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In AI Last updated: September 18, 2023
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Every voice is unique, with its innate frequency, harmonic structure, pitch, intensity, volume, fluency, pronunciation, and articulation.

This is why no two voices are ever exactly similar. There are way too many differing factors to consider. However, imagine being able to make a clone of a voice. 

Cloning a voice means creating a voice replica that’s human but is generated via Artificial Intelligence. This is what AI voice cloning software can do. Tools like Murf.AI can make replicated voices and give them human emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, nervousness, and more.

If you’re tired of monotonous robotic narrations in your scripts or want a tool to convert text into audio with the voice of an actual person, Murf.AI is your guy. In this post, I review the tool based on its scope of operation, performance, features, and other aspects.

What is Murf.AI?

Murf.AI is artificial intelligence-powered voice cloning software that can mimic the human voice and clone its aspects.

The tool can make custom voices for various purposes, such as audiobooks, podcasts, advertising, marketing, animated videos, scripts, presentations, and more.


If you need to borrow someone’s voice, let’s say Daniel Radcliffe, for the audiobook narration of Harry Potter, what better voice to choose than that of Harry Potter himself? 🪄

While Daniel himself can’t be the voice of the iconic character, his voice clone can, thanks to the powers of AI and deepfake voice.

The audio cloning technique allows you to copy any voice while adjusting its speed, pitch, frequency, and tone, among other things, to use the voice as and how you need it with no limits! 

Moreover, the tool allows you to make extensive modifications to the voice you have cloned and change the voiceover without re-recording the target voice more than once. This leaves plenty of room for flexibility.

Benefits of Voice Cloning Using Murf.AI

Real-time voice cloning can help you in several ways, be it for business or personal use.

#1. Personalized Voice Assistants 

Imagine Alexa or Siri, only the voice you choose, be it a celebrity, your loved one, or a voice created by AI. Murf.AI allows you to whip up a unique voice and personalize your interactions with your voice assistant.

This could enhance your experience using the AI since it will be a familiar voice speaking back to you, be it yours, a friend’s, or your favorite celebrity – dead or alive. 

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#2. Use of Synthetic Voice by Speech-impaired People

AI voice cloning can be fun but can also be extremely useful if used correctly. One of the best ways to use the technology is to help speech-impaired people communicate their problems when the visual cues are no help.

Let’s say a person with difficulty speaking has to speak to someone over the call. Of course, they won’t be able to communicate their limitations using their own voice, but they can use a custom synthetic voice for it.

Knowing they now have the means to communicate their needs would also give them more confidence.

#3. Voiceovers and Narration

One of the best ways to use AI voice cloning is for voice-overs and narration. The AI model can turn text into speech with an existing voice or a completely new mixed-up voice.


As of now, actual celebrities are called to narrate audiobooks. But with so many projects, finding the perfect voice for each character is difficult. This is where AI can prove to be invaluable. You can curate any custom voice, add emotions and intonation into the fake voices, and use it to narrate audiobooks while being able to add true character to a voice.

Similarly, it can be used to dub cartoons and anime and add dramatic voice aspects to it. If your company plans to launch a marketing campaign with animated videos, you could use voice cloning technology to give your company and brand its own voice.

This will be a much more affordable alternative to hiring an agency or a freelancer to dub you. You could use the same voice (or fix a new one) again and again for different videos.

AI voice cloning tools leave plenty of room for modification, so you’d have various voice features to play around with.

#4. Text-to-speech

Using AI voice cloning, you can also turn any text into speech, using the voice of your liking. This can help kids with visual or reading impairments have a better learning experience. The technology can also be used to write meeting transcripts or turn texts into audio for presentation purposes. 

#5. Cost-effective

Murf.AI makes voiceovers and dubbing highly affordable. If you calculate the costs you would incur to:

  • Hire a freelancer
  • The time you would have to invest in scheduling with them
  • Briefing them on what’s needed
  • Waiting for the delivery
  • Expecting the necessary revisions

You’ll realize just how cost and time-effective Murf.AI can be. With a voice cloning tool, you don’t have to pay for an individual; you can get a custom voice made for a small fee. Moreover, AI-generated voice is way more customizable than human voice, with room for ample adjustments.

You don’t have to give it a long brief, either. Just a few pointers on what you’re looking for, and you’ll get custom voices delivered to your screen in a matter of minutes. It cancels all the steps you would have taken while dealing with a human voiceover artist and seals a consistent stream of audio content using Murf.AI.

AI cloning tools can also give a unique voice for chatbots and avatars, preserve the voice for future generations, and open up possibilities for more creative expression, among many things.

Features of Murf.AI

Murf.AI is one of the most powerful tools for cloning voices. It can help generate excellent and lifelike narrations for marketing and other purposes. Here are some of the main features of Murf.AI and why you need to use the software for all your voice cloning needs. 

#1. Voice Cloning

Murf.AI can clone human speech using a short aural sample. Using the samples, you can create a digital voice of your liking and imitate the emotion and intonation to make it seem real.

You can use the cloned voice to create voiceovers, audio recordings, and narrations while modifying its speed, pitch, frequency, and emotion to get the desired results.

#2. Customization

The platform leaves room for heavy customization of the voice, where you can adjust the pitch, emotion, vocal style, and frequency. You can also add factors like controlled pauses, emphasis on certain words or syllables, breaths, and background music to add more allure to the audio recordings.


Since Murf.AI supports a simple drag-and-drop interface, everything can be done seamlessly.

#3. Multiple Languages

Murf.AI supports various languages and dialect options, with over 100 languages to choose from. Some of the languages include:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Dutch
  • Tamil
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Romanian
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

You can clone any voice in several languages other than English and use it for diverse projects.

#4. Voice Changer

Another nifty feature of Murf.AI is its voice changer, which can modify a voiceover. You can input your preferences, along with an audio clip or a sample, and based on the prompt you give, you can adjust the voice, tone, and effects to make the voice more engaging, friendly, or however you like.

Real-Life Use Cases of Murf.AI

Whether everyday, personal, or business, Murf.AI is one tool you can use for various purposes. It can generate ultra-realistic voiceovers and audio that can leave the best of us scratching our heads, wondering if it’s an actual person speaking or AI.

Here are some of the real-life use cases of the AI voice cloning tool:

#1. Marketing Campaign

One of the prime ways of using Murf.AI is in marketing. If you want to promote your brand, product, or services, there is no better way to do it than with visual content.

Written content is good, but audio and video connect better with the audience. Murf.AI can create a realistic custom voice that can be used as background audio to any video. You can create an animated video for campaigning purposes and use the voiceover to make a mark.

The software can mimic the voice of an existing person or a celebrity or whip up a whole new voice. Custom voices work better for brand campaigning than anything else since you can give your brand an actual voice instead of just metaphorically. 

#2. E-learning

Voices generated using Murf.AI can be used to create e-learning courses, for which you can turn your text into audio to make the learning more interactive for the students.


Let’s say you have written an article, a journal, or a book. You can create a new course for immersive learning and empower visually impaired students by turning the textual content into audio content. This will open up new avenues for your students as well.

#3. Entertainment 

Custom voices can be used to provide voiceovers in animated videos, games, and other kinds of digital content where voice can be used. You can start your own podcast or create a YouTube channel with animations and custom voices.

This would be especially helpful for people who have content ideas but don’t have the confidence to use their own voice or face in front of an audience. 

#4. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are the new up-and-coming trend these days. However, the voiceover options for audiobooks are pretty limited. Some of the most famous books are narrated by celebrities, with others being done by individual artists and freelancers. This can be quite an expensive endeavor – hiring someone else for your audio needs.

Murf.AI makes audiobook narration a piece of cake and quite affordable. It lets you give each character in a book a unique voice and personality since AI allows heavy customizations of the voices. You can also give emotions to the voice by adding calculated pauses, breaths, sighs, and gasps, making the audio as realistic as possible.

This gives you increased autonomy over the content. 

Limitations of Using Murf.AI

Since nothing is perfect in this world, Murf.AI also has limitations. It can do wonders for you if used right, but you must keep some of its limitations in mind to make the most of the software.

#1. Quality

Murf.AI can create high-quality natural and human-sounding voices, but some quality constraints are attached to it. Since it is just an AI tool, it won’t give you the quality you expect from professional audio production.

Although some editing can improve the quality, it won’t be on par with professional production.

#2. Accuracy

You can use Murf.AI to clone the voices of any person, including celebrities, but it can fail to capture all the nuances of human speech, such as the pacing, the exact emotions, and intonation. So, you must be selective about the type of content you use the AI for. 

#3. Ethical Concerns

Needless to say, one of the prime limitations of using AI to clone the voices of actual humans, be it someone you know or a famous person, has ethical issues attached to them.


Anybody with malicious intent can mimic the voice and use it to spread any kind of message, which could reflect poorly on the one to whom the voice belongs. It’s vital to use the software ethically and not use it to cause harm or to defame anyone by manipulating their voice clone and using it against them. 

Closing Thoughts

Murf.AI is the most powerful voice cloning tool out there, with extensive potential for personal and business uses. By creating a clone of a voice, you can make a library of audio content, including podcasts, animated videos, audiobooks, and voiceovers for cartoons and anime.

It’s vital to consider ethical concerns while using the software. By doing that, you could reap the full potential of the robust AI voice tool. 

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