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In Collaboration Last updated: September 19, 2023
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Team meetings are effective, but one-to-one meetings show more positive results when it comes to employee engagement at the individual level.

As a team leader or manager, you realize that it’s your core responsibility to make your employees feel involved within the organization. You can make them feel involved in many ways, but there is nothing better than one-to-one meetings. 

Meaningful conversations can be held in team meetings, too, then why one-to-one meetings? The answer is the level of comfort that employees feel during one-to-one meetings. Such a level of comfort can’t be attained in team meetings.

Employees hesitate to share anything in team meetings, but there is no such hesitation in one-to-one meetings. From professional to personal, employees feel comfortable sharing everything with their managers in individual meetings. As a team manager, allowing a comfort zone to your team will help you make them more productive, creative, and connected. 

ProductNotable Features
MiroStructured, interactive 1×1 meeting templates
TodoistClear, customizable one-to-one meeting templates
NotionQuick, minimalist meeting simplification
AtlassianConcise, categorized meeting content
GetGuruVersatile, customizable meeting templates
AsanaMilestones, integrations, organized templates for meetings
Meeting NotesDiverse templates, engaging 1×1 communication tools

Employee growth and organizational growth both go hand-in-hand; you can’t expect one to neglect the other. That’s why it becomes important to give employees enough room to grow, and enough room means a space where they can speak up openly.

Employee growth comes when they get the feeling of being heard, and that comes from personalized conversations with the managers.

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Role of One-to-One Meeting Templates

Two women sitting at a table talking to each other.

Getting the right talent within your team is what you can do in one go, but you can’t get that talent to keep growing under your leadership just like that. Managers need consistent efforts to ensure the growth of the employees so that it can ultimately benefit the organization.

These efforts start with conducting one-to-one sessions among team managers and the members. These sessions or meetings allow the employees or the team members to speak up without any restriction and bring their challenges and concerns in front of the managers. On the other hand, managers can address the concerns in a way so that team members feel engaged and heard. 

Gone are the days when everything was manual; now, we are in the automation era where there are templates for minutes of meetings too! However, though that isn’t automation, templates do help in saving time. Getting the best one-to-one meeting templates for you is crucial because it allows you to conduct a quick meeting of a few minutes without spending hours on preparation. 

In manual mode, managers feel messed up while preparing for the one-to-one meetings. As a result, they spend more time in preparation rather than in actual meetings. Templates are there to solve this issue and provide a structured format to follow throughout different one-to-one meeting agendas. These meetings can fall into different categories, so that’s why you need multiple one-to-one meeting templates. Here we are with a few to help you out! 

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Benefits of One-to-One Meetings Templates

Let’s explore the benefits of one-to-one meetings in employee development and delve into how a carefully crafted meeting template can significantly enhance the outcomes of these crucial engagements.

  • A one-to-one meeting template typically includes key sections such as a recap of previous discussions and action items, goal setting and progress tracking, feedback and recognition, and opportunities for learning and growth.
  • By following this structured framework, managers can lead meaningful conversations, track the progress of action items, and set clear objectives for the upcoming period.
  • The template also encourages consistency across different meetings, making it easier to identify patterns, monitor trends, and assess overall employee development over time.

Now that you have understood the role and benefits of one-to-one meetings let’s explore some of the best one-to-one meeting templates to stay organized and efficient.


If you love user-friendly templates, then Miro offers the best for you. Managers having goals of team development, productivity, and creativity, as well as structured resource management, can opt for this one-to-one meeting template.

YouTube video

Templates by Miro reflect the features of work management or project management tools, as Miro is a work/project management platform. You never miss meeting essentials with these templates as they are ready-to-use templates with features embedded in them.

One-to-one meetings aren’t supposed to be long, but why does managing such meetings take so long? This template solves this major issue of long-going meetings. 

You just name the challenges that you face during a one-to-one meeting, and you will find all the solutions in this amazing template. From quick note-taking to setting a well-defined meeting agenda and even recording crucial discussion points for future reference, Miro covers all the basics.

The template comes with a timeline feature, allowing managers to structure and plan the meeting’s agenda on the go. Also, it lets you fixate on the mood or tone of the meeting, ensuring a lively atmosphere for open and honest conversations.

Miro‘s templates also come with a set of pre-drafted questions to guide managers during their interactions with team members. These thoughtfully crafted questions prompt meaningful discussions and provide a framework for addressing specific developmental needs and concerns.

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YouTube video

Todoist‘s meeting templates let you have transparent and traceable discussions in one-to-one mode. Having the agenda well defined, both the host and participant can approach the meeting with clarity. The level of clarity eliminates confusion and leads to productive conversations.

Utilizing Todoist’s one-to-one meeting template is simple and straightforward. Simply select the template that aligns with your meeting objectives and enter your details to kickstart a seamless meeting experience. As a result, it saves time and makes you able to have productive meetings.

Customization is key to the success of any template, and Todoist ensures that pretty well. The ability to quickly add or remove elements turns your meetings into a quick and engaging interaction. The simplicity of the template and its effectiveness contributes to productivity improvement.

For recurring meetings with the same person, Todoist offers a convenient recurring meetings option. Hosts can choose specific dates, days, or months to fix regular meetings with a particular individual. 


Even if two persons are involved, there are some challenges in one-to-one meetings, and the Notion 1×1 template addresses them perfectly. With a focus on quick meetings without sacrificing the main agenda and traceability, this template helps you conduct one-to-one interactions.

It simplifies the process, making it so feasible for the managers to quickly plan, conduct and conclude the one-to-one meetings. 

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We all know Notion for the ease that it gives in workflow, project, and team management, which results in boosted team productivity. Similarly, the Notion 1×1 meeting template extends the platform’s versatility and adaptability. 

Starting off new meetings with the Notion template is easy because of pre-filled data and ready-to-use action items. Also, post-meeting data can be managed perfectly within the template. The archives option gives you the leverage to archive conversations and maintain a clutter-free workspace. 

The Notion 1×1 template has a minimalist approach that offers precisely what is needed for a successful one-to-one meeting. You get existing elements in this template, such as action items, date and time markers, and space for meeting notes. The “Add 1×1” button creates new meeting templates with just a click. 

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Atlassian has a minimalist one-to-one meeting template for you that is all set to make life easier for you. Atlassian offered it under its solution Confluence, and this template is powered by Meetical, an online meeting management tool. This template has end-to-end experience enhancement features that cover everything around the corner. 

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Some managers like the clean, clear, and concise formats, and they fall in love💖 with Atlassian’s one-to-one meeting template. Everything is cleanly prepared into the table formats so the hosts and the participants can easily utilize in-built features. 

The run-on-the-mill details are pre-fetched and never bother the meeting host that much. A quick snapshot of the meeting’s whereabouts and the participants keeps everyone’s focus on productive discussion.

Meeting content is classified and presented in a way that every stakeholder can easily access and locate. A dedicated section for the goals and progress is there to help out the meeting host. Within the template, it becomes easy for the hosts and participants to prioritize their objectives.

It also has enough space for recording points from previous conversations. This feature adds depth to the discussions, building a better understanding of each participant’s perspective and leading the meeting toward actionable outcomes.

Atlassian has the capacity to serve as a roadmap for future meet-ups. That enables hosts to outline forthcoming discussions within the template; the meeting’s direction is always on track with set priorities, which avoids deviation by any chance.


The GetGuru platform offers a complete range of one-to-one meeting templates. All these templates are designed to help out the managers while interacting with the team members in one-to-one mode.

Multiple templates are available on the platform that caters to various types of one-to-one meetings. These templates save time for the managers and make one-to-one meetings a breeze.

get guru one-to-one meeting templates

Whether it’s a first-time meeting, a weekly check-in, or a monthly review meeting, you get what exactly you need. Other template types available are OKR discussion, performance review, routine performance evaluation, skip-level meeting, peer meeting, and compensation discussions. The best part is that you can further customize these templates as per your requirement.

Managers want quick one-on-one meetings, and GetGuru templates help them with quick execution and easy tracking. Instead of starting from scratch, managers can simply select the relevant template that aligns with the meeting’s objectives and agenda.  

These GetGuru one-to-one meeting templates are highly flexible. Users can easily edit the formats, customizing them to suit their meeting agenda specifically. With this feature, managers can add their unique elements, such as questions, resources, and agendas, in each session or meeting.

To make the meetings more engaging, these templates provide you with the basic questions that are crafted as per the nature of different meetings. These questions simplify the planning and preparation, and meeting scheduling process for managers.

Thus, GetGuru allows managers to confidently dive into the meetings and leverage ready-to-use materials for quick interactions.


Asana‘s one-to-one meeting template may help if you find it challenging to manage data during meetings. Also, the platform’s high-level integrations become handy for the meeting hosts to conduct the meetings with an extended approach. The Asana template acts as a one-stop solution and has a constructive and organized meeting structure.

YouTube video

Within this template, you can easily set milestones for your one-to-one meeting. Milestones help clarify the agenda and keep participants informed of progress and keep everyone on track.

Custom fields in the template allow hosts to add their own data and handle it throughout the meeting. Other features like goal-setting, priority setting, and progress tracking are good enough to facilitate any one-to-one meeting.

The option for multi-homing makes it scalable with easy integration that provides the freedom to host to integrate multiple third-party apps in the discussions. Other than the integration, tracking action items, feedback framework, and planned talking points add value to the user experience.

Taking meeting notes and follow-ups is no longer a hassle for the meeting host in Asana template. 

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes templates are tailored with exciting features to enhance the overall experience during one-to-one communications. With a diverse selection of templates available, managers can choose the style, format, agenda, and sections that best suit their meeting objectives. 

One on one meeting templates from meeting notes

While one-to-one meetings typically include Q&A sessions, the templates offered by Meeting Notes extend beyond just that. They cater to various data sets and aspects that are integral to successful meetings, such as feedback collection, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and two-way evaluation systems.

These templates go beyond mere efficiency; they contribute to building a positive and collaborative work environment through effective communication and engagement.

Each template on the platform is designed to serve a specific purpose. With these templates, managers can conduct targeted and effective discussions with their team members. Whether it’s gathering feedback, aligning on OKRs, or conducting comprehensive evaluations, Meeting Notes’ templates help you have organized one-to-one discussions.


One-on-one meetings have become a key role player in building strong relationships among managers and their team members.

Conducting meetings for every individual can take up a bigger portion of the time for managers. But templates allow managers to execute multiple one-to-one meetings in less time.

In-built features of templates ensure that no time is wasted in preparation and management. Simply choose a template that best suits your needs and is compatible with your organization’s existing systems. 

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