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In Data Management Last updated: October 31, 2022
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A Power BI certificate will help you gain all the skills you need to run Microsoft Power BI business process tools to design and build scalable data models.

Power BI is a versatile data visualization and analysis tool that can help you analyze your data more effectively. It has a wide range of features, making it an excellent choice for data professionals.

Most corporations base their choices on data, and the Power BI tool aids in managing extensive databases by helping to store them in a particular manner, retrieve them as needed for analysis, and present them in an interactive visual style.

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By evaluating past facts rather than generating assumptions, it helps fact-based and rational decision-making to assist drive profitable company decisions. Power BI may be a valuable tool for anyone wishing to understand their data better.

Power BI is quickly becoming the go-to tool for data visualization and analysis. It has a wide range of features that allow users to explore their data in ways not possible with other tools.

Power BI’s ability to connect to numerous data sources, create charts and graphs, and share data with others are some of its primary features.

Power BI is expanding and becoming more necessary due to several factors, including the growing digital transformation, rising demand for heat maps of centralized data, increasing virtualization, and growing data cohort, all of which drive up business intelligence investment.

According to the latest estimate, the market for business intelligence is anticipated to grow to $33.3 billion by 2025 from USD 23.1 billion in 2020.

Why should Power BI be a part of a data analyst’s arsenal?


Nowadays, every organization’s foundation is data, which will remain in the future due to the competitive market. Business intelligence (BI) has enhanced the ability of large and small businesses to make decisions, enabling them to make the best possible choices in the future and propelling the company to new heights.

All kinds of data require analysts to organize datasets according to predetermined criteria for various organizational verticals. Seniors utilize this information to assess their processes’ effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments to their business decisions.

On the other part, data analysts have a multifaceted job profile. They require user-friendly tools to overcome tedious manual operations to discover crucial information to help them make more successful decisions.

All these factors lead to Microsoft Power BI. It provides admins with the ability to explore and analyze their data quickly. This tool is also used to create charts and graphs, research, and make informed decisions.

It can be used to view data in a table or graph and includes several tools for analysis, such as forecasting and trend analysis. It also helps in creating and sharing reports quickly and easily.

Microsoft Power BI has become the industry leader in analytics and business intelligence platforms for Fifteen years.

Professionals with Power BI certifications are in high demand in most MNCs and larger companies. It is an excellent tool for BI developers, business analysts, data analysts, database administrators, and other professionals who need to analyze data.

Its desktop version is free to use and can be downloaded from the Microsoft site.

Overview of the PL-300 Certification – Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst


A Microsoft PL-300 certification is a document that attests to your proficiency with Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365. 

The certification verifies a person’s proficiency in deploying and configuring Microsoft Power BI, such as identity management, security and compliance, business data connectivity, and business analytics solutions.

The basics of programming and developer productivity on the Power BI platform are covered. Candidates who complete this certification will have proven their ability to develop solutions using the fundamental features of Power BI platforms.

It is intended for professionals managing and setting up Power BI platform systems.

The PL-300 certification is a fantastic method to demonstrate to your company that you are proficient with the Power Platform and are capable of developing solutions that satisfy their requirements.

What does the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certify about a certificate holder?


A candidate’s business and technical skills for using Power BI for data modeling, visualization, and analysis are tested by the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification.

It certifies a data analyst’s competence in creating scalable data models, viewing data using Power BI, and conducting data analysis. It considers the certification holder a subject matter expert (SME) who can provide value to the firm by creating engaging data visualizations using high-quality, concise, and precise data.

A credential holder must have a fundamental understanding of on-premises and cloud data processing and warehousing.

The certification emphasizes the following competencies:

  • Prepare the data (15–20%): Collect data from several sources, clean it up, and load it.
  • Model the data (30–35%): Design and refine a data model. To build model computations and improve model efficiency, use DAX.
  • Visualize and analyze the data (25–30%):  Construct dashboards and reports, enhancing storytelling and report usability, and explore the data to spot trends and patterns.
  • Deploy and maintain assets (20–25%): Manage the workspaces, data, and files you use.

DA-100 certification has now been replaced with PL-300


On March 31, 2022, Microsoft Corporation announced they would no longer offer the Data Analyst Associate certification (DA-100).

There is no explanation for this retirement, although, in reality, Microsoft continues to retire and create new certifications in response to market demand and technological advancements.

The PL-300 exam, which replaces DA-100, covers the same body of information but changes the exam’s structure by consolidating the number of topic areas and assigning various weights. DA-100 certification format is as stated below:

  • Prepare the data (20-25%)
  • Model the data (25-30%)
  • Visualize the data (20-25%)
  • Analyze the data (10-15%)
  • Deploy and maintain deliverables (10-15%)

Exam outline of the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300


The PL-300 exam gauges your capacity to carry out tasks like data preparation and modeling, data visualization and analysis, asset deployment, and asset maintenance.

The exam includes instruction on managing solutions, apps, and flows, configuring systems, and administering environments related to Microsoft Power BI.

The outline of the exam is as follows

The test includes 40–60 questions.

One hundred eighty minutes are allotted for the test.

Multiple-choice, true/false, drag-and-drop, list-building, and case study.

The passing score is 700 out of 1000.

Prerequisite :

Microsoft has not formally stated any prerequisites, but the following knowledge would help you pass the exam:

  • Using Power Query and writing expressions by using DAX.
  • Understanding of topics in data analysis and visualization.
  • Fundamental of data concepts.
  • Experience in using relational and non-relational data in the cloud

Exam validity

After passing the PL-300 exam, your Power BI Data Analyst Associate credential will be valid for a year. To renew the certificate, the candidate must complete a free online Microsoft renewal assessment six months before the certification’s expiration date. You can check your eligibility for renewal at Microsoft.

How to book the PL-300 exam date?

Microsoft lets you register for the exam and choose a center online.

  • Visit the Microsoft schedule link
  • When you click “Schedule Exam,” a page where you must log in with your own Microsoft account will appear.
  • Complete all required fields on the Certification profile page.
  • You can choose a location, make an appointment for your exam, and finish making payments on the next screen.

Exam Fees

While posting this, the exam fee for the PL-300 certification was USD 165 for the USA, GBP 113 for the UK, and 4800 INR for India. Prices vary depending on which nation or location the exam is proctored in.

What are the salary ranges one can expect once certification is done?


As discussed in the above section, Power BI data analysts are crucial in helping management display companies’ data to make game-changing decisions.

Due to this, today, Power BI-certified personnel, from SMBs to significant businesses to larger MNCs, are in high demand.

Candidates can apply for a variety of opportunities, including those for BI data analysts, BI developers, Senior BI analysts, Senior data analysts, Power BI administrators, Senior business analysts, BI project managers, and Power BI consultants, among others.

The pay structure for Power BI certified professionals varies depending on experience and the candidate’s position. For example:  For data analysts to BI managers, salary ranges from $48k to $129k. According to Payscale, the typical basic pay is $72k per year.

Resources to help crack the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 exam

All courses and training for PL-300 certification detailed in the following section cover all four modules stated by Microsoft (as explained above), so we will mention only highlights.

#1. Whizlabs Power BI course 

Practice questions are provided in the Whizlabs Power BI course and are created using carefully sourced information by Power BI experts. There are 110 practice questions and 15 mock exams.


The course includes three case studies with five questions, each based on a different Power BI curriculum subject. The candidates will also receive assistance from BI experts.

#2. Udemy Full Practice Exam

The Udemy Practice Exam Course strongly emphasizes all facets of the PL-300 certification exams. This course includes a complete practice exam with explanations, practical assignments to apply the knowledge, several quizzes to assess intellectual abilities, exam-passing tips, and case studies.


The course walks participants through each phase of preparation for the exam. Twelve articles, two practice exams, nine hours of video, and eighty digital resources make up the entire course.

#3. Udemy analyzing and visualizing data with Power BI

This course from Udemy mainly focused on Power BI Desktop’s fundamental certification areas, including DAX, Power Query, and M language. More than 52k students have already attended this course.


After completing the course, you will be able to perform the following tasks in addition to learning how to install Power BI Desktop, the BI and analysis software, and several other data modeling, visualization, and research, Power BI services:

  • The data transformation process involves pivoting, unpivoting, and merging multiple files from a folder.
  • Creation of various charts, including line and stacked bar charts, for analysis purposes.
  • Creation of custom formulas using M and DAX-related functions

This entire course is delivered through 27 hours of video and 32 articles.

#4. Mindhub PL-300 Practice Test

Mindhub is the official Microsoft practice test partner to assist candidates in getting ready for and passing the Microsoft PL-300 exam.


In this test, 173 questions are distributed throughout the PL-300 exam’s four domains based on domain weighting. Subject matter experts who closely collaborate with certification providers to comprehend the exam objectives and take part in beta testing write the practice exams.

Performance-based simulations are offered in the course content to give students practical experience. The solutions to the questions and citations are also provided. You can learn about opportunities for improvement via its drill-down reports.

#5. Edureka Power BI Certification Training Course

There are two learning styles for Edureka courses: instructor-led and self-paced.

YouTube video

Industry professionals created the course to assist applicants in passing the PL-300 exam.

You will learn the fundamentals of business analytics and how to use Power BI Desktop, DAX, services, mobile apps, and reports.

Real-world scenarios are presented through projects, tests, and assignments related to the sector. Any questions or concerns will be answered immediately, preventing candidates from becoming bogged down in their studies.

#6. Free resources from Microsoft

Navigate to the following accessible sources from Microsoft to master four modules for the PL-300 certification.

#7. Book -Power BI Data Analyst

The four domains required to pass the PL-300 certification are the core topics of the Power BI Data Analyst book. In addition to case studies and a tactical approach to the decision-making skills needed to achieve this certification, the book structure will fulfill all exam objectives.

Preview Product Rating Price
Exam Ref PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst Exam Ref PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst $36.81

The book is for professionals who want to take this exam, including data analysts, business users, and other experts.

#8. Questions and Answers for PL-300 Certification Exam

This kindle edition covers detailed questions and detailed answer sessions to pass the PL-300 exam easily with money-back assurance.


No products found.

There are 330 Q&A designed and checked by experts. Its user-friendly design makes users navigate easily through the book.

#9. Comprehensive guide for PL-300

This comprehensive guide will assist you in passing the PL-300 exam and, more importantly, will lead you through all the installations that will enable you to take control of the data in your organization.


Its topics include using Power BI, connecting to data sources such as files and databases, cloud services, and SaaS providers, and creating visualizations and data models using Power BI’s built-in features.

It also focuses on creating dashboards and producing reports, giving you the skills to run a data-driven organization with the assurance of passing the exam.

#10. PL-300 Practice Tests

For the PL-300 test, this Kindle version book includes 160+ real-world practice questions. Answers to the questions are given, along with thorough justifications.


No products found.

It also has three practice tests. It helps to achieve PL-300 certification on your first attempt.


Today, most businesses are heading toward digitization, the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. Management and administration of data will continue to be a crucial component for everyone, necessitating the expertise of BI developers and administrators.

Data analysts for Microsoft Power BI must be skillful at data analysis and have excellent communication skills with stakeholders and other business units to comprehend their demands.

The above resources will help you obtain the PL-300 certification.

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