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Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard of different AI tools like DALL-E that can generate content according to human prompts.

These platforms are powered by AI and can provide you with various types of content, such as text, images, audio, presentations, and more. AI-powered tools not only save your time but also assist you in unleashing your hidden talents. 

What Is Generative AI?

Generative AI is an umbrella term that can be used to refer to any automated process that utilizes algorithms to produce new data by manipulating or synthesizing. Generative AI is called so because it creates something new. One example could be typing prompts to an AI tool that says, “Draw me a brown rabbit drinking tea,” and getting an image for it.

ELIZA could be the first example of generative AI. This chatbot was developed in 1966 at MIT, and it could simulate talking to a therapist. However, a revolution was seen in generative AI in 2014 when generative adversarial networks, or GANs, were introduced.

This type of machine learning algorithm made it possible for generative AI to create convincingly realistic images, music tracks, videos, and audio of real people.

This novel capability has opened new doors of opportunities. Now, generative AI tools can easily write a unique essay in a few minutes of bioinformatics, create awesome images, and provide voice-overs of movie stars for your digital ad.

However, we should not ignore the concerns over deepfakes and the chances of cyberattacks on businesses using this technology.

How Does Generative AI Work?

Generative AI models are designed to generate new and original content based on existing data. For that, these use neural networks to identify the patterns and structures of the data models.

Generative AI usually requires a human prompt (text, image, music, video, design) that the AI system can process. AI algorithms respond to the prompt and generate new content.

Check out this list of AI tools that can be used in different situations in personal and professional life.

AI Content Writing Tools

If you are suffering from writer’s block or looking for new ideas on a not-so-familiar topic, you can use AI tools to generate content. Though different search engines could penalize you for using AI-generated text copies, you can always use these AI tools to optimize your content and make your human-generated content more resourceful.

Some popular AI-based platforms for content creation are:


LOVO is a multi-use AI platform that offers various audio and video solutions such as Text to Speech conversation, Online video editor, AI Art generator, and AI video script writing. The platform is trusted by over 500k professionals from diversified sectors.

LOVO offers an intuitive and comprehensive user interface (UI) that encompasses all the necessary elements for crafting video content entirely from the beginning.

Some of its features include Text to speech conversion with more than 30 emotions, an online video editing platform with AI Voiceovers for precise and high-quality videos, producing high-quality voiceovers for various content needs with 400+ AI voices and over 100 languages, creating stunning AI-generated images or art to enhance your videos and composing video scripts quickly, saving time and minimizing frustrations, so you can focus on your expertise.

This AI-powered voice generator and Text to speech tool are suitable for numerous sectors such as Education, Marketing, social media, E-learning, Animation, Games, Podcast, and anyone looking to create an engaging voice.

The company claims people can save 90% of their time and money. The LOVO tool offers a free 14-day trial without any fees.


In Murf.AI, you get more than 110 voices in 15+ languages for studio-level audio creation.


ChatInsight is an AI-powered custom chatbot designed and developed by Sand Studio. It enables businesses to build their own knowledge-base custom chat for marketing, employee support, IT helpdesk, customer service, etc.

This innovative platform allows users to manage different categories of knowledge from various sources ranging from simple URLs and text to markdown files. It can understand multiple languages without manual adjustments and automatically interprets input training data in its original language.

With ChatInsight, you can have personalized conversations with customers or employees 24/7, just like engaging with a real human being. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated from the website to the app, allowing you to join conversations instantly 24/7/365 following minimal training time needed.

ChatInsight is a revolutionary codeless platform that enables anyone to easily create their own custom chatbot without the need for any coding skills or experience with “codeless”. Your data security and privacy are top priorities as it’s never used to train 3rd party AI models, while access can be restricted with passwords, IP addresses, or domain restrictions.

Enterprises prioritize keeping their core business information confidential, both from the public and competitors. ChatInsight provides them with full control over the information they share with the public, enabling them to protect their business secrets more effectively.

Its range of applications includes sales consultation, customer support, training, and pre-sales and after-sales inquiry handling. Leveraging Large Language Model (LLM) technology such as ChatGPT for precision accuracy, it is perfect for any organization wanting reliable online assistance. ChatInsight offers a 14-day free trial and can be upgraded to enterprise’s version. 

OpenAI API key

Using the OpenAI API key, you can access OpenAI-created AI models that can generate responses matching the provided context.


Transformer can automatically complete your thoughts using different models like GPT, GPT-2, XLNet, etc. 


You can utilize Writesonic to create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your ads, blog, email, and social media. generates premium quality content for blogs, digital ads, sales, eCommerce, and websites.


Jasper is the AI copywriter that can generate content for you according to your favorite tone and style.


Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary and suggests improvements in writing. The new feature of Grammarly helps you to create content using the prompt.

It is a useful tool to improve writing skills, save time, and provide messages through clearer writing. Some of the key features of Grammarly are grammar checker, spelling checker, punctuation checker, plagiarism checker, tone detector, vocabulary enhancement, writing style analysis, and integration with multiple platforms like Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.

Here are some other AI-based tools that can help you with content writing:

AI Art Designing

AI art generators help you create stunning images and pictures, even if you do not know how to draw. Just include the right prompts to share what is on your mind, and the following tools can turn those into reality:


DALL·E 2 is probably the most popular AI art generative platform in the world that can create realistic images from a description in natural language.


Pikazo uses neural style transfer algorithms to generate customized artwork that will surprise you.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is another online platform that gives life to your imagination using AI and art.

Deep AI

Thanks to Deep AI, you can convert your imagination into an image. You have to write a prompt according to your need, and it will create an image for you. Deep AI also provides an AI chat feature to talk to your favorite character.

Some of the key features of Deep AI are AI image generator, AI search, AI image editor, and chat with AI characters (TV characters, historical and anime characters).


Artbreeder has more than 10 million users and 250 million generated images. You can create a mixer image (mixing an image and text prompt) and can create images out of simple shapes, and images. That’s not it, you can mix images and edit their genes. Also, you can create portraits, landscapes, and more. You can now expand images as well.

Some of the key features of Artbreeder are Image generation, Image editing, Video production, Text-to-Image, user collaboration

Leap AI

Leap AI helps in generating images and music using text prompts. It provides more than 5000 app integrations with it. You can edit pictures, and create wallpapers, icons, avatars, portraits, and illustrations.

Leap is one of the revolutionary AI tools that is helpful for image generation, license-free AI music and video generation, podcast music generation, logos and icons generation, customization and editing, user collaboration, and sharing.


Imgcreator is one of the advanced image generators. It also provides you with a guide to prompt writing for the best image description. After that, you can generate realistic images. Image generator and background changer are the most popular features of Image Creator.

They have AI Image Generator Tools to 10x your content creation and realize your creative vision. Some of these tools are Text to Images, Wizard Background Changer, Selfies to AI Portrait, Stock photo variations.

Apart from the above list, you can also use these solutions to create the artwork of your imagination:

AI Tools to Convert Text into Video

As seen earlier, there are tools that can convert text into images using generative AI. Similarly, we have tools and platforms that are helpful for creating videos from prompts.


Synthesia is one of the useful tools for businesses and can transform simple text into professional-looking video. The length of videos can be up to 30 minutes long.  They have AI voices in 120+ languages. Also, you can make your videos more engaging with 140+ AI Avatars.

Not only that, Synthesia has some really amazing features such as custom avatars, custom backgrounds, audio uploads, background music, multi-slide videos, and many more.


Fliki is one of the well-known brands in the world of video and voice creation using text. Also, Fliki supports over 75 languages in over 100 dialects. The AI speech generator offers 1300+ ultra-realistic voices, ensuring that you can create videos with voice-overs in your desired language with ease.

Voice Cloning AI, Text-to-speech AI, and Text-to-video AI, combined with our ready-to-use templates and 10 million+ rich stock media, allow you to create high-quality videos without any design or video editing expertise.


With Invideo, you can convert your blog or article into a video using InVideo’s AI-powered text-to-video editor. You can use InVideo to access 8 million+ stock media from iStock, and Shutterstock.

You can use InVideo to edit your videos with powerful features like trim, crop, transitions, text, stickers, voiceover, and more.

AI for Coding

The generative ability of Ai is not limited to text and images. You can also use this technology to write codes. There are many AI-powered platforms nowadays, like the ones mentioned below, that can auto-complete the codes and thus reduce your workload.


Tabnine is an all-language code completion assistant that constantly learns the codes and preferences of your team as you keep using it.

GitHub Copilot

Being an open-source code completion platform, GitHub Copilot can offer you suggestions with its knowledge of billions of coding lines.


DeepCode uses AI technology to assist developers in writing cleaner code and for real-time semantic code analysis.


Jedi is a REPL autocompletion library for Python interpreters that makes the job easier for the developers.


AskCodi is an efficient tool that can be used for frontend syntax, documentation, text generation, and database.

AI Search Engines 

Modern-day search engines also use Artificial Intelligence to generate customized and accurate results. These are some of the best AI search engines you can use: is another search engine that provides you with personalized results from trusted sources.


Andi is a privacy-focused AI search chatbot that shares factually-correct answers to your queries.

AI Voice Generator 

There are also AI voice generator tools that let you choose from a collection of voices in different languages. has 570+ AI voices in 80 languages for text-to-speech AI voice generation.

AI Presentation Maker

Presentations have become an integral part of our life as students, freelancers, business executives, researchers, and people from other professions need to use them regularly. AI presentation tools like the following can cut down the presentation creation time significantly. uses the power of generative AI to create professional slides that contain charts, content, and images. lets you create personalized presentation decks from simple text description and share it with the stakeholders.


If you want to make a presentation within a short time, Wonderslide is here to generate presentation designs with the necessary customization.


Wepik is another platform that can generate presentations in a minute just using the topic and templates chosen by you.

AI Music Generator Tools 

If you find it difficult to curate royalty-free music and tracks for your video, movie, advertisement, or any other project, you can use AI music generator. Using these tools, generating music of your choice becomes an easy process.

Composing mood-based music is easy with, as this tool allows you to choose the genre and mood before composing.


Soundraw is another popular platform for generating unlimited royalty-free music that can be customized according to your needs.


Soundful is an AI music generator for creating royalty-free background music for videos, podcasts, and streams.


Voicemod is a browser-based tool where you can add text, and it will create a song out of it.

AI Chatbot Tools

AI is also being used to develop chatbots for websites and social media channels that can generate automatic responses. There are also AI tools to create Facebook chatbot that can automatically answer user queries.

Chatfuel Lite

Chatfuel lite is a chatbot platform where you can train your chatbot in simple steps. It is best for product recommendations, FAQs, and Initial communication automation. It is one of the most useful and reliable platforms for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Chatfuel offers various templates that help you train and use them for customer support, lead generation, and e-commerce. It can be linked with your own product, website, or mobile apps for both Web and iOS.


Tidio is one of the best AI tools for creating chatbots. Tidio’s chatbots reply to customer messages with conversational AI that sounds like a human. It is used on over 3,00,000 websites.

More than 35+ templates are available. Also, Tidio integrates with many e-commerce tools and platforms in a few minutes.

Some of the key features of Tidio are live chat for communication, chatbot creation, responding when other operators are busy, data collection from clients, automating tasks in the background, sending pop-up messages, and feedback collection from customers after a chat.


BotStar is a platform that can create scalable and multilingual chatbots for seamlessly handling user queries.


Dialogflow from Google Cloud uses BERT-based natural language understanding (NLU) models to understand context and intent accurately.

AI Voice Cloning

There are also AI voice cloning tools that can replicate a voice from sample audio and make it read the script you provided. These can be used for voice-over for personal projects or when you have a tight budget or lack the equipment needed for a professional voice recording. Popular AI voice cloning software includes:

Using deep learning technology, can produce realistic AI voice clones of your favorite celebrity.

Veritone Voice

Veritone Voice creates AI-generated sound using consent-driven cloned custom voice models.


On Overdub, you can either choose from its ultra-realistic stock voice collection or use your own voice as a model for the text-to-speech process.

AI Accounting Tools

Accounting is an essential aspect of business. It provides up-to-date and accurate financial information about a company, such as income, profit, expenses, and assets. Also, useful for making decisions about budgets, investments, cost management, and pricing strategies.

But, most accounting work is time-consuming and repetitive. So, to automate these works such as data entry, invoice processing, and reconciliation. AI tools can be useful. Another benefit of AI tools is that their algorithm can detect fraudulent transactions and improve efficiency.

Here are some of the useful AI Accounting tools.


VIC AI is an AI tool that is specifically designed for use in accounting and finance. Some of the key aspects of VIC AI are extracting data from invoices and invoice processing, expense management, and providing insights into financial data to help businesses identify trends and anomalies and cost-saving opportunities.

Some of the functionalities offered by VIC AI are a comprehensive view of financial transactions, CPA firms (Enables accounting firms to automate their processes and improve efficiency), billing and invoices, and automate accounts payable process.


Indy is a cloud-based software and helpful for handling accounting processes, managing income and expenses, and viewing transactions. However, Indy is not a tool, but it provides various tools to manage accounting processes.

It is designed for freelancers and individual proprietors. It offers tools for invoicing, time tracking, project management, and more.

Indy offers various features such as project management, contract management, proposal management, communication tools, time tracking, invoicing, and payment tracking.


Docyt learns your business using AI. It automates back office and bookkeeping tasks. It will help you make better decisions with real-time financial insights.

Docyt helps keep transactional records, journal entries, and reconciliation of bank and credit/debit cars.

Docyt provides various ranges of tools to manage finances for business.

Some of the key features are real-time bookkeeping and real-time visibility into your expenses, revenue, and profit. That’s not it! Payment tracking, task management, project management, creating + sending and tracking invoices, contract management, and automating mundane are some key features of Docyt.

AI For Teachers

AI is evolving and becoming useful for teachers – to reduce administration burden, provide personalized lessons, to provide grades, feedback, create presentations, and animations for explaining chapters, to create quizzes, and to evaluate them. All this stuff can be done by AI tools.

Here are some AI tools useful to teachers.


If you are a teacher, and you have 100+ students of students in your class. Imagine giving them assignments and then evaluating and giving grades to each student in the old paper and pen method. Too tiring!😪 Not to worry, there exists a platform called Gradescope which is specially designed to grade assignments. It is trusted by 2600+ universities, with 700M+ questions graded.

Gradescope supports various types of assignments, problem sets, projects, quizzes, bubble sheets, examples, programming assignments and exams, and paper-based assignments. It includes subjects like computer science, math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and economics.

AI Tools for Summarization

Suppose you would like to work with a large amount of text or books, but you don’t have too much time in the process. You can utilize these tools to summarize lengthy and tedious text, transforming it into concise and informative points.


Unriddle is a helpful tool that helps you read, write, and learn faster using AI. It helps you simplify complex topics, find info, ask questions, and get answers instantly. It can generate an AI assistant on top of any document, so you can quickly find, summarize, and understand info.

Also, generate text with AI autocomplete and highlight to summarize, and explain. It is one of the most powerful ways to chat with your documents.


TLDR This helps you to summarize not only text but also the webpage by providing the URL of that specific page. It allows users to paraphrase text in different tones and styles.

Also, It can provide you an important keywords and summaries from the provided text or documents. It can provide a section-wise summary. You will get a free experience.

Wrapping Up

AI can help you in your personal and professional life in many ways. Using these tools, you can make your life easier and save your precious time.

Now that you know some of the most robust AI-powered tools, you can start using them right away or save this article to use them later. You may also like o read our article on Artificial General Intelligence.

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