The modern world has changed the way people perceive the concept of a normal life. Take out some time and look around yourself.

What does the ‘normal’ picture look like?

Everyone is so busy in their little world that they forget to figure out what they are looking for from life.

You spend so much time working hard to meet your future ‘utopian world’ that you unconsciously tend to miss out on your present.  All your time is gone in the continuous cycle of worrying trends. You have absolutely no time to relax or contemplate on life because you are always on the run like those tiny, busy ants.

As a result, you are hit by so many health issues, much before the time they were supposed to show up. In a way, these stressful times only act as a catalyst to worsen your mental and physical state for the worse. People are now the victim of hypertension (check out our list of smart devices to monitor hypertension), diabetes, depression, and whatnot, long before they touch the mid-age number.

So what’s the solution?

Of course, you cannot afford to sit ideal and keep calm. The world has moved on a way ahead for you to do that. The only way to cope up with it is to keep yourself fit enough both physically and mentally so you can keep up with the race without compromising on what you already have.

And what can be a better solution than to devote just 10-20 minutes of your time to meditate?

The power of meditation to keep you calm and focused is undeniable. It will not only help you achieve what you want but will also boost your self-confidence because you know exactly which direction to follow.

Let’s find out some of the best gadgets and apps that can be your best friend as you plan to lead a steady, smooth and calm life in the pursuit of happiness.


Muse is an excellent device to help you soothe your busy mind. This modern headband connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and enables you to meditate for hours. If you have problem meditating, Muse is the device you should try immediately.

Muse, Meditating app, Meditation

Once your phone is connected to the headband, you can start the Muse meditating app, which is available for download. Now relax with your eyes closed. It works by measuring your brain signals just like a heart rate monitor works. It then detects the activity of your brain with its calibrated sensors and actions to calm it.

The app also lets you track your progress, so you know exactly what your results are. The headband can be used continuously at a stretch of 5 hours with having to charge it.

You can also lend it to your friend or family because it doesn’t limit its use to a single user.

The Muse app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So you can try it out now irrespective of what device you are using.

Singing Bowl Set

The ancient singing bowl set technique is one of the oldest ways for healing and meditation. You can use this set to aid yoga, meditation, to soothe upset babies and infants, for healing practices and more. Playing the set is easy.

Meditating app, Meditation, Yoga

You need to hold the bowl on your left hand and using the wooden mallet, tap the bowl to warm it. Now go in the clockwise direction and continue rubbing the outer edge of the bowl. You will hear the most soothing sound that feels like a distant echo of two harmonic overtones.

This bowl set will cost you $39.97, and it comes with a vibrant silk cushion for your set. It can be a great gift to a family or a friend too. Each product is hand selected and inspected by the company to ensure it has no defects.


Just like the name suggests, Calm is one of the leading meditation apps to keep your mind fresh and relaxed. It is a complete package to keep your mind and body alert to the ever-changing trends of life.

Whether you are having troubles with meditating, disturbed sleeping patterns, staying focused on your goals or keeping up physically strong, Calm can offer the best solution to combat all your worries.

Muse, Meditating app, Meditation

You can first try it out for free. If you are satisfied with the results, go ahead and get the premium version. You can discover an entire library of Sleep Stories which are updated weekly, calm body programs, more than 100 guided meditations that address how to deal with anxiety, stress, sleep, relationships and much more.

It is worth every single penny you are going to spend on it.


The first thing that stroke me about this app, is the ‘Om’ in the name. The significance of the sound ‘Om’ in meditation needs no mention. It signifies the essence of reality and the conscious awakening of the inner self. Omvana can be your perfect partner in helping you learn more about your self and help you venture into the more profound truth of life and reality.

Muse, Meditating app, Meditation, Omvana

It is a collection of tons of world-class meditation tracks that will not only awaken you most sensibly but will also help you deal with focus, peace, sleep, and enlightenment. The best about this app is that you can start using it immediately without paying anything. All you need is to have a smartphone and the internet, and you are good to go.


The next on our list is the Headspace application. You can either download this app on your smartphone or signup online and start meditating today.  Try using the app for just three weeks without fail and see how it changes your life. The guides that you can access to through this app can work like stress buster to instantly boost your mind.

Muse, Meditating app, Meditation, Headspace

Former Monk Andy Puddicombe ‘s expert guidance can be of great help if you feel stressed out about something or feeling restless. This is indeed not any random speech that can temporarily lift you up. These are simple techniques backed by science that train your mind to live a healthier, happier life.

If you download it now, you can avail it at a discounted price too as a New Year gift.


This meditation app does not ask for any of your extra time in the already busy days. Like many meditation apps, you do not have to separate your meditation time from your work time. Because you can use this app anytime you want and at any pace that you are in.

Meditating app, Meditation, Buddhify

You also do not have to pay any subscription fee to use this app. It charges you a one-time fee which is very minimal and affordable to you. The inventor of this app has combined his personal meditation experience with the advancing technology to help people gain something deeper and valuable.

You can download this app in your iOS or Android device as it is available in both the devices.

Inner Balance Trainer

If you are lately feeling a little too scattered, overwhelmed and anxious, Inner Balance Trainer can be the best choice to make you feel better. The inner balance technology works by analyzing your heart rate and understanding the emotional condition of your mind. It trains you to generate a highly efficient physiological state called the HRV coherence. This helps you clearing your mind and increasing your emotional composure.

Inner Balance

By analyzing your heart rhythm, you can have the best understanding of your emotional condition. Inner Balance can help you exactly with that. So try it now and regain your balance and renew your feelings of appreciation and compassion.

Dream Master

When it comes to alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra needs no mention. He can offer you the most thoughtful solution and help you solve your problems in no time at all. His Dream waver tool is just another solution to people who are wandering around to find peace and stability in their life.

Dream MAster

This tool consists of more than 80 built-in programs to help you sleep better. These are programs for stress, anxiety and relaxation, programs for meditation, programs for dreaming, sleeping, for creating altered states,  and even programs to energize. Many of these programs are narrated by Deepak Chopra himself.

You can avail this product at just $349.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer has made meditation way easier than you think. Using this app, you can create a beautiful environment to meditate and find peace of mind. So you can join the Insight Timer community now and be a part of those thousands of members who meditate for more than 1 million hours.

Meditation Timer

You can select from a range of deeply peaceful bells in the app. The timer in the app helps you know your duration and even lets you set the alarm to wake you up. The timer works calmly in the background and tracks your session.

The Mindfulness App

Mindfulness app

Improve your mental and physical well being with the Mindfulness app. Once you have this app on your phone you can access it from anywhere you are.

Feel the difference after attending the guided and silent session that lasts for a duration of 3 to 30 minutes. The makers of the app were so keen on improving your mental well being that it even added a reminder button to remind you about your goal to stay focused. Try it out now and tell us how you like it.


The resources listed above are excellent tools and applications to enhance your mental and physical well-being. We hope you like our collection. If there is another app or tool that you have been using, do tell us through your comments below. If it’s good, it deserves a chance to be in our post.