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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Videos are a great way to connect with your loved ones. Regardless of your location, you can video chat with your family members or friends and feel connected on a deeper level than a simple voice call.

Also, if you are an aspiring streamer wishing to make content and upload them on YouTube or social media, you already know the importance of videos. Video content clicks with the audience more than anything else.

And that’s where webcams come in? However, having only a webcam is not enough. You need a good webcam recorder to record your videos. Here, we list the best online webcam recorders for all use cases. So, chime in to find out more about them.

What Is an Online Webcam Recorder?


An online webcam recorder is an application that empowers users to record videos using webcams connected to their computers and stream them on the internet. These applications are ideal for streaming, teaching online, and various other purposes.

Why Do You Need a Webcam in the First Place?

While your laptop camera can record videos, webcams are more efficient in many ways. Firstly, unlike your laptop camera, you can place a webcam wherever you want.

Plus, laptop cameras are pretty basic. They lack advanced features that webcams possess, like autofocus, light sensitivity, zooming, etc. Yes, some laptop cameras do indeed have zooming features. But let’s be honest; their zooming capabilities have a limit.

Also, webcams generally offer better video quality when compared to laptop cameras. Thus, if you want your recorded videos to look more professional and stunning, you have to get a webcam.

Benefits of Using a Webcam

Let us now see some of the amazing benefits of using a webcam:

  • Webcams make it possible to work remotely. People working from their homes may sometimes feel isolated from their co-workers. Using webcams, however, they can have video conferences and get on the same page as their colleagues.
  • Using a webcam, you can stay in touch with your near ones even when you are far away. Compared to a traditional phone call, a video call seems way more personal. Seeing your loved one’s facial expressions in real time is a beautiful experience.
  • Besides streaming or having a video call, webcams are also ideal for home recording purposes like recording an event or something. Plus, they can act as security cameras for video surveillance too.
  • You can use webcams for online or distance learning purposes as well. Webcams can do everything from delivering a lecture to holding a group training session.

Now, we will inform you about the top choices for an online webcam recorder. Below are those options:


VEED’s free online webcam recorder lets you download video feeds using your webcam without installing any app. Its ‘Comment & Review’ feature makes it easier to collaborate with your teammates and produce the best results.

YouTube video

FYI, you can choose whether you want to record videos using either your webcam or your screen or both simultaneously. It also comes with a video resizer that lets you choose the ideal ratio for the platform on which you intend to upload your video (for instance, 9:16 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube, etc.).

Cam Recorder

Using Cam Recorder, you can record videos for free through your webcam and share them directly on YouTube. If you don’t want to upload it on YouTube right away, you can instead save it locally to your device.


Cam Recorder utilizes the native recording capabilities of your web browser to the fullest. It also takes care of your privacy. It won’t share any of your recordings unless you give consent.


Clipchamp is an online webcam recorder that allows users to record videos without leaving their browsers. Besides recording videos with unlimited retakes, you can also adjust colors, add filters, use green screens, and so on to enhance your video content.

YouTube video

Interestingly, you can even get rid of mistakes from the videos with ease using its trim tool. Clipchamp lets users resize their videos to suit any platform and share them hassle-free.

Currently, Clipchamp has a free plan for beginners with limited features. For more features, there is paid plan that starts at 11.99 USD/month.


Speakflow is a great way to record a quick video and share it online. Besides simple recording and sharing, Speakflow can serve as a teleprompter too. Plus, it can pair with a physical teleprompter to double its efficiency.

YouTube video

Speakflow never shares your videos anywhere without your permission, not even with its servers. It stores all recorded material on your computer. Speakflow also empowers users to invite their team members and collaborate.

While Speakflow’s webcam recorder is free to use, its features are limited. To unlock more useful features, users can purchase their premium plans starting at 10 USD/month.

Screen Capture

Screen Capture’s free online webcam recorder lets you capture videos on your computer. It supports all major browsers and needs no installation.


The recording process is private and secure. Plus, it lets you export your recorded videos in HD. Besides the webcam, the recorder lets you capture your screen + audio with advanced features like showing keystrokes, drawing on videos, and more. And the best part is it has no time limits.

Panopto Express

Panopto Express is a simple online screen and video recorder. It lets you capture your screen or record videos using your webcam without any installation, account creation, or credit card.

Panopto Express also has the option to upload your presentations, lectures, tutorials, etc., on YouTube or Google Classroom.

YouTube video

At present, Panopto Express has a free-to-use plan with limited features. For additional features, it offers a pro plan price starting at 14.99 USD/month.


Flixier is an easy way to record your webcam and screen along with the audio. This web-based tool lets you cut, crop, and resize your video.

YouTube video

It also allows you to add text, images, shapes, BGM, etc., to your videos to take them to the next level. Flixier also has options for filters, changing brightness/sharpness/vibrancy levels, etc. And all of this is free.

Webcam Test

Webcam Test’s webcam recorder is ideal for recording video and audio straight from your browser for free. Once recorded, you can choose to either save or discard the recording.


The web-based tool supports all cameras connected to your device, provided that it has a modern browser. Besides capturing video and audio, it offers several other useful features like background recording, manual specification of video/audio bitrate, muted/sounded video recording, and more.’s free webcam recorder lets you record high-quality videos with audio with a single click. It has an intuitive user interface. So, even people with less technical knowledge can use the tool.

image-169 is perfect for making interesting screencasts and sharing them on various platforms. Apart from basic video recording, it offers trimming, splitting, text, and BGM addition features for tweaking your video to best suit your needs. Using advanced SSL encryption, ensures your privacy is never compromised.


From making product demos to creating how-tos to delivering lectures online – Kapwing’s webcam recorder makes everything easy. This web-based tool allows users to record videos using their webcam and share them on the internet.

Also, it has many handy features, such as subtitles, collaborative editing, noise removal, background removal, resizer, trimmer, stock assets, templates, unlimited waveforms, etc.


While it may sound absurd, Kapwing offers all these professional-level features for free. Yes, Kapwing’s webcam recorder is free to use. For your info, Kapwing is a cloud-based tool. So you can access your videos and start editing no matter where you are.

Type Studio

Type Studio’s online webcam & screen recorder is a fast, efficient way to capture videos with audio via your webcam.

It also contains video editing features like trimming, cutting, styling, etc. Type Studio lets users quickly share their video content with anyone by sending a link. Also, you can choose different ratios to resize and repurpose your webcam recordings.


No matter what you are striving to do, be it training groups online, collaborating with your team, streaming your gaming videos, or something else, Type Studio can be your all-in-one webcam recording solution.

Currently, Type Studio has a free plan and several paid plans starting at just 12 USD/month.


Vmaker’s free webcam recorder is a simple way to record, edit, and upload your webcam video recordings to various platforms. Vmaker offers multiple unique filters, frames, virtual backgrounds, etc., to enrich your videos. The recordings are high-quality, with sharp, clear footage.

YouTube video

Besides webcam recording, it lets you capture your PC/laptop screen as well. All your webcam and screen recordings get stored on your private cloud, meaning no one but you can access them. And as all your videos are in one place, you don’t have to search around for your videos. by 123apps is a free-of-cost online app that permits users to record videos using their webcam easily right from their browser. A webcam and a stable internet connection are all that are necessary for a good webcam recording experience.


123apps never share your personal data with any third parties. So, all your recordings are secure, and only you can access the videos you record. lets you freely choose video recording settings, such as video quality, enable or disable mirror mode, opt for full screen, etc.

Also, you can adjust the volume of your recorded videos or reduce the echo effect, if there is any. Besides short videos, Video Recorder is capable of recording long videos as well.
After the recording is complete, you can choose to save it on your computer or in Dropbox or Drive.

Final Words

As you can see, if you want to record and share your videos on online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., a webcam can be your best ally. Here, we mention the best online webcam recorders for all use cases. Use them today to bring out your A-game. All the best!

Next, check out the best webcam apps to enhance your webcam experience.

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