally by using anchor tags. This part is well covered in one of the videos here.

After HTML, the CSS explanation portions commence, where one can discover ways to style text, images, etc. I think both HTML and CSS are explained in a really lucid manner, which makes it easier for first-timers to grasp such new topics.

HTML & CSS Full Course – Beginner to Pro

On YouTube, you can get a plethora of videos on HTML and CSS courses. But what makes this HTML & CSS Full Course – Beginner to Pro video stand out is the efforts to detail and structure. By well-defined structure implies that the content proceeds systematically from one topic to another. This affirms that the viewers don’t lose interest and zeal to learn in the middle. 

The video is one long one, with 6+ hours of content at a stretch. It starts from the HTML basics, covering several tags for text, images, fonts, and links. CSS topics are covered next, along with touching advanced concepts like CSS grid layout, selectors, responsiveness, and many others.

The best part is the entire video is segmented into a number of named timestamps so that learners can move forward and backward while they consume the content. What you also get is a hands-on project at the end of the lecture to polish up your skills better!

HTML & CSS Full Course for Free

The HTML & CSS Full Course for Free is also a large full-length video of 4+ hours of content, curated by the YouTube channel “Bro Code”.

Live server extension is a topic that is provided by the lecturer at almost the beginning of the video. This piece of content is more often overlooked by many course creators, but is quite often a question that dangles in the minds of newbies. I, personally, have experienced this during my journey of learning web development.

Starting from VS Code installation, HTML basics, and CSS basics to advance – everything is more or less covered in this long lecture. Transformations and animations are also summed up in the ending portions of the video.

C Programming Videos

C Programming for Beginners

The YouTube channel Programmiz is well-known for its coding materials and content. This playlist created by the channel covers the basics of C Programming for Beginners.

The programming community widely considers C as the mother of all high-level programming languages. You start from the absolute level zero, performing tasks such as installing the IDE and setting up the compiler.

This video series covers all the basics of C sequentially, explaining the datatypes, user inputs, comments, and operators in great detail. Advanced topics like if-else statements, loops, multidimensional arrays, functions, and others come up in order next. I think it is a well-curated piece of content for anyone stepping new in learning C.

Beginner C Videos

Jacob Sorber’s YouTube channel has created yet another C-programming tutorial playlist, where beginners can have a step-by-step guide to learning the coding language in his Beginner C Videos.

The series kicks off with an introduction to some common C datatypes. After which, advanced datatypes like arrays and pointers are discussed in detail.

My experience with learning from this playlist is it contains in-depth explanations and materials, along with plentiful examples. The videos also touch upon topics like matrices and files in C with great insights. 

C Programming Tutorial for Beginners

Plunge into the world of programming with this thorough C Programming Tutorial for Beginners. This 3-hour+ long video explains the principles of the C language step by step in this YouTube video, making it approachable to anybody new to programming.

Beginning with the fundamentals, the instructor covers crucial topics like variables, data types, and control structures, ensuring that newcomers have a solid foundation. The video walks you through hands-on examples and practical activities to help you understand fundamental coding approaches.

It covers everything from developing your first ‘Hello, World!’ program to comprehending functions and loops in a beginner-friendly manner. The knowledgeable instructor gives clear explanations and real-world examples, making the learning process exciting and entertaining. 

C++ Programming Videos

C++ Programming Course – Beginner to Advanced

This specific video on YouTube is a thorough C++ Programming Course that covers subjects ranging from beginner to intermediate. Daniel Gakwaya teaches the course, which is available on the YouTube channel.

The course teaches current C++20 programming and includes source code. Comprising 19 episodes, this video is 17 hours and 41 minutes long.

The chapters cover topics such as setting up tools, variables, and data types; performing data operations; implementing flow control, loops, arrays, pointers, references, character manipulation, and strings; understanding functions, function overloading, and Lambda functions; exploring function templates and a crash course on C++20 concepts; delving into classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. Anyone interested in learning C++ programming will find the playlist to be an excellent resource.

C++ by The Cherno

The playlist provided here is of C++ lessons by The Cherno is a complete series featuring 101 videos . It covers subjects such as installing C++ on various systems, working with variables and functions, debugging, conditions and branching, loops, pointers and references, classes and structs, inheritance, and more. The lectures are well-structured, instructive, and simple to understand.

The instructor’s teaching approach is entertaining and participatory, which enhances the learning experience. So far, the playlist has had over 11 million views 1. If you want to study C++, you should absolutely check out this playlist! The Cherno is a well-known YouTube channel that offers free, high-quality programming training. 

C++ Programming Language Tutorial 

With 79 videos and watchable content material for more than 26 hours, the playlist is a C++ programming language tutorial on YouTube 1 by Naresh i Technologies. The course covers a wide range of subjects, such as C++ fundamentals, object-oriented programming, dynamic memory allocation, class definition, and others.

The lesson is a wonderful resource for both new and experienced programmers who wish to acquire or refresh their C++ abilities. I have found that the videos in this coding language collection are well-crafted, with a clear focus on developing the fundamentals. The concluding lectures of the playlist also address file handling.

Python Videos

Python Tutorials 

Corey Schafer, in his Python Tutorial, starts right from the installation and setup of Python both on Windows and Mac. As you move further on, you will come across lectures on data types like dictionaries, tuples, etc. Conditional statements, loops, pip, and other moderately advanced topics are touched upon in the subsequent videos. 

What stands out in the video for me is its in-depth content and broadly discussed topics in a perfectly ordered format. If you are a machine learning enthusiast, you can also find lectures on this topic, which cover contents on the Pandas module, data frames, data cleaning, and data visualization techniques. The most readily used Python API tutorials are also included in this lengthy playlist of 145 videos!

Python for Beginners (Full Course)

Quite a known name in this domain of programming and coding content on YouTube, Navin Reddy, in his channel “Telusko” has curated a well-drafted course on Python for Beginners. Python is widely recognized as “THE LANGUAGE” in the modern era. But it has vast depth, which is why beginners face issues tackling such lump sum content at go.

This course is appropriate for such beginners. It kicks off straight from the basics of operators, data types, strings, functions, recursions, and Python packages. What I felt cool about the lecture series is that it even contains the integration of Python with a database, which is extremely crucial to know about!

Furthermore, web development enthusiasts will find this playlist invaluable, as it covers the powerful Python framework for backend functionalities, Django. The series includes everything from the introduction to the advanced implementation of Django! If you are interested in Django you can also read about how to build a URL shortener app with Django.

Python Tutorial – Python Full Course for Beginners

This Python Tutorial Full Course for Beginners is from yet another famous personality on YouTube, Mosh, who is a bonafide instructor teaching technology and coding topics.

In this 6+ hour long video, Mosh has systematically explained topics on Python right from level zero. Topics like inputs, outputs, type conversions, loops, nested loops, return statements, etc. are included here. 

Python, a highly object-oriented language, extensively explains complex topics of OOPs, such as classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, constructor overloading, etc. in the lecture. The lecture delves into these topics in great depth. Toward the end of this long video, the lecturer discusses three projects that showcase the immense versatility and prowess of Python.

The projects are based on machine learning, web development, and automation using this high-end language.

Java Videos

Java Tutorial For Beginners 2023

In this recently updated playlist on Java Tutorial for Beginners 2023, Navin Reddy, aka Telusko, has mixed several portions of the Java language in the right proportion. What I mean by this is Java is not quite a language for newbies to grasp, as this language can get quite complex at times.

This lecture series solves this issue by maintaining a step-by-step flow of the contents in the right manner. 

From clearing the basics of datatypes, operators, if-else statements, and loops to advanced OOP concepts – you will surely benefit from these videos. Abstract classes, wrapper classes, polymorphism, and sealed classes are others included in the lecture series as well. I have a very positive review for this playlist, and I will recommend it to anyone who’s willing to learn Java in 2023!

Java Tutorial for Beginners

Instructor Mosh, in this 2.5-hour-long video, brings in a Java Tutorial for Beginners. The lecture started with installing Java compiler and JDK both on Windows and Mac and went on to cover topics like variables, data types, strings, and arrays. Moreover, topics like conditional statements, loops, break, and continue statements are covered.

A project on mortgage calculator is also discussed towards the ending portions of the video. By going through the whole-length video, I am sure you can kickstart your journey as a Java programmer and start learning more advanced domains in Java, which will make you industry-ready!

Java Full Course 2022

SimpleLearn is also yet another widely recognized channel for publishing high-quality videos on coding and programming. This 10+ hour long Java Full Course 2022 video is no exception to it either!

The lecture commences with installing Eclipse as the IDE for running Java programs. Initial topics comprise data types, java tokens, arrays, operators, control flow statements, etc. The advancing sections of the video lucidly elaborate on advanced data structure topics such as hash tables, maps, linked lists, stacks, and queues.

Additionally, the video provides a detailed explanation of object-oriented language concepts like inheritance, encapsulation, method overriding, etc. The final parts of the video cover exception handling, method calls, and 2 hands-on projects, which aim to strengthen the concepts learned. And if you are keen to learn more about Java you can with these Java online courses.

Javascript Videos

Learn Javascript!

The Learn Javascript playlist is an all-inclusive learning resource for JavaScript. It includes 58 videos covering everything from JavaScript fundamentals to more complex subjects like animations.

This playlist is intended for novices who wish to learn web programming and JavaScript. Every topic is explained by the instructor, “developedbyed”, in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend. The playlist covers variables, data types, functions, loops, and more, beginning with an introduction to JavaScript.

It also comes with a number of tasks to help you put what you’ve learned into practice. You will have a firm grasp of JavaScript and be ready to develop your own web apps by the time you finish the playlist.

Learn Javascript – Full Course for Beginners

The 134 segments of Learn Javascript – Full Course for Beginners covers everything from JavaScript fundamentals to more complex subjects like animations. Beau Carnes, the lecturer, breaks down each topic into manageable chunks so that even the most novice student may easily follow along. 

The course begins with an introduction to JavaScript, followed by lessons on variables, data types, functions, loops, strings, and arrays. This lecture, which I find to be the stand-out point in the video, addresses complex and confusing topics such as array functions, arrow functions, getters, and setters. You will be able to construct your web applications and have a firm grasp of JavaScript after the course.

Javascript Full Course for free

Yet another video from the channel, Bro Code, which covers a Full Javascript Course for free in detail from level 0 to top. The 8-hour-long video starts off with an introduction to Javascript variables, user input, type conversion, if-statements, loops, and more. The contents up next include arrays, functions, sorting, operators, and OOP concepts.

The video concludes with a series of games, which includes tic-tac-toe, snake, and pong, which is based on Javascript. Event listener is another important portion of ES6, which is covered lucidly in the lecture. I personally liked the video very much, as it comprises all the topics that are necessary to build the base of Javascript for beginners as they march on to learn other JS frameworks subsequently.

PHP Videos

PHP Programming Language Tutorial – Full Course

A wide range of programming topics that are crucial for web development are covered in this PHP Programming Language Tutorial – Full Course. After giving a brief introduction, the course dives into practical topics, including installing Windows and selecting a suitable text editor.

After that, participants are exposed to basic programming ideas, such as variables and various data kinds. The course advances to more complex subjects, including handling strings and integers, requesting user input, and building a simple calculator. 

As the course progresses, students learn about control structures like if statements, switch statements, and loops (both while and for), as well as complicated data structures like arrays and associative arrays. The course also covers important programming techniques, such as commenting on code and incorporating HTML within scripts.

This video caught my attention because it offers a comprehensive understanding of web development, catering to both novices and experienced programmers looking to enhance their knowledge of PHP and associated technologies. You can also check out these best PHP code security scanners to find vulnerabilities.

Learn PHP The Right Way

This Learn PHP The Right Way tutorial on learning PHP is one of the most thorough ones available on YouTube. Geared toward novices, the 138-video course covers everything from PHP fundamentals to more complex subjects like object-oriented programming. Gio Gelashvili, the lecturer, breaks down each topic into manageable chunks so that even the most novice student can easily follow along. 

The course begins with an introduction to PHP, followed by lessons on variables, data types, functions, loops, and other subjects. It also comes with a number of tasks to help you put what you’ve learned into practice. You will be able to build your own web apps and have a firm grasp of PHP at the conclusion of the course.

PHP Full Course for non-haters

The YouTube channel Bro Code, has this lengthy video of 4 hours, in which you can get a full grasp of PHP and its object-oriented programming through this PHP Full Course.

Starting off with the VSCode setup, creating PHP script, and XAMPP dashboard, the video goes on to cover important sections of variables, data types, arithmetic and logical operators, loops, arrays, functions, etc.

I really found the explanations of $_COOKIE, $_SESSION, and $_SERVER quite easy and to the point. The ending portions of the video comprise the connections of PHP with the MYSQL database to set up a proper client-server model web app. Checkboxes, string functions, and radio buttons are also included as a part of this tutorial. 

SQL Videos

Basic SQL Training

In this Basic SQL Training playlist of videos, the instructor explains SQL for beginners through a series of 60 videos. The content starts off with SQL joins and DBMS normalization and moves on to some classic operations with SQL. 

The discussion begins by addressing distinct, where, in, and between clauses first, followed by the arrangement of the highly useful group by clause. Subsequent sections of the playlist cover some advanced functions of strings, such as concatenate, substring, trim, etc.

A comprehensive explanation is given for set functions like union, intersection, and others. As per my experience, I found the series quite useful as it is both a goldmine for newbies and also a source of revision for others.

SQL Tutorial – Full Database Course for Beginners 

With SQL and MySQL, this SQL Tutorial – Full Database Course for Beginners video lesson offers a thorough introduction to database management. It begins with a basic introduction outlining the idea of a database and the need for tables and keys for effective data organization.

After learning the fundamentals of SQL, viewers are given comprehensive instructions for installing MySQL on both Windows and Mac computers. 

Essential database activities, such as building tables, adding data, and implementing constraints to ensure data integrity, are covered in the lesson. It explores complex subjects, including efficiently searching, removing, and updating data.

The course improves viewers’ comprehension of elaborate database procedures by examining difficult topics, including unions, joins, wildcards, and functions. In addition, it discusses triggers, nested queries, and ER diagram development, providing a comprehensive overview of database architecture and administration. 

SQL Full Course by Intellipat

This SQL Full Course by Intellipat is a complete introduction to SQL, a crucial tool for relational database management, is provided by this tutorial video for Beginners. The course goes over key ideas and syntax, whether you’re new or just need a refresher.

In order to improve their learning experience, viewers participate in interactive quizzes that begin with fundamental installation and table manipulation. 

To guarantee a thorough grasp of SQL’s capabilities, advanced subjects, including BLOB processing, constraints, set operations, SQL JOINs, and string functions, are covered. A hands-on SQL exercise and User-Defined Functions highlight practical use.

The best part that I loved about the video is that, in addition, the lesson prepares students for success in the workplace by covering frequently asked interview questions. With the practical knowledge this lesson imparts, viewers may comfortably and effectively navigate the complexity of SQL. It is brief yet comprehensive.

Ruby Videos

Ruby Programming Language – Full Course

This programming tutorial uses the Ruby Programming Language – Full Course to cover a wide range of subjects. The course walks you through basic concepts, including variables, data types, and string manipulation, starting with installation and setup.

It explores sophisticated programming methods such as object-oriented programming using classes, objects, and inheritance, as well as loops, conditional expressions, and arrays. Participants gain knowledge of useful applications such as creating games, interactive tests, and calculators. Modules, error management, and file handling are also covered in the course.

Additionally, I gained insight into utilizing modules and explored interactive Ruby (IRB) for practical, real-time learning. Overall, this course provided a holistic view of Ruby programming, empowering me to confidently create various applications.

Ruby Tutorial for Beginners

Smartherd, on his YouTube channel, has presented the basics of the Ruby programming language in 64 videos in the form of an ordered playlist through his Ruby Tutorial for Beginners.

The installation guide for software marks off as the beginning of the series. Setting up path variables, syntax, input/output, methods, conditional statements, class, class variables, etc, continues next! 

After completing these, loops, break statements, and array basics are discussed in the section later. The object-oriented concepts of Ruby require a systematic approach and lucid explanation for any novice to grasp. I found this part as the most well-made portion of the playlist! The series concludes with the date and time formatting concepts in Ruby.

Ruby for Beginners

With the help of this painstakingly created video tutorial, go on an engrossing trip through Ruby For Beginners. The lesson covers a wide range of topics, from the most fundamental to more complex ideas, and each chapter opens up a new area of knowledge. Learn the craft of coding by building your first program, becoming proficient with variables, and comprehending data kinds. 

Discover the mysteries of objects and classes, navigate loops, and explore arrays and hashes. An exciting practical edge is added by projects like the Palindrome Checker and Cryptocurrency Converter. You’ll take on the hardest task yet by the big finale: making a Note Application. My feedback by going through this course is that your programming skills improve with every chapter. 

R Programming Videos

R Programming Full Course for 2023

The R Programming Full Course for 2023‘s first section of the lesson introduces R programming and lays out its core ideas. It explores variables and data types in detail, providing a comprehensive grasp of these fundamental components.

Lists are covered later in the course, along with their importance in R. Flow control is covered in great detail throughout the video, which also educates viewers on important programming concepts. 

In order to improve the practical application, functions in R are thoroughly examined, and the built-in R functions are thoroughly analyzed. The course moves on to more complex subjects, explaining data manipulation and regular expressions. By the conclusion, I felt prepared and self-assured, prepared to use my newly acquired R Programming abilities in practical situations, making data analysis in 2023 more fascinating and perceptive than ever.

R for Data Science Full Course

Has R always fascinated you as a novice learner or an experienced coder? Edureka’s R for Data Science Full Course can be the perfect one for you! Your proficiency with the tools and systems used by data science professionals will be enhanced by this course. It covers instructions in Python, Tensorflow, Tableau, Apache Spark & Scala, statistics, and data science. 

The curriculum has been developed through in-depth analysis of more than 5,000 job descriptions from around the world. Both novices and experts are targeted by the course. The live broadcast, which lasts more than 11 hours, covers subjects like machine learning, data manipulation, and data visualization. The course is an excellent way to learn about data science and is taught by professionals in the field.

R Programming Tutorials Playlist

Thenewboston’s “R Programming Tutorials Playlist” YouTube collection offers a thorough introduction to the R programming language. There are eighteen videos in total, covering everything from the fundamentals of R programming to more complex ideas like data frames, lists, and charts. 

Beginning with an overview of R programming, the playlist goes over how to download and use RStudio, execute a basic program, and work with dates, logical operations, vectors, data frames, and matrices. There are additional instructions on how to use ggplot2 to produce scatterplots and how to install programs and read CSV files in the playlist.

In my opinion, the instructor is one of the best teachers out there, as his way of explanation is extremely engaging and interactive! Because each video is brief and simple to watch, it’s a great starting point for anybody interested in learning R programming.

Typescript Videos

Learn Typescript – Full Course

Viewers are taken through the nuances of TypeScript, a powerful superset of JavaScript, in this comprehensive Learn Typescript-Full Course video. The first part of the lesson debunks myths regarding TypeScript’s use and explains why understanding it is necessary.

It explores the fundamental ideas of TypeScript and offers comprehensive installation instructions. Basic data types, functions, object behavior, type aliases, arrays, union types, and type inference are among the subjects addressed.

The video places a strong emphasis on best practices, advising viewers to avoid using the ‘ANY’ type and directing them towards creating functions that are more effective. Comprehensive coverage is provided for advanced ideas like tuples, enums, interfaces, classes (with private, public, and protected members), and generics. ‘in’ operator narrowing, ‘instanceof,’ and discriminated unions for exhaustive checking are among the type of narrowing strategies that viewers learn about.

I think the usefulness of these ideas in practical applications and how they improve code readability and robustness are highlighted in the tutorial’s conclusion. 

Typescript Tutorial

Net Ninja’s YouTube channel brings in another series of videos where he teaches Typescript in great detail in his Typescript Tutorial. After guiding through the installation and setup of the IDE and software, the instructor covers all the necessary details of the data types, variables, object arrays, and others. You will get to understand the clear demarcation between Javascript and Typescript.

Typescript is an object-oriented language, so the knowledge of classes and objects, along with the four pillars of OOPs, is extremely essential. The lectures effectively cover these concepts. Additionally, the final parts of the playlist diligently teach advanced concepts such as interfaces, enums, and modules.

Typescript Full Course for Beginners

This in-depth TypeScript Full Course for Beginners, the course progresses from fundamental concepts to more advanced ones. To lay a strong foundation, the course first covers the essentials in Chapter 1 before delving into data types, arrays, and objects. Chapter 4 covers functions; subsequent chapters cover more complex topics like classes, assertions, generics, and powerful.

TypeScript features like index signatures and keyof assertions. Utility types are carefully designed to optimize code efficiency. The course smoothly transitions from theory to practical applications by integrating TypeScript with modern frameworks like Vite.js and React.

Chapters 10 through 17 guide users through project setups, React integration, and complex implementations like Hooks and useContext to ensure complete knowledge of practical applications. This intense experience refined my abilities, enhancing both my language proficiency and development skills.

Final Words

These videos not only helped me with learning, but also helped me gain confidence while coding. The article emphasizes the abundance of learning materials on YouTube, which provides access to cost-free coding courses. It provides you with a wide range of learning possibilities by showing various playlists and videos.

These appeal to different programming languages and ability levels. This compilation offers helpful ideas for seasoned developers in addition to opening doors for novices. 

These YouTube resources are excellent tools in an era where digital learning is critical, since they support a worldwide community of aficionados.

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