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In Crypto Last updated: January 2, 2023
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Move-to-earn is one such trend that’s gaining immense popularity and attraction in the cryptocurrency sector right now.

This is another new thing after NFTs that is booming in the market. Technically, this is a new niche where you get rewarded for being active. It is an excellent approach to improving your physical health and making money simultaneously.

Do you know more about this innovative approach?

Let’s dive deep into the move-to-earn concept to understand it better.

What are Move to Earn Games?

There are several platforms and games available right now in the market that is running on the move-to-earn concept. These move to earn games reward every user for staying fit. So, you can expect extra revenue for engaging in routine exercise or any specific fitness challenges.

Several companies came up with fitness applications where the users were rewarded with gift cards, vouchers, merchandise, and more in exchange for their efforts to reach fitness goals.

Move to Earn

Later on, this trend continued, and crypto platforms also decided to enter the race. After that, plenty of crypto projects came up with their contribution in the move to earn domain. A majority of these crypto platforms reward the users with m2e crypto tokens native to the platform. So, they release native crypto tokens to reward the users.

You can say that move-to-earn games are an excellent way to earn crypto tokens. This is the entire concept of the move to earn games that are trending in the blockchain and Web3 world.

You can try out various apps to help you earn while you walk.

How do Move to Earn Games work?

Every move-to-earn game is currently relying on the same mechanism. If you are wondering how these apps work, then continue reading further.

  • Every move-to-earn game or app relies on cellular and GPS signals for tracking your moment. If the app finds out that the signal is not strong, then there are high chances of you not earning the rewards.
  • Move to earn games utilize a dual token system. Over here, one token will govern the token, while the other will be used to reward the user.
  • Plenty of move-to-earn apps will require you to make an initial investment in order to earn any rewards.
  • Usually, there is a maximum cap on the number of users who can join the app to create FOMO.

This is how move-to-earn apps are working right now to create hype in the market. When this concept merged with Web3 and crypto, it started booming to the next level.

How are Move-to-Earn Games giving dual benefits to every fitness enthusiast?

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not, you will receive dual benefits with the help of move-to-earn games.

Firstly, you will get fit because you are walking or participating in fitness challenges. So, you will stay in shape and physically active every single day. As you track your daily step count or fitness challenge result with these apps, you will focus more on your physical health. This is a significant benefit of move-to-earn games.

Another benefit is that you can make some income out of it. As walking is a part of daily life, you can get some extra revenue by doing everyday activities and staying fit. Rewards are the reason why people are actually into these apps.


So, it’s like shooting two targets with a single arrow. You are earning some tokens or money for staying fit.

It sounds amazing, isn’t it? You should try out such a move-to-earn game right now to earn some extra revenue and stay fit at the same time.

Here’s a list of some of the best M2E cryptos that are available in the market for you to try out.


When it comes to move-to-earn games, STEPN is the most famous one in the Web3 and crypto world. This game will reward you for completing workouts. You will get to earn some GST (Green Satoshi Token) in the app for performing various activities like walking, cycling, running, and many more. The more you move around, the more GST tokens you can earn.

These GST tokens are useful for purchasing new avatars or buying some upgrades in the app. Other than that, you can even trade your GST tokens for other cryptocurrencies or invest in them. So, there are plenty of possibilities for you in this app.


The only downside of this app is that you need to purchase an NFT sneaker to start earning any rewards. These sneakers will determine the number of tokens you can earn. There is an in-app NFT marketplace where you can purchase and upgrade your sneakers to level up your game. You can even rent a sneaker from the NFT marketplace.

Other than the GST token, the STEPN app also has GMT (Green Metaverse Token) for managing the platform and its governance. The higher your NFT sneaker level, the more tokens you can earn in this app.

Step App

Step App is a pretty new platform that took inspiration from the STEPN platform. It functions similar to the STEPN platform, so you have to purchase upgradeable sneakers to earn rewards.

Step App has KCAL as its utility and reward token. So, you can trade or buy sneaker NFTs on this platform with the help of KCAL tokens. Step App is working towards turning your fitness goals into income, friendly competition, and also social joy.

Step App

The app also supports microtransactions so that you can make in-app purchases from the in-app store, including sneakers, avatars, map styles, and more. You can also enter different tournaments with your friends and players worldwide by utilizing your tokens.

FITFI is another token used for governance in the Step App’s ecosystem. This token is used to determine revenue splits, development milestones, and also burn rates.


If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, you will find it pretty interesting to play Genopets. Here, you will have to take care of your digital pet and help him grow. As you move around, your digital pet will grow stronger. You will get rewards based on how many tasks you complete on daily basis.


The best thing about Genopets is that it is the first move-to-earn NFT game that doesn’t require any investment. You can customize your Genopet NFT as you like and accumulate XP based on your daily steps.

Genopets platform also has two tokens – The GENE token is utilized for the governance of the platform, while the KL token is used as the rewarding token for the users. You can start playing for free and begin minting NFTs to sell a huge variety of in-game NFTs, including crystals and habitats.


Sweatcoin is a famous smartphone application that will reward you for maintaining good physical health. When you indulge in physical activities like cycling, walking, running, and more, you will get to earn reward points that are termed “sweatcoins.”

Sweatcoin isn’t paying the users in cryptocurrency but has its own reward point system. There is no initial investment required to earn sweatcoins on this app. This is a new generation currency that can be used to purchase cool items, get some discounts, or even donate to charity.


You can also convert your sweatcoins into SWEAT in the app. SWEAT is the native token used in this application. You will earn sweatcoins based on your daily step count.

You can upgrade the app to its premium version in order to earn more coins. This will also help you gain exposure to some worthy offers in the store.


Several companies came up with move-to-earn games. But Dustland decided to give this game a story that’s worth playing. According to the storyline, the entire Earth is scorched, and the only place left is the Dustlands. These ghost towns are filled with pirates. So, you have to run for resources and find other survivors to move further and explore the secrets of Dustlands.

The more you physically workout in the real world, the more rewards you can earn in the game. Complete as many missions as you can for better rewards. The rewards are based on your distance and not your performance in this game. On top of that, you can earn both tokens and NFTs as rewards.

YouTube video

Dustland has DOSE tokens for both platform governance and rewarding the users. When you move up the levels, you’ll see it getting more challenging and rewarding.

You can use the DOSE tokens to purchase some in-game items, upgrade your avatar, and more. So, Dustland is here to make you healthy as well as wealthy with a single move-to-earn game.


Dotmoovs is a bit different than the other move-to-earn games. Here, you won’t get rewards based on your daily steps. You will get rewards based on the workouts and challenges you complete. Dotmoovs also supports Augmented Reality (AR), which allows you to complete your workouts in real-world locations.

Dotmoovs uses MOOV tokens to govern the platform and reward the users. Currently, you can earn MOOV tokens by participating in Dance and Soccer competitions and challenges. The “Moov points” that you earn can be used for purchasing in-game items or upgrading your avatars.


An excellent thing about Dotmoovs is that the rewards aren’t fixed for every person. You will get rewards based on your performance, and everything will be judged by AI. Another significant benefit is that the app is free to use with no initial investment required.

Dotmoovs is also working towards introducing its own metaverse so that you can have unlimited fun without even leaving your home. So, start focusing on your health with Dotmoovs to earn some handsome rewards.

Calo Run

Calo Run allows you to earn tokens and get rewards as it is a run-based M2E crypto application. There are two different modes for playing this game – Single Mode and Challenge Mode. You will require at least 5minutes of movement in the Single Mode to get stamina. This stamina will replenish when you get your NFT sneaker and help you earn FIT tokens.

Calo Run

In the Challenge Mode, you can compete in weekly and monthly challenges. You can also earn CALO tokens in this app that can be used to purchase items in the Calo marketplace, including nutrition plans, workout programs, and also fitness gear. This is where you can focus on your health and earn rewards for making it happen.

You can even use the earned CALO tokens for investing in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. On top of that, if you have 2 NFT sneakers, then you can mint a shoebox by breeding them. For this, you need to have complete ownership of both sneakers.

Calo Run requires initial investment as you have to purchase a pair of NFT sneakers to start earning rewards. The app allows you to rent your sneakers, mint new sneakers, and also customize them.


Wirtual pays you for keeping up your healthy habits. You will get rewards for completing various fitness tasks, including working out, dancing, running, and swimming. To start earning rewards, you only need to download the app and create an account.

You can earn WIRTUAL coins by taking part in different challenges online. Some of them are free ones, while some of them will require initial payments. The more WIRTUAL you earn, the higher tier you will be placed to. WIRTUAL is the native token on the platform for both governing the platform and rewarding the users.


An in-app store for purchasing various NFTs can help you boost the number of WIRTUAL tokens that you can earn every day. You can unlock some special powers and earn better rewards by upgrading your avatars and clothes. The app also allows you to sell your avatars to other users and make money from them.

WIRTUAL also allows you to connect the app with your smartwatches to make fitness tracking easier and more accurate.


VICMOVE is another move-to-earn app on the Web3 platform. You can earn rewards in this app by walking, running, and cycling. Certain features in this app will actually inspire you to focus on your physical health.

In this app, you will be given a specific amount of energy on a daily basis for improving your health as well as earnings. A Lucky Point will decide how much more or less you will earn through the app. When you level up, your stats for the sneaker will improve. This will ultimately help you earn more tokens. On top of that, the fusion feature also allows you to fuse two sneakers and create a new and better one.

YouTube video

VICMOVE comes with an easy-to-use interface where you only need to perform 3 steps for registering. You will have to purchase the box through Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC networks. In the app, you will get to earn VICMOVE box pieces or VIM tokens for every step that you take.

VICMOVE has VIM tokens for both rewarding and governance purposes. So, you can earn NFTs and crypto easily with physical moments in your day-to-day life through VICMOVE.


Step is another revolutionary move-to-earn game that allows you to earn cryptocurrency for focusing on your physical health. A unique thing about this app is that you won’t get rewards in the native token of the app. Instead, you will get your rewards in BNB tokens. As BNB is a stable token, you won’t have to worry about the token prices plummeting suddenly at any point.


The app uses STEP tokens only for the governance of the platform. The downside is that you need to make an initial investment and own at least 18k STEP tokens to earn any rewards. You can earn a maximum of $10 every single day for completing 30k steps in total.

If you are a physical training freak, you will benefit from this app. $10 might sound a bit low initially, but when you see it from a regular viewpoint, you will see the real benefit of the app just by walking daily.


DEFIT aims to make physical training and exercise more fun and appealing with rewards for every user. In this move-to-earn game, you can sync all your wearables and complete different physical activities to earn the native DEFIT tokens as a reward.


DEFIT also allows you to get social and gain inspiration from other people’s workouts and journeys. This Web3 project aims to build the largest as well as the most powerful digital fitness marketplace.

DEFIT tokens are available on both Polygon and Ethereum chains. The platform is also working on bringing NFTs to the game to make it more exciting and fun for the users. Right now, the app is free to use, and the users don’t have to purchase any NFT to start earning rewards.


A lot is going on in the blockchain world associated with physical fitness. Move-to-earn games are the best way to bridge fitness and crypto to earn some extra revenue. So, these apps will be good for your physical health as well as your pockets.

The concept of M2E crypto is highly trending in the market, and its usage is only increasing with time. This is your time to get on the trend and earn some extra crypto tokens while maintaining your physical health and fitness.

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