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This article brings you the best side-by-side comparison of two popular social media management tools, Loomly and Hootsuite. If you’re unsure which one to choose from for your brand or social media marketing agency, read this article until the end.

When you regularly post content and engage with your followers, you need to put in a lot of time on social media platforms. As an agency, you’re managing the social media presence of multiple brands and need to input way more hours than an individual business person.

Here comes a social media management app that automates most of the tasks, so you just link the social account, and the posts and comments go online automatically.

Today, I’ll explain the differences between Loomly and Hootsuite. These are the two prominent tools of social media management and marketing.

What Is Loomly?

Loomly is an effortless online app for everything about social media management. It helps you with social media content suggestions, content creation, social media post management, collaborative production of content, and automatic content posting with custom scheduling.

It also is available as a smartphone or tablet app. You can download the respective app package in iOS or Android and install and manage social media posts and marketing on the go.

The app lets you control many social media handles of the same platform or multiple platforms from one app.

It uses secured social media platform APIs so you can access all of your brand or agency handles on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, X, and more from one effortless tool without worrying about data privacy and security.    

Loomly’s Role as a Social Media Management Platform

Overall, Loomly is an all-in-one social media management platform. With its rich set of features, Loomly simplifies your workflow for social media post ideation, creation, storage, posting, audience engagement, and data analytics.

Also, it allows you to onboard collaborators to its content production and scheduling tool so you can implement the creativities of everyone in your social media marketing team.

Those days are gone when you would need to subscribe to four to five apps to manage your social media marketing campaigns. With Loomly, you don’t need any complicated spreadsheet app to manage content lists, content post scheduling, manual data analytics, etc.

Also, you don’t need to rely on third-party content scheduling apps or calendar apps to remind team members to post content or reply to comments. Loomly has a built-in calendar tool that easily integrates all the social media content you create on it. 

Furthermore, if you must notify team members on internal business apps like emails, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and so on, you can do that seamlessly. Loomly offers worry-free integration with messaging and email apps so you can share business confidential content confidently among your teammates.

Benefits of Using Loomly

Here are the advantages you enjoy over your competitors when you use Loomly to manage your social media engagement game:

  • Loomly streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and making it a perfect fit for individuals and busy influencers just like you.
  • Automated publishing and reminders ensure content goes out on time without constant monitoring. So you can invest more time in the core activities of your business.
  • Loomly’s optimization tips help businesses and marketing agencies create posts that resonate with their target audience.
  • Loomly’s central asset library is a game-changer for marketing agencies, keeping all content organized and easily accessible.
  • The platform’s unified view of multiple calendars is ideal for businesses and agencies managing content for various clients.
  • The robust notification system caters to efficient team collaboration, which is crucial for marketing agencies and brands with multiple stakeholders.
  • Collaborative review and approval workflows ensure that everyone is on the same page, which is vital for businesses and marketing agencies.
  • Audience targeting and post-sponsoring features are gold for brands and marketing agencies to reach the right people.
  • Real-time analytics offer valuable post-performance insights, empowering all users to refine their strategies for better results.

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a premium social media management platform. It’s considered one of the fast-movers in the segment of automated social media products. It allows you to integrate almost any social media platform account in one centralized app.

So, you don’t need to log in to individual social media channels. Instead, you post, comment, reply, and do more on many social channels like Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.

According to Datanyze, Hootsuite holds a market share of a whopping 20.37% in the social media marketing sector. The report also says that there are 3828+ brands and agencies that use this social media management platform for regular social media posting and audience engagement activities.

Hootsuite’s brand value is clearly evident when you compare its pricing with other similar social media tools. Its subscriptions come with a steep cost.

However, you get the best value for your money with state-of-the-art social media management features like unlimited posts, automated workflows, AI-based content scheduling time discovery, OwlyWriter AI, and so on.

Big brands and government organizations like Melia Hotels, U-Haul, Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG), Georgia State University, Nokia, Sodexo Universities, etc., use Hootsuite to manage their frequent social media activities.

Hootsuite’s Role as a Social Media Management Platform

Hootsuite simply plays the role of a third party between you and your social media handles on various social media networks. Hootsuite has set up a strong partnership with most social media networks. It gets secure API access to these social sites so you can connect social media accounts to Hootsuite.

So, you can access various scattered social media handles from one centralized software that works on web browsers and mobile apps. This is the primary role of Hootsuite, that is, working as a social media channel aggregator.  

Besides this, there are many other technological features like the ones mentioned below:

  • Publishing content on all social media channels from one web app
  • Scheduling content publishing for automatic posting
  • AI-based discovery of social media posting schedules that generate the most likes, shares, and comments
  • Reply to customer responses
  • Monitor almost all the activities in the social media ecosystem that impact your brand image positively or negatively
  • Manage all social media advertising activities directly from Hootsuite
  • Manage organic and paid content of social media in one content management system
  • Track metrics that matter most to your brand and social media marketing campaigns
  • Create reports for business owners, clients, influencers, and so on
  • Integrate apps with the platform for seamless management of more content and workflows
  • 150+ tool integrations like Mailchimp, Google Business, Hubspot, and more

In a nutshell, Hootsuite is all you need to ensure you’re adding value to your business or agency in the following ways:

Offer Social Care to Your Audience

Hootsuite is available for almost every social media network. So, you can help or care for your audience in 200+ countries in 6 popular languages.

Create Social Commerce

You can start your social media retailing game by using various Hootsuite technology products like messaging systems, conversational AI, etc. Customers can complete the shopping directly from Facebook or Messenger chats experiencing a great user experience.

Market the Brand

You can reduce the cost of marketing your business by using social media tools of Hootsuite, like content ideation, posting, publishing, commenting, and many more. For a small to medium business, one experienced social media manager is enough to ace your marketing game.  

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Benefits of Using Hootsuite

Here’s how Hootsuite is beneficial for your marketing agency or business:

  • You can link many social accounts, from 10 to 50 accounts per user.
  • You can organize your Hootsuite account access by departments and teams and include role-based access for seamless collaboration.
  • Hootsuite allows content drafting, scheduling, and publishing from one central user interface.
  • You can also create an elaborate social media calendar for the whole month, quarter, year, etc., to focus on the business’s core responsibilities.
  • Consistent brand assets on the content and visuals matter a lot. You can ensure that by moving posts for publishing through an approval workflow.
  • Hootsuite’s AI will recommend when to publish content for maximum engagement and reach.
  • Use ad-hoc social media management activities like suspending a specific type of post after receiving critical comments.
  • There is a royalty-free stock photo library you can make use of for content creation purposes. 

Loomly Vs. Hootsuite

I’ve put both Loomly and Hootsuite to rigorous testing for various social media management tasks. Then, I created the following table comparing their features and functionalities. The table below will help you decide whether you need Loomly or Hootsuite:

Social AccountsAdd a minimum of 10 social media handles in the Basic plan and can go more than 50 in the Enterprise planIt allows a maximum of 10 social accounts in the Pro plan and 50 in the Enterprise plan.
More than 50 social handles require additional payments
User AccountsRange from 2 to 31+Range from 1 to 5
Role Based AccessLets you create different access conditions using the Custom Roles featureDepartmental Organization feature facilitates custom access, manages permissions, creates custom workflows, etc.
Social Media AdvertisingNot availableAvailable
Media Creation and EditingThere’s an advanced media creation tool known as Lomly Media StudioIt offers design with Canva but no built-in content creation tool
Automated Link TrackingNot availableAvailable
Export ContentAvailable as PDFNot available
Optimization SuggestionsAvailableLimited
AI-Based Hashtag TipsNot availableAvailable
Content ExploringAdvancedBasic
Create Social MockupsAvailableOnly limited to the composing tool
Content Pipeline and Approval WorkflowAvailable for all tiersOnly available to the Team and Enterprise users
Campaign ManagementNot availableAvailable in the Enterprise plan

Use Cases of Loomly

There are many use cases of Loomly, but the following ones are the most popular:

#1. Remote Teams

Creative remote teams can make use of Loomly in various unique ways. Firstly, you can use its real-time collaboration content editor to design social media posts in a collective way. Remote and distributed teams can also use the online content calendar to create posts that go well with brand guidelines and creative policies. 

#2. Freelancers

Loomly is the perfect social media content management tool for freelancers. Its subscriptions start at just $26/ user/ month. So, this is a great platform for gig workers to collaborate with their clients and keep them in the loop. As a freelancer, you can create a centralized library of graphics, visuals, and marketing copies for various clients.  

#3. Local Businesses

If you are a small business owner and depend heavily on Google Business, then Looly is the right social media management tool for you.

Suppose you sell globally and you must maintain a social media presence separately for those global markets; you can do so by creating different content calendars on Loomly. You can also quickly respond to customer queries since Loomly and Google Business integrations allow real-time messaging. 

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Use Cases of Hootsuite

Find below a few use cases of Hootsuite:

#1. Content Management and Publishing

Hootsuite streamlines content management by offering a centralized dashboard for managing various social media platforms. It allows you to schedule posts, ensuring a consistent online presence. 

You can curate, edit, and publish content from one place. This is ideal for businesses and marketers seeking a single platform to oversee content creation and distribution across diverse social channels.

#2. Social Listening and Customer Engagement

Hootsuite provides powerful social listening tools, enabling you to monitor brand mentions, trending topics, and customer conversations in real-time. This unique functionality empowers you to respond promptly to customer inquiries and engage with your audience effectively.

#3. Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making

Hootsuite’s analytics capabilities offer insights into social media paid or unpaid marketing performance. You can track key performance indicators, measure campaign success, and analyze audience behavior. 

This data-driven use case is invaluable for businesses looking to refine their social media strategies, optimize content, and allocate resources efficiently based on in-depth analytics.

Loomly Vs. Hootsuite: The Verdict

From a small, medium, and startup business user point of view, Loomly is much easier to operate than Hootsuite. It’s also more affordable than Hoostsuite. So, if you’re interested in value for money and an easy user interface, choose Loomly. It’s offering a limited 15-day free trial offer that you can avail of right now.

Contrarily, you can only use the Hootsuite platform to its full capacity if you manage multiple clients as a social media marketing agency. It’s offering a 30-day free trial which you should be available quickly before it’s gone.

You may also explore some best social media management tools to manage multiple accounts.

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