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In Collaboration Last updated: September 8, 2023
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Searching for Calendly alternatives is quite common among online business professionals. Stay put to find your perfect appointment scheduling software.

Call it marketing or ease of use; Calendly is almost on every list talking about online appointment scheduling software.

Personally, Calendly was my first online booking utility at my freelancing business. It is nearly perfect with a free plan, excellent native applications, and plenty of integrations.

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You can embed that in your website, share meeting links, reschedule, and have everything right in your calendar.

Additionally, Calendly has superb collaboration features and supports reminders to reduce last-minute cancellations.

Why look for alternatives to Calendly

While Calendly is great at it, I primarily chose it because I was clueless about other options.

But that doesn’t have to be you.

And frankly, it can prove stupid to rely totally on a single application without knowing the capable competitors.

So even if you know Calendly, let’s dig around to find some fantastic Calendly alternatives.


Bitrix24 Calendar makes scheduling easy for you and optimizes business collaboration, planning, appointment sharing, and synchronization, providing numerous functions for daily meeting organization.


Bitrix24 gives you access to personal, group, and corporate calendars and the option to introduce different categories of appointments. The app can also be used to maintain public and private appointments, which can only be viewed by you.

You can create as many calendars as you need, and the system allows you to customize each calendar with color coding. Calendars can be viewed either individually or simultaneously. It’s possible to modify access rights for each department or team member. Your staff members will be able to collaborate on calendars.

Schedule meetings with your partners or customers in a few clicks with the new Open Slots feature in Bitrix24 calendars!


Calendar syncs all your calendars at a single place, and it’s one of the free Calendly alternatives.

calendar: calendly alternatives

It awards you unlimited bookings with a personalized scheduling interface. And it comes with automatic email & SMS reminders, one-click rescheduling, and a white-label booking page.

You can easily embed it on your website, see Zoom events and integrate Zapier.

Calendar also works great for teams with its smart distribution of meetings among members. Besides, you can analyze your teams’ performance with analytics.

And with machine learning, Calendar just gets better every time.

Acuity Scheduling

Like its parent company Squarespace, Acuity Scheduling is strictly premium. However, it has a 7-day free trial attached to its paid tiers.

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Acuity Scheduling puts global clientele at your fingertips. Your clients can book you directly from your website and pay with Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

You can also sell subscriptions and send gift cards to your customers.

One can publish a customized scheduling interface that clients can self-book from. It supports multiple time zones for a non-ambiguous scheduling experience.

Besides, you can easily integrate Acuity with Google Meet, Zoom, etc. In addition, it’s quite simple to share your calendar on Facebook, Instagram, send via email, or make it available on your website.

Moreover, this has inbuilt invoicing and accounting with QuickBooks and Freshbooks. You can also include check-out add-ons for upselling and let your clients tip.

Finally, you have a bird’s-eye view with its advanced reporting to optimize your future meetings.


Doodle is a paid-only online appointment scheduling software.

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This one makes it look effortless to book in multiple time zones. Doodle works with most calendar systems and streamlines availability to avoid double booking.

You can ask for votes regarding preferred times and pick the best slots for teams. In addition, Doodle can auto-send reminders to reduce no-shows.

All plans come with customization options, Zapier integration, and the ability to manage booking on Slack. Doodle manages your updates and reminders in one place to take away any confusion.

Finally, Doodle is hosted on AWS and protected by Cloudflare. So, you can rest assured of the data security and a great uptime with no mismanagement.


YouCanBookMe joins the list of free Calendly alternatives.

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This brings flexibility to the table with customized time slots every week. In addition, both parties, you and your client, can reschedule or cancel. You can add buffer times at the start and end of the meetings for preparations, traveling, etc.

It lets you keep a record of all your meetings with the option to import the data in the CSV format. Clients can pick the desired team member from a single booking page.

Interestingly, you can allow clients to book multiple times for a single slot as per your preference. You can also couple specific durations with custom pricing.

YouCanBookMe supports accepting/rejecting meeting requests via captcha or password-protected booking page. One can send in-built forms to take the requisite information for the booking.

In addition, this has functionality controlling meeting slots with pre-selected availability ranges.

Finally, it can be customized, supports sending notifications, and does a ton more things to smoothen your online booking experience.


Setmore kicks in with a capable free plan and can end your search for Calendly alternatives right here.

setmore: calendly alternatives

Even the free plan allows a personalized booking page with a unique URL with unlimited appointments. You can take payments with Square, Stripe, and PayPal.

Setmore permits social media, CRM, and CMS/website integrations. You would never miss a meeting with its 2-way sync functioning perfectly with Google Calendar & Office 365.

This one also has email and SMS reminders for the attendees in addition to customized notifications.

You can also integrate it with Zoom. Finally, Setmore is mobile-friendly with its native applications for Android and iOS.

HubSpot Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software adds to the long list of free tools that Hubspot offers. This Calendly alternative has a paid version with added functionality as well.

calendly alternatives

Scheduling Software provides a hassle-free experience for your prospects to book available slots. You can share a link with your client or embed this on your website.

It will also synchronize the details if you happen to use the customer relationship management (CRM) utility. Additionally, you can integrate it with your calendar and video conference application, supporting automatic follow-ups.


Cal.Com calls itself an open-source Calendly alternative. online appointment software

This has a free forever version with paid tiers having extra features such as white labeling, team pages, premium integrations, etc.

The advantage of being an open-source application is that you can audit and modify the code. It comes with both options in self and cloud hosting.

Cal.Com supports opt-in bookings means you’ll manually confirm each meeting request. Finally, this Calendly alternative has an open API that enables simple integration wherever you want.


Miosalon helps in managing your salon or spa with new-age digital features like online booking.

miosalon: online appointment software

It lets your customers make bookings from your website, Facebook, or mobile application. Miosalon bookings are integrated with a calendar application. The system also sends automated reminders to your customers.

The objective is to avoid overcrowding at your salon as well as prevent overbooking. Miosalon can be customized to match your brand style.

But not just a booking system, Miosalon has premium features like a Point of Sale (PoS) system, analytics, customer feedback, multi-location management, etc.


BOOKAFY is an online scheduling utility that comes with 2-way sync, i.e., book-and-sync ability from BOOKAFY to a calendar and the opposite.

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BOOKAFY has plenty of decent features to handle business appointments. It can send SMS reminders, email notifications, set buffer times for the meetings, and show staff availability.

This has custom APIs for easy integration with your business software. Alternatively, BOOKAFY can assist in making a personalized booking system for your company. You can store all your data in a private server and white label the booking system.

This scheduling utility supports embedding its widget into social media profiles, websites, or as a link with the email signature. Besides, each account has a mini-website having your profile, hours, company details, etc.

Finally, you can ask for customer reviews from the application available in 32 languages across 180 countries.

SimplyBook comes with tons of features and an always-free plan to make its case.

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The exhaustive list of features includes a fully customized booking website, double booking blocker, Facebook & Instagram booking buttons, multiple locations management, etc.

SimplyBook lets you charge an upfront deposit to avoid last-minute no-shows. You can integrate it with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., for your company meetings management.

One can also use SimplyBook for handling subscriptions or events with tickets, including support for the waitlist. It also has a API for integration into your current applications or websites.

Finally, with lots of integrations and payment systems, SimplyBook can be your perfect one-stop booking and payment solution.


You can integrate Appointy on your website or have a unique booking page and start free.

In addition, you can put your booking tab on your Facebook profile and sync booking with Google calendar. You also get real-time notifications and an excellent mobile dashboard to manage it on the go.

Appointy helps you in designing a custom booking system to match your brand style. Moreover, there is a built-in email marketing tool with the options to promote festival discounts.

Finally, a feedback system to address angry customers keeps your online reputation intact.


Are there any free alternatives to Calendly?

The following list includes free alternatives to Calendly that you should try out: 
Acuity Scheduling
HubSpot Scheduling Software


I hope the above list has satisfied your search for Calendly alternatives. Let’s say hi 👋 to these power-packed tools to start managing online meetings like a pro.

On a side note, you can further power up your business with these free task and project management software.

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