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  • In today’s world, when individuals spent a lot of time on social media platforms, memes have made their special place in everyone’s lives.

    Most people love scrolling memes on social media, and few of us give a shot and create memes too for posting and send it personally.

    Creating a meme is no rocket science; you just need a good meme creator app with different templates. Finding the best meme creator apps is quite a complicated task as there are several options available on the Google Play and the Apple App Store. To make it easy for you, here we have listed some of the best meme-making apps to add humor to your social life.

    Meme Generator

    best meme making apps

    With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, Meme Generator has already made its place in the Editor’s choice. The app offers more than 1000 meme templates that can be used to create funny memes for posting on social media and sharing it personally. You can use any picture from your device, too, if you want to create a personalized meme.

    Meme Generator offers a lot of funny effects and also provides community updates weekly. Not only this, but the app also provides you more than 100s of stickers to use in your memes, and you can even customize the stickers. You can insert multiple captions and make modern and classic memes with more than 60 different font styles.

    You can also create dank memes and share them on the platform too. The best part about the Meme Generator is that it offers you watermark free memes. The app also has your back in terms of privacy, as it never posts your memes without your permission.

    Availability: Android, iOS

    Meme Creator

    best meme making apps

    Meme creator can be dubbed as one of the most sorted meme generating apps available on the Google Play. It offers you different categories, including celebrities, cartoons, animals, rage, advice, and a lot more. These categories are further divided into sub-categories that can be used to find appropriate memes for every situation.

    You can even use the images from your gallery to make memes and can join two different memes in the app to create a new and unique meme. The app offers you more than 600 templates, and you can even change the text size, font style, and the border in the memes.

    However, a significant drawback with the meme maker is that it has no features like adding clip arts to a meme or using new elements, which makes it a bit monotonous.

    Availability: Android

    Memes Maker and Generator

    meme maker app

    Memes Maker and Generator helps you in creating one of the best images, videos, and GIF memes. The app offers you the latest meme templates and GIFs to choose from. You can even create one of a kind deep fried memes by using fryer editing tools. The app allows you to adjust the speed of the video memes and make them slow or fast accordingly.

    With more than 100s of awesome stickers, freestyle fonts, you can get creative to the best extent and make unique memes. The app also lets you create closed caption quotes, meme collages, add color backdrops to your memes.

    If you are searching for a GIF based on your favorite show like Game of Thrones or a celebrity like Rihanna or Drake to make a meme out of it, then Memes Maker and Generator is the best place for you as you get access to a library of more than a million movies and shows based GIFs.

    Availability: Android, iOS



    Want to draw something on a traditional meme and make it funkier with your personal touch, Memasik provides you the interface to do that.

    The app offers one of the most friendly meme-making interfaces that helps you in adding stickers, text, and draw figures over a meme. The meme database of the app gets updated regularly so you can get the best meme templates anytime.

    You can also use the thematic stickers to create a meme series, and Memasik also provides you the quick share option so that you can directly share the meme on social media from Memasik itself. The app has a large community where you can post your memes and even promote your memes using an in-app currency named meme coins.

    Availability: Android, iOS

    Video and GIF Memes

    best meme making apps

    Video and GIF memes by Zombodroid can be said to be the best meme maker available on the Google Play. In the app, you can add multiple captions, pictures, and even adjust the color and size of the text. In the video GIFs, you can also tweak the reverse playback, repetition, speed, and the frame rate.

    The app offers you a GIF library powered by Tenor, where you can find any sort of GIF based on different categories. You can make a meme out of any GIF according to your preferences. The app also lets you customize the quality, format, and captions of the GIF. You can add the reverse effect in the GIF or remove it according to your preference.

    Availability: Android

    Meme Faces

    meme faces

    Meme Faces is the best fit for you if you want to add funny meme faces to your friends’ photographs. The app allows you to add different meme faces to normal photos and add captions to convert your friend’s best photograph into a viral meme. In Meme Faces, you can add comic text, too, in case you want to make a meme series.

    Meme Faces lets you flip stickers, texts and make custom memes by using multiple fonts in a meme. You can even change the photo filter in the app. The app has three different categories and more than 200 memes to choose from. You can visit the My creation section of the app to see all the memes created by you.

    Availability: Android


    best meme making apps

    Memeto is the best meme-making app in terms of speed performance. With more than 1000s of stickers, HD photos, and meme templates, the app lets you create one of a kind memes quickly. You can even make memes out of the photos saved in your gallery. The app also allows you to add color to the words in a meme and make it more catchy.

    Not only memes, but you can also create troll quotes, dank quotes, and even inspirational quotes on Memeto. You don’t even have to worry about any watermark as Memeto is a free app. However, you will encounter a lot of ads on your meme-making journey.

    To avoid that, you can go for the subscription that removes ads and unlocks the premium stickers in the app.

    Availability: Android


    You can rely on any of the mentioned apps as all of them are tried and tested manually. In the apps mentioned above, you will find something or the other that is unique and unavailable in other options on Google Play.

    Have fun!