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Track your habits better with these Notion Habit Tracker Templates for a more productive you!

Looking for an easy and effective tool for habit tracking? Do you find habit-tracking mobile apps challenging? You must try out these proven Notion templates for habit tracking now.

You will find tons of mobile and computer applications on the internet to grow and practice habits. However, most such apps require some learning curve before you can become a habit-tracking master. If you do not have that time, install Notion for free now and get started with these handpicked templates just for you!     

Importance of Habit Tracking for Productivity

Habit tracking means tracking and recording your habits or daily activities. It is directly linked to the process of developing a habit in your life or, sometimes, eliminating it. The objective of habit tracking is to consciously aware of your daily actions so that you can make intentional changes and improvements.

Habit tracking allows you to observe your habit patterns. It also enables you to measure progress and locate areas that require focus and improvement.

Habit tracking is vital for achieving habit-related goals and enhancing your productivity. It works as a visual record of your performance and makes you accountable for your actions and decisions.

By creating a sense of self-awareness, habit tracking allows you to focus on goal alignment and, thus, helps you adapt accordingly for increased productivity.

By tracking habits, you can also identify time sinks, potential obstacles, and unproductive patterns. As a consequence, it becomes easy to prioritize habits or tasks, manage time, and move towards long-term goals consistently. Through positive reinforcement, habit tracking motivates you to stay committed and productive without losing focus.

How Can Notion Help You With Habit Tracking?

Whether you want to incorporate a new habit into your life or eliminate a bad habit, habit tracking is a must-have tool for you. Now, you can track habits using different approaches — manual notebook, journal, habit tracking app, or habit tracking templates. If you are a Notion user, the best choice would be Notion habit tracker templates. 

The Notion is a popular productivity tool that is used for project management. While you are already using Notion for personal and professional task management, you can also use it for habit tracking instead of switching to another app. 

Notion comes with a vast collection of habit-tracking templates to choose from. Depending on what you want to achieve through habit tracking, you can select your favorite template and start using it within the interface of the Notion app.

Benefits of Using Notion Templates for Habit Tracking 

The biggest benefit of using the Notion habit tracking template is you do not have to use a new tool for habit tracking. Since you use Notion every day for task management, it will help you remember to track your habits daily. 

The pre-designed templates allow you to directly start tracking the habits the moment you want to. Thus, it saves you the time you would have wasted by searching for a suitable app. The templates are also customizable so that you can change them according to your unique needs. 

Notion also comes with a new button block. With its help, you just need a single click to check off completed habits for the day.

Now that you have discovered that Notion is an efficient tool for easy and affordable habit tracking find below some Notion templates to get started quickly:

Personal Habit Tracker

Personal Habit Tracker is the ideal Notion template for any personal habit development, such as exercising, reading, or meditating. With streaks and visualization, this customizable template lets you set and track goals to stay motivated.

It automatically creates a new page for each new day which saves you time and effort. The buttons feature is also helpful for checking off the habits for the day. 

Moreover, adding new habits is also feasible with ease. Its calendar view lets you visualize your progress over time and provides insight into areas for improvement.

Daily Habit Tracker

Three versions of keeping track of your daily habits is possible with the Daily Habit Tracker Template from Notion. Here are three variations of the same that you can use. Simply DuplicateLog in with your email or relevant account – and sign in or up to Notion to access them!

Habit Tracker (Modern)

Notion Modern Habit Tracker is the next most dominating template that brings top-end convenience and style while keeping track of daily activities at your fingertips.

This template comes with a simple yet organized design that gives you a complete picture of your habit patterns. Whether you are up for tracking your daily schedule or work-related tasks, this template will never disappoint.

This template is featured with a progress bar that allows you to track real-time progress toward your goals. With the Modern Habit Tracker Template, you can completely transform the way you track your daily habits.

Habit Tracker (Minimal)

The Minimal Habit Tracker is next to the list of leading Notion habit tracker templates, making it easier for you to track daily routines.

This template brings down the easy-to-use interface with minimalistic design at your fingertips. Its modern-day design and features make it a reliable means to access a real-time approach to habit tracking.

If you want to get an interface that allows you to monitor your daily habits, this is a tracker that has your back. With this notion of habit tracker templates, you even get the flexibility to mark habits completed and uncompleted each day. With a minimalistic design, it allows you to pay attention to your habits rather than unwanted details.

Habit Tracker (Simple)

Notion Simple Habit Tracker template remains the go-to solution for those people out together seeking reliable means to track their daily routines.

This free notion habit tracker template comes with cutting-edge features that allow you to track daily habits and input. With its customization capabilities, you can fit it to your needs.

Minimalist Habit Tracker

If you are one of those who prefer minimal and analog systems for habit tracking, Minimalist Habit Tracker is the one for you. This minimalist Notion template lets you create a weekly habit-tracking sheet for tracking goals and building positive habits.

It does not involve any complex feature or point system to confuse you. Check off the habits you performed each day and write down any observations or changes in the Weekly Summary area. Suitable for desktop and mobile, this template also displays your habit-tracking history by gathering all your data.

The Ultimate Habit Tracker

The Ultimate Habit Tracker template is the right choice for monitoring the progress toward your habit goals. It runs on autopilot, so you just have to check off the habits completed each day. 

The template offers multiple views for habit visualization: weekly view, calendar view, visual view, and all habits. It even has a progress bar and displays motivational messages to motivate you to continue building positive habits.

The Sweet Setup

Kickstart your habit-tracking routine with the fully-automated template from The Sweet Setup. Here, you get to see all your habits in one place. This template enables you to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress in developing a habit.

It comes with four helpful views for habit monitoring and can be customized according to your needs. This notion free habit tracker template includes inspirational habits to give you an idea of which habits to track.

Notion’s Habit Tracker

Notion’s Habit Tracker helps you stay accountable by tracking your daily habits. It can easily set up recurring habits with different frequencies. The habits can be visualized with a calendar view, card view, grouped by week view, and all habits view. 

You can add multiple habits for tracking within this single template which saves your time and effort in creating separate templates for each habit. Also, this feature is helpful for viewing your overall progress at a glance. 

Prototion Habit Tracker

Prototion Habit Tracker is a checkmark-based habit tracker for busy professionals. The template is free and consists of five habits, namely: Running, Meditation, Sleep, Journaling, and Screen Time. For the whole month, there are 30 to 31 rows in a table.

You just need to checkmark the relevant habit if you practice these days. However, to track screen time, you need to enter the accurate screen time data in minutes from your mobile’s well-being app. 

Monthly Habit Tracker

Use Monthly Habit Tracker template to track daily habits regularly. You may add a new month by using a built-in template button. The button pre-populates all the days of the month. Also, you can just change the field property titles of the columns according to the habits you want.

When a month culminates, simply drag the previous month’s table into the Archives tab at the bottom of the template. There are simple formulas at the end of each month to monitor and gauge the overall score for each habit of the current month.

Habit Tracker and Goal Setter

If you lack the motivation and discipline to maintain a habit tracker on mobile apps, you must buy Habit Tracker and Goal Setter templates. It costs $24 and truly delivers the value and utility that it promises. First off, the template comes with step-by-step guidance to walk you through the personalization process. 

Therefore, you can easily set up the template according to your habit-tracking needs. Secondly, the template creates a forecast of habit progress by allowing you to select how many times a week you want to practice a few habits for how many hours. 

Health & Habit Tracker

Health & Habit Tracker for Notion comes in a compact view but packs many fields and statistics properties. You can track your health and habits in the same template. For example, there is a Medication tab where you can upload all the medicines you need to take throughout the day with timing, doses, frequency, and so on. 

Under the Weekly Analytics card, you can add new habits and track their completion. The Monthly Analytics is for a complete overview of the whole month. Also, there are multiple views of your habits and health tracking, and these are:

  • Today
  • Habits By Week
  • Habits By Month
  • Stats By Week
  • Stats By Month
  • Habit Calendar

Notion Everything Habit Tracker

Want to build long-lasting habits? Check out this cool and advanced Notion template on Notion Everything (costs $2). The template educates you about habit tracking, its ground rules, and also how to use the template.

There is a visually attractive dashboard to track the progress of your active habits for the current year. You can also set new habits or customize the target time per habit from the Dashboard. Other notable features are:

  • Visually aesthetic table
  • Many progress bars
  • A guideline behind each habit
  • Motivational quotes
  • Option to choose from dark and light themes

Purple Notion Habit Tracker

Purple Notion Habit Tracker helps you track habits and lead a healthier life by tracking habits and monitoring progress in an aesthetic and easy-to-use Notion template. The template includes a Shortcuts field. Using this, you can just checkmark the habits or hours you completed in a day.

The default template shows the options to track up to six habits, like Run, Workout, Violin Practice, Hydrate, Sleep, and Read. If you need more habit headers, simply click the New Checkbox property on the template and add the details. The card automatically creates a new day past the 12 AM midnight mark so you do not miss a single day in a year.  

Landmark Labs

If you are truly busy professional and got no time to manage complex Notion templates, this Landmark Labs tracker is appropriate for you. Its distraction-less format just shows you a Week View. If you need to get into more details, you can click the Month card and monitor what the current month looks like from a habit-tracking perspective.

The Week View gives you four habits, namely: Read, Sleep, Emailing, and Workout. By duplicating the template, you can customize these fields to appropriate headers like Coding, Excel practicing, Blogging, Web designing courses, and so on.  

Habit Tracker

If you are an athlete, sports person, or health conscious, then you must get the Habit Tracker. The template gives you weekly and yearly progress views of the habits you maintain on this Notion template.

The Current Week sidebar shows the activities for the whole week. The left-side panel of the same card shows all the days in the week from Sunday onwards. Just click any activity within the days’ cards to enter notes, hours, miles, etc.

The yearly progress gives you a visualization of your habit goals like Miles Completed, Good Sleep Days, and Workout Completed.     

Habit Tracker + Planner

This Habit Tracker + Planner (costs $5.95) template gives you a quick glimpse of what project management looks like in real life. Here, instead of project tasks, you manage tasks related to sustaining positive habits. But the approach is the same.

This template includes the rest of 2022 and all of 2023. It means if you are starting habit tracking in the middle of a year, you must get this tracker You can easily track your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals on it. There is no bar on how small or big your habits can go. Not to mention, this Notion template automatically displays your habit progress statistics day-to-day.

Notionhub Habit Tracker

This tracking system for daily habits on Notion is a free template you can get from Notionhub. To get it, enter any fair price in the given box or simply enter zero and click Add to Cart. From the cart, enter your email to access the online version of the template. Then, you can easily make a duplicate for your Notion web or desktop app.

The template comes with the following sections:

  • Today view for sleeping, reading, working out, etc.
  • The Past Week shows you cards for daily habits with a sum for invested hours
  • Monthly Progress view is a gallery that shows a glimpse of what you did the whole month 

Wrapping Up

Long-term habit-tracking practices help you become disciplined, highly productive, and skillful in your profession. Having a few habits related to your profession and giving them their ultimate fulfillment enables you to learn how to manage tasks within a strict time frame.

By using the Notion app and the above templates, you can easily get started with cool habits related to your work or just groom yourself or get rid of negative habits.

Worried about family, personal, or business budgets? Check out these Notion budget templates now to stop wasting and save big!

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