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No more uncertainty, stress or wait with these meeting room booking software!

You have probably found yourself in this situation before, where you need a quiet space for a quick meeting but want to save time searching for an empty room or scrambling to check if there’s one available on Slack.

We all recognize the importance of conference meeting rooms in supporting employee productivity and achieving success. The first step is to establish practical meeting spaces for your team, and the second is to devise a system that guarantees these rooms are utilized efficiently to benefit everyone as much as possible.

With room scheduling software, you may rapidly check room availability and determine when a space will be available for your meetings. Here are several choices for room scheduling software to simplify your conference room bookings, with a more detailed take in the post below.

Product Name Description
Skedda Automates scheduling, customizable, clear overview. Explore
Accruent EMS
Detailed room info, automated cleaning, cost-cutting.
Envoy Adaptive workspace solutions, analytics support. Explore
Robin Easy reservation, usage insights, program integration. Explore
Teem Mobile reservations, safe guest management, plugins. Explore
Meeting Room App Customization, touchscreen scheduling, analytics. Explore
CalendarWiz  Color-coded categories, design customization, API. Explore
Appspace QR code check-in, flexible reservations, IoT support. Explore
UnSpot Spatial needs assessment, real-time information. Explore
Condeco Unique reservations, quick availability checks. Explore
Accruent Facility management, video conferencing, ease of use. Explore
Kadence Empowers work, impromptu reservations, check-in reminders. Explore

Perks of Meeting/Conference Room Booking Software

Some of the best features of the meeting conference rooms are as follows: 

  • Interactive Webinars: The meeting conference rooms should be able to host live, semi-live, and pre-recorded session webinars. The platforms should be able to host moderated Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, and live groups.  
  • Easy Chat Options: The platform should support audio, video chat, and texting chat features that allow everyone to collaborate and converse with each other. 
  • Contact Search: The contact searching feature allows users to search for the meeting attendees and connect with them via audio and video calls on a one-by-one basis. 
  • Meeting Scheduler: The meeting management module should allow the organizers to host meetings and organize meetings, and automatically notify the attendees. 
  • Customer Support: The meeting conference software should offer 24/7 customer support when the customer faces issues in organizing and connecting to the virtual meeting.

From meeting minutes templates to automatic scheduling, technology can make the process of organizing meetings much simpler and more effective. Let’s now have a detailed look at the meeting/conference room booking software that’ll help you have a hassle-free experience.


Skedda is the world’s leading workplace space-scheduling system. During my trial sessions, I have experienced that it saves time by automating the scheduling and organization of workspaces and meeting rooms. 

The management of arranging conference rooms, workstations, company facilities, and presentation areas is simplified with Skedda. With Skedda’s intelligent scheduling, your robotic meeting room manager, offers the following assistance:

  • Simple adjustments.
  • Various customization options.
  • Adaptable visibility conditions.
  • Simplified user access permissions.
  • A clear desk occupancy overview for specific days.


  • Improves the overall working environment from check-in to check out.
  • Allows organizations to automate and optimize complex booking procedures.
  • Give your users the ability to self-book quickly from any device.
  • Praised for its competitive cost, user-friendly layout, clarity of use, and outstanding customer service.

It gives the best possible conference room management, including smooth Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace connectivity. With Skedda and an AI note-taking tool, you are all set for efficient and effective meetings!

Accruent EMS

Finding the ideal meeting location within your workplace or on campus is simple with the help of the well-known online meeting room booking service Accruent EMS


  • Access important information, such as the room’s dimensions and seating capacity, while making reservations.
  • Use the flexibility to block off areas, conference room display panels, and mobile booking options to manage room capacities.
  • Make your campus or place of business safer and more hygienic by automating the scheduling of cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  • Reduce managerial costs and cut back on time spent booking meetings.
  • Create reservation forms with specific guidelines based on attributes like role or seniority.

This booking software lets you quickly and easily schedule meeting venues like boardrooms and conference rooms.

Some of the interesting features that caught my attention were its striking desk signs, interactive floor layouts, and analytics to boost your organization’s productivity, innovation, and general energy.


Innovative Space Saver solutions from Envoy enable you to access more workspace options suited to each team member’s requirements. Imagine that only one or two people regularly reserve your larger meeting spaces. If so, consider making these spaces into smaller meeting spaces or adding meeting pods across the company to make your workspace more adaptable.


  • Green, yellow, and red indications assist you in locating accessible places within each room.
  • Use Slack or Teams to receive timely check-in alerts and reminders to reserve smaller spaces or vacant rooms.
  • Receive immediate email alerts if a room ever becomes unavailable.
  • Using the Envoy mobile app’s location-based features, locate and secure the closest available accommodation.
  • Protect private conversations by having the option to obfuscate meeting names.

As per my experience, Envoy brainstorms new ideas for using your space supported by thorough analytics. Utilizing this information, you can maximize the use of your space and make well-informed decisions that save you money.


Robin stands out as one of the first solutions that come to mind when thinking about conference room booking software. I utilized the meeting booking system by Robin and experienced that you can reserve conference rooms, desks, workstations, and other office spaces with ease.

This maximizes the usage of your space and locating potential places for equipment improvements or repairs.


  • You can immediately determine which rooms are frequently booked and in high demand. 
  •  A meeting room reservation made using your Slack channel will automatically update in your Google Calendar.
  • Robin also offers insightful information about how your conference rooms and office spaces are operated.
  • Everything revolves around improving and optimizing your workspace management experience.

Robin’s easy connection with well-known office programs like Slack, Zoom, and Google Calendar is one of its key benefits. 


Like many other conference room booking systems, Teem is made to help you make the most of your meeting spaces. With the ease of reserving across several workspaces, I could easily book the required rooms.


  • Through their mobile app, you can make reservations directly from your phone, doing away with the need to sign in to a website. 
  • At the front desk, guests can check in using a tablet and complete any required paperwork. 
  • It also offers a safe guest management system. 
  • The system instantly alerts you via email, SMS, or Slack that your guests have entered the lobby.

Outside each meeting room, I could easily put the tablet room displays, allowing for adding or deleting in-person meetings. Teem’s calendar plug-ins ease your scheduling process by making planning meetings on platforms including Outlook, Office 365, and Google Calendar simple.

Meeting Room App

Modern technology makes it easier to plan and organize business meetings, simplifies business processes, and maximizes the use of office space. As an advanced platform for scheduling and managing meeting and conference rooms, MeetingRoomApp stands out as per my experience.


  • The Stylebook editor allows for significant customization and an infinite variety of app backdrops.
  • Setting up your company brand identity is simple and quick, and you can use dark mode or add other visual effects.
  • Meetings can be quickly scheduled on the touchscreen panel at the conference room’s door.
  • Thanks to this functionality, users can instantly display business happenings on the smartphone in the meeting room.

Its dashboard and reporting feature is an analytical tool that provides information on the most frequently employed meeting spaces and user behavior.


CalendarWiz gives managers the power to invite people to events and meetings and gives them the freedom to set up several RSVP options like “accept,” “maybe,” or “decline.” 

Staff members can improve their conference room booking software by developing color-coded categories for event, meeting, and task organization.


  • Administrators can customize the platform’s design to match their brand’s colors, logos, and access rights.
  • Businesses can combine the platform with various third-party solutions thanks to the Application Programming Interface (API) it supports.
  • Both monthly and yearly subscription choices are available through CalendarWiz.
  • Users can access helpful customer care through email support, live chat, FAQs, and detailed documentation.

Team members and clients can also suggest events by providing information like the event title, category, and a prospective day and time.


Employees can easily confirm conference room bookings, desk reservations, and resource allocations through Appspace.


  • Create a QR code to check in without making physical touch, giving visitors and guests access to their designated spaces.
  • To find the best workspace for your needs, employ intelligent docking stations.
  • Merge IoT devices and sensors to build a hybrid workplace prioritizing productivity and safety.
  • Appspace supports various hardware choices like desk pucks, interactive kiosks, or room panels.

What I loved about the platform was the fact that you can easily manage these reservations via your intranet, email, Microsoft Teams, or the specific Appspace Employee App. Thus, you have flexibility to make plans days in advance, while traveling to the office, or when you are already there.


With UnSpot, you can quickly determine the best days to invite people to conference room meetings and learn more about how meeting rooms are used, helping you assess your team’s spatial needs.


  • System for booking desks, work schedules, office analytics, parking management tools, navigation, and interactive maps are all included in the whole suite.
  • Quick and easy reservations for meeting spaces using your company calendar.
  • UnSpot provides immediate, real-time information on all reservations and available rooms.
  • Training an employee to utilize the service takes as little as 10 minutes.

Your team will have access to user-friendly software that will simplify booking meeting rooms via a desktop, mobile app, or meeting room display.


Condeco provides an easygoing method of bringing people together, whether physically, electronically, or both. It simplifies the scheduling of meetings and integrates easily with well-known applications like Teams and Zoom. 


  • By including tweaks and preferences, make your meeting room reservations more unique.
  • You may quickly reserve professional and informal conference rooms that suit your working style.
  • The platform checks the availability of a room at the chosen time automatically.
  • Find available meeting spaces quickly utilizing criteria like location, capacity, or amenities.

With Condeco, you can quickly choose a suitable location and time, check everyone’s availability, and book your reservation in seconds. Interestingly, I could operate various platforms like Outlook, mobile devices, or the Condeco web portal.

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Utilizing available space effectively is essential for running a coworking space. In my experience, you can guarantee client happiness while lowering operating costs using Accruent‘s meeting and conference room booking system.


  • Merges the program to improve your facility management and make knowledgeable maintenance choices.
  • Utilize a centrally located room booking system to streamline scheduling responsibilities. 
  • You can simplify event administration by offering a one-stop shop for jobs like invoicing.
  • By enabling ready-to-use video conferencing solutions, you can connect remote personnel.

Find and reserve the ideal workspace for meetings or duties on campus or within your office building. The reservation procedure offered by Accruent’s system is simple, flexible, and secure and connects effortlessly with your current workflows.


At Kadence, working should empower you rather than confine you, allowing people to excel in all they undertake. This conference room reservation software creates the operating system for the future of work, enriching the coordination of people, time, and space to support teams in feeling trusted and empowered to make the best decisions. 


  • You can easily reserve suitable meeting locations for impromptu meetings wherever you are.
  • Invite visitors while quickly selecting the appropriate amenities.
  • Utilise notifications of check-in reminders to increase room availability.
  • With a few clicks, you can promptly reserve meeting rooms directly from your calendar and invite coworkers.
  • Get a clear picture of who is in or out of the office with accurate booking information.

With a superficial protocol for renting places and keeping track of when coworkers utilize the space, Kadence is a highly user-friendly tool.

Features to Look for in a Room Scheduling Software  

When looking for room scheduling software, ensure that the software includes the following features: 

  • Built-in reporting capabilities: Ensure that the meeting scheduling software should possess the capability of generating standardized reports in various formats.
  • Integration with third-party tools: The software should be able to keep track of the meeting rooms and the usage of different resources to reduce the cost incurred. 
  • Real-time synchronization: Meeting room booking software should have a centralized database, which should be updated in real-time to provide the latest user details to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Scalability: The software should be scalable to cater to the organization’s needs of handling multiple locations and bookings across different time zones. 
  • Centralized dashboard: The centralized calendar and dashboard to check the availability of the meeting rooms and visualize the floor plans and room space. 
  • Email alerts & notifications: The room scheduling software you intend to opt for should be able to automatically notify the stakeholders about their request status, invoices, and other related communications. 

Apart from these, the features would change because of your requirements, as after all, this software is supposed to help you get the work done faster and with less stress. Since meetings are inevitable, you can try the ones that suit your preferences and eventually narrow down on the winning combinations.


Keeping up with the newest technological developments and office management requires maintaining an effective workspace. The top conference room booking tools I found useful to improve meeting experience are highlighted in this article. 

Ultimately, these technologies enable organizations to save time and money by providing practical resource management solutions. These tools allow businesses to ensure that every meeting is productive and well-organized.

Next up, try these meeting minutes templates for painless planning and perfect execution.

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