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  • Algorithm-based real-time bidding for higher return from banner ads.

    One of the many ways to monetize a blog, news site, community, etc. is to show ads.

    There are hundreds of ad network, and some of the popular ones you might have heard about are Google Adsense, Yahoo (Media.net), Chitika, etc.

    They are giant, and they need a massive cut from your site’s earning to maintain their technology infrastructure, support, etc. In the end, you get disappointed with the earnings if traffic is not much.

    I’ve tried many including Adsense, Superlinks, Media.net and they were ok.

    A few months back, I was introduced to Newor Media and happy with the earnings so far.

    Newor Media use an algorithm and machine-learning to show high-quality ads which generate more earnings. They are not the ads network like Google instead of a team of professionals who focus on getting more return for your site.

    Earning may vary from niche to niche, but I will speak about Geek Flare.

    I took a report for this year, and as you can overall, RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) is above $5.  I never had this from Adsense, so it works for me.

    Ad types

    By default, static ad code was given to me initially. However, when requested I got the dynamic ad code which is perfect for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


    Payment type is NET60 and either you can get it paid to your PayPal or WIRE transfer. If you are not a US-based, then you may open an account with Payoneer who offer local accounts in multiple currencies (USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, JPY, CNH, AUD).


    Earning report gets updated every day which you can see by logging into a dashboard. You get the following in the report.

    • Average fill rate
    • Average CPM
    • Average RPM
    • Revenue in USD
    • Total Clicks
    • Total impressions
    • Income by ad size (perfect to find out which one perform better)
    • Total revenue

    I don’t know how long the earning data is stored, but I was able to retrieve six months old. You can sort by the following.

    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last seven days
    • This month
    • Last 30 days
    • Custom

    They continuously improve. When I joined, they didn’t have revenue by ad size, but now they do.


    I always had a response within 24 hours. I love their support.

    It’s through email and efficient.

    If you are not happy with current ads earning or looking to monetize your site, then I would recommend trying Newor Media.

    If you like to get introduced then contact me here and I will connect you with my account manager.