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In Windows Last updated: February 23, 2023
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Ever transferred data from your macOS computer to your Windows and seen unique file formats?

One of the formats that come from the macOS is DMG. To explain in the simplest manner, a DMG file is a disk image file used for macOS software. DMG is the newer version of the past file format IMG, which was used for Mac Classic.

Now, if you have a DMG file on your Windows computer and are unsure how to open and save it, this post is for you.

Why Do You Want to Open a DMG File on Windows OS?

There can be a variety of reasons behind you wanting to open a DMG file on your Windows, but I’d imagine the common reasons would be:

  • You just migrated your data from macOS to Windows OS with a backup file.
  • Your client sent you these files to unpack.
  • You downloaded a DMG file from the internet.

In all the above cases, if you cannot open the file, it can be quite frustrating.

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How to Open DMG Files on Windows OS?

It can seem confusing how to extract DMG files. While your smart brain might tell you to convert them to .ZIP, there’s an easier way to access it. 

The answer is to use DMG extractor tools. Let’s check the best options out there that you can use to open your DMG files right away.

DMG Extractor

A tool by Reincubate, DMG Extractor, is the perfect solution to your problem. It instantly opens DMG files on your Windows computer by extracting the package. All it takes is a few clicks to open encrypted and non-encrypted files.


You’re allowed to extract DMG files that are even over 4 GB in size. During the entire process, you don’t need any sort of technical knowledge or high-level skills. This solution is super easy to use and free to download.

Not to mention, it’s lightweight, so it doesn’t burden your computer at all. It works rapidly.

DMG File Extractor by SysTools

You can download and use DMG File Extractor on several Windows versions, including 10, 8, 7, and below.


It’s rated highly among users because it does what it promises and does it very well. In fact, it also comes with an impressive set of features, such as:

  • Success and fail count report after extraction
  • Ability to extract multiple DMG files simultaneously
  • Ability to extract Read Only and Compressed DMG files
  • Various search options to mine out data within the package
  • Unpack DMG emails that include attachments

Despite providing so many powerful features, DMG File Extractor remains an easy-to-use tool for the masses.

DMG File Extractor

Seamlessly open macOS files on your Windows computer with DMG File Extractor, a state-of-the-art tool that solves your problem.


It has helped over 100K people extract DMG files on their Windows computers, and I believe those are pretty good numbers to testify to their brilliance.

It opens all types of DMG files, including password-protected ones. It has no spyware or adware, so you can totally rely on it. In fact, companies like Microsoft, Intel, and IBM trust this tool.

You can try out their demo before paying for the paid version of the software.

FreeViewer DMG File Extractor

All it takes is three simple steps to get the ball rolling with FreeViewer DMG File Extractor. It’s lightweight software that does the job well, even for the free version. You can try out the free one before committing to the paid version, which I think is pretty generous of the makers.

Here are some of the many features of this tool:

  • Extract multiple files at once
  • Convert hidden image files into a read-write format
  • Search effectively within the pack with the help of filters
  • Instantly save selected data into the Windows device

FreeViewer DMG File Extractor can be used in all versions of Windows.


I believe this tool needs no introduction because we’ve all used 7-Zip for various purposes. It’s a free solution that’s been in the “extraction” space for many years, and it’s yet to disappoint.

It carries a high compression ratio and works with all versions of Windows. The fact that it’s open source gives you full freedom over what you can do with it.

Apart from the huge number of file formats it supports, you can easily extract DMG files and view or save them on your Windows computer in a jiffy.


Simple, fast, and free are the words that best describe Zipware, a free archive tool for Windows. It supports all major formats, including the new RAR5 format and, of course, the DMG file that we’re after.

It’s designed to be simple yet powerful because it can handle small as well as large compression without breaking a sweat. It’s highly versatile, and you can do almost anything with it without worrying about pushing it beyond its potential.

Drag and drop support, extracting password-protected files, and scanning for viruses are some of the many features of Zipware.


As the name suggests, Unzipper can extract any kind of file out there. Unzipping DMG files is just one of the many possibilities of this lightweight solution. It comes with a simple user interface that’s easy to understand.


You can also set automatic extractions, in the sense when you double-click on the compressed file; it’ll automatically extract it for you.

It’s a highly impressive tool, but what’s shocking is that you can use it for completely no cost at all.


TransMac by Acute Systems is a premium solution to extract and save DMG files on your Windows computer. Besides extracting them, you can create, compress, expand, and even split DMG files.


The tool carries a very simple layout that eliminates any kind of confusion, unlike a lot of fancy software. Just because of how effective TransMac is, it’s rated 5/5 by ZDNet, Tucows, and Softpedia.

Final Words

Irrespective of why you wish to extract DMG files on your Windows computer, the above tools will allow you to do it most seamlessly. Most of them allow you to use the tool for free, to begin with.

Next, learn how to open an EPS file on Windows and Mac.

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